If the sidewalks are covered with leaves and crisp morning air starts to fill your airways, you’ll be aware that it’s time to dress in layers with a Blanket Scarf. We’re putting away our summer essentials for the winter season, and stocking up with everything cozy and warm. Lug boots knit with texture, and fluffy scarves are calling out our names. What style of scarf is on our list of must-haves to mark the transition of seasons? Maybe the cozy blanket scarf. These wraps are an essential accessory to add warmth and elegance to women’s outfits. Today we’re taking coziness to the next level and discussing the best way to wear blanket scarfs.


Blanket scarves are exactly as they are: scarves that are large enough to function as blankets. Yes, that’s right – a wearable blanket. Can it get better than this? They’re typically an oversized rectangle or square bigger than your typical winter scarf. The variety as well as the warmth offered by this piece is a must-have for every woman’s winter outfit. If you’re thinking ” what in the world do I do with all of this fabric?” You’re not alone. The art of maneuvering all that fabric requires a lot of time and. Luckily, we’re here to assist. Read on for our guidelines on how to style blanket scarves.

Blanket Scarf


Like blanket scarves, blankets come in a myriad of shapes, patterns, and sizes. Apart from offering warmth, they also change your look beyond to meh to Wow. It’s not difficult to get confused about the best way to wear the blanket scarf. It turns out that there are a variety of ways to wear this iconic winter-wear accessory. We’ve put together our top four ways to dress the blanket scarf of a woman. All you need is your usual cold-weather outfit and an accessory such as a scarf.

How to Wear a Rectangle Blanket Scarf

Are you motivated to give these wholesome accessories a shot? You’ve found the right spot. Explore these steps to wear an oversized blanket scarf. Let’s start with a suggestion for tying one with loops.

  1. Then fold the scarf lengthwise in half and then tie it all together.
  2. Wrap it around your neck, making some of the sides longer.
  3. Wrap the long end around your neck and pull it towards the front.
  4. Take the end of the rope and slide it into the loop.
  5. Make adjustments as necessary.

Ta-da! You can snub like a bug on the rug. This is the best method of layering to keep your goosebumps at bay during the coldest winter days.

Rectangle Blanket Scarf

How to Wear a Half Blanket Scarf

We’ve now provided our most popular guideline on the best way to tie an oversized blanket scarf we’ll move on to the second step: figuring out the best way to wear a woman’s half-blanket scarf. This is a classic method of tying an oversized blanket scarf to get the trendy Jennifer Aniston look.

  1. Begin by folding the scarf in half, forming an upside-down triangle.
  2. Place the edge of the triangle down and drape the scarf over your chest.
  3. Use the remaining two corners and wrap them around your neck.
  4. After they’ve crossed over at the back, bring your sides towards the front. They should be lying over your shoulders.
  5. Flail it around to achieve the look you want.
  6. You can either place the tails of the little ones under the center, or just leave them out.

And, just as that, your most-loved pair of jeans and sweater receives a chic update.

Half Blanket Scarf

How to Create an Infinity Scarf

Are you wondering what you can wear your blanket in an infinity design? It’s much easier than you think.

  1. After you have wrapped yourself in an afghan scarf, pick your tail.
  2. Place it interior of the top scarf.
  3. Repeat the process with the second tail.
  4. The middle triangle portion of the scarf and fold it inwards to join with the two tails.
  5. Make adjustments to the scarf until you achieve the perfect rounded look.

As if by magic, you’ve transformed your blanket’s square shape into a chic, infinity scarf. Look for one with the festive tartan plaid explore this idea. Wear it with cashmere-colored shift dresses and a pair of over-the-knee boots. What’s missing? A pumpkin spice latté to complete the look.

Infinity Scarf

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf Like a Vest

Are you ready to take that favorite scarf for blankets to the next step? Make your stylish big scarf into a fashion statement with ease. With our suggestions that you will be confident having a good idea of how to style the blanket scarf as an elegant woman’s vest.

  1. Begin by putting on an oversized rectangular blanket.
  2. Fold the folded side in half to create an oval, then tie one of the corners that have been creased to the other side.
  3. Spread the scarf to reveal two big holes that you can place your arms into.
  4. The knot will be across your lower back between your shoulders.

This style is most effective when you put the scarf in a fitted garment. A sturdy ribbed turtleneck or bodysuit, as well as a long-sleeved bodycon dress, is perfect to create this look. You’ll look stunning in this multi-purpose blanket scarf that’s turned into a vest.


It’s a beautiful scene, but the ever-constant chill calls for some extra steps to ensure you’re cozy. The need for coats and jackets is indispensable for this season, and a blanket scarf is the cherry of the cake. You’re now able to come up with winter layering tips. Here’s how to style blankets and scarfs with jackets, cardigans, and coats.

Put Your Cardigans to Work

As offices are opening again and some of us saying goodbye to working from home. It’s impossible to manage the temperature indoors when it’s cold, so if you’re sitting at work, curl on the couch with a warm blanket. Fashion your look according to the fall 2021 fashion for women trends in your mind. Wear this staple with the top of a grandpa’s cardigan and wear it with the right blouse and wide-leg pants. Workwear wear is trending and, if your dress code is allowed, opt for the Ponte pants as well as fleece leggings. Business casual winter outfits require winter-weather accessories as well. 

Chelsea boots will keep your feet warm during snow or sleet hits on the road. Bring a tote bag to put your scarf in as you get warm. The big scarf will engulf you in the comforts of home. Are you confused about how to style the blanket scarf in women’s clothing? We’ve got your back covered with helpful tips and tricks in the following article.

Step into the Winter Wonderland with a Shacket

We all recall the Lenny Kravitz blanket scarves incident of 2012. More than a decade later the hilariously large blanket scarf that inspired millions of memes continues to make us laugh. It’s not that we don’t, we love striking a statement with your style. There are ways to style blankets without dominating your look. 

Are you wondering what to wear with a blanket scarf by 2021? Take a look at our top women’s layering trend The shacket. The design of this striking layer is beautifully and accentuated by a cozy blanket in a color block. Wear straight-leg cropped jeans and fur-lined hiking shoes for the look that’s absolutely perfect for the moment.

How to wear a Blanket Scarf and a Jacket

The translation of a denim jacket into the perfect winter dress for women is simple with a blanket scarf. If you’re uncertain of how to dress in your jean jacket the classic denim-on-denim outfit is both classic and bold. The secret for mixing and matching denim pieces is playing with various color washes. 

It is easy to elevate a light wash denim jacket by adding a large knit blanket scarf that is draped loosely over the shoulders. Bring out all the blue with a striking mustard-colored scarf. Poof There’s no need to worry about how to style the blanket scarf over an outfit. Make the outfit complete by wearing straight-leg jeans in a more pronounced blue shade, and a soft waffle-knit shirt. All you require is a pair of high-heeled boots and these vintage threads for a 70s-inspired look.

A Black Blanket Scarf Shows Off Your Edgy Side

What do blanket scarves and leather jackets have in common? They’re both essentials of fashion. For fall and winter wear a sexy look by pairing your grey skinny jeans with high-heeled boots. You can wear a monochromatic black leather jacket over an oversized cable knit sweater. Put a black woolen over your neck, then tuck inside the jacket’s collar. You’ll appear to be a wintertime fashion icon by the juxtaposition of different textures.

How to wear an Overcoat and a Blanket Scarf Winter Coat

An icy winter jacket and blanket scarf are a match made in heaven, just like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Are you looking to add a new look to this classic combination? We’re here with tips on how to wear a blanket scarf when wearing a winter coat. Start with a bright blue blanket. 

All you need to do is wrap the scarf around your neck, and secure it by tying a belt around your waist. The skinny belt is a must for this time of year. Layer a black jacket with the scarf, and voilà–instant winter chic. We love this technique because it gives an illusion of a well-dressed outfit when you’re actually wearing cozy layers. Let the ends of your scarf fall free. You’re now ready to tackle the winter chill in fashion.

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