You can give your guests the 5-star treatment by creating a space that’s tidy, comfortable, and comfy. Here’s a checklist for the ultimate guest room.

If you’re hosting guests for one night or for the entire week A thoughtfully planned guest room can make guests feel at the home they’ve always wanted to be. In all instances, but especially during a time of pandemics, you need to create a space that is incredibly clean and well-organized. Add the essentials such as freshly cut flowers and comfy slippers. In order to transform your bedroom into a luxurious hotel, you must complete the guest room list below.

The Essentials Checklist

  • Basket of Basics: Give a nice assortment of new tooth brushes and travel-sized bathroom products (including toothpaste and salicylate solution) as well as just-in-case medications to make guests feel comfortable in their guest room.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes: When you are hosting Covid-19 the idea of leaving out some additional cleaning items can make the guests to feel relaxed and more in control of their spaces.
  • Vacant Drawers: It’s not appealing to guests to see the guest room wardrobe and dresser overflowing with clothes that you don’t need. Make sure you leave at least two drawers (set open so that it’s obvious that they’re not for guest use) and plenty of storage space for clothes, as well as half-a-dozen hangers for storing your items.
  • Air Freshener: Keep a room deodorizer at in case you need to fight unpleasant odors or cover up unpleasant scent (quick). Consider a diffuser made of natural oils that has a mild scent like eucalyptus or lavender to make guest room expirience more pleasant.
  • A Cozy Rug: A luxurious rug (on the floor of a wooden plank or over carpet) can soften the room and creates a cozy space. Select a stain-resistant, durable fabric, such as wool.
  • Electric Fan: If you have an overhead fan to prevent your space from becoming stale it’s fantastic. If not, invest in an electronic table-top fan. When guests arrive ensure that it is working and wash your blades.
  • Jug of Water and a Glass: Keep the vessel stocked with fresh water so that guests don’t have to search, open and closing cupboards in the event of a thirsty night.
  • Extra Key: Without one, guests will be less relaxed about going and coming at their own pace. Place the key on an empty tray on the nightstand along with notes on any problematic alarms or locks.
  • Covered Waste bin: It’s only natural that guests will collect garbage. A lid that is covered allows them to dispose of litter without having to glance at it. Instead of using a model with a lid that lifts off opt for a step can, it’s simpler and more clean.
  • Luggage Rack: The suitcases of their victims have been pulled through a plane or train, or placed into a trunk of a car. Are you sure that they should be open on top of the duvet? A rack is more hygiene-friendly and more convenient.
  • Extra Toilet Paper (and a Plunger) in an Obvious Place in the Bathroom: Since no one would ever want to know!
  • Fresh Towels: A stack of soft towels on the bathroom floor or on the bed informs your guests that they’re welcome to shower without asking. Bonus points for showers that are extremely difficult to use you might want to leave some short instructions.

Extra Credit


  • Fresh Flowers: They’re the ideal way to make any area feel welcoming. Put a few lightly scented supermarket flowers in a vase that is away from the way and safe from tipping for guests who are in an easier manner.
  • WiFi access: Bonus points Make it printed on paper stock and get it laminated at an office supply shop, and then put it on your nightstand so guests can see it in a moment.
  • Something to read: A couple of latest issues of current news as well as general magazines, or some books (short poems, stories and essays) are great to relax.
  • Comfortable Slippers: Put a pair of socks or two near the bed to ensure that guests aren’t forced to walk through the house with shoes (or, brrr, in sandals).
  • Charging Station: Keep one in the nightstand to let guests recharge if they’ve forgotten their charger at home (or you don’t want to be going through the suitcase to look it up). The V10 universal charger for cell phones ($65, is compatible on iPhones, Android devices, iPads as well as Kindles.
  • TV/Remote Instructions: It’s possible to provide the instructions for the clicker however it’s more efficient to print the steps. Include a list with the most popular channel (CNN, E!, ESPN) for easy guide.
  • Hamper: It’s so much nicer to have a dirty-clothes-stashing spot other than a suitcase, especially for guests staying more than a few days.
  • Steamer: A more compact alternative in place of the iron or board to smooth the buttons down and blouses (here’s One of our editors’ favorite picks ). 
  • Motion-Sensor LightAny nightlight on the way to the bathroom is highly appreciated, but a motion sensor version allows you to keep the home dark and cozy even when it’s not in use. It’s affordable and simple to set up, too.
  • Room-Darkening Curtains: The use of light-blocking drapes is a blessing for those who wake up late. Here are our favorite blackout curtains.

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