Haines is classified as a census area situated within Haines Borough, Alaska, United States. It is situated in the northern portion of the Alaska Panhandle, near Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Haines is the sole town in Southeast Alaska to have been named after the name of a woman. In the early days, the border between Canada, as well as the U.S., was disputed and unclearly established. There were land claims that overlapped due to an earlier United States’ purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867, and British coastal claims.

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Things to do

Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

You can see Alaskan wildlife in person at this wildlife park. Kroschel Wildlife Films Center was founded by Kroschel who grew up around wild animals under the supervision of his grandparents. Now, he has established his own wildlife center and has a mission to rescue animals that are abandoned. If you’d like to go to the center, you can organize a tour by contacting this center direct. The tour lasts about two hours and will show you various types of Alaskan wildlife. 

It is located approximately 28 miles to the north of Haines, Alaska. Take a right turn off Haines Highway. Turn right off Haines Highway onto Mosquito Lake Road. Follow it for 1.8 miles on Mosquito Lake Road, and you will come across our signage on the left side. We will be waiting to greet you at the sign! Be aware that reservations are necessary.

Kroschel Films Wildlife Center
Chilkoot River

It is believed that the Chilkoot River flows into Lutak Inlet, which is among the most easily accessible bear viewing spots within Southeast Alaska. Salmon are born in the Chilkoot every year, and attract brown bears in the months of June and October in July and August, making the most popular months for viewing bears. 

Harbor seals and river otters chase salmon downstream during high tide. Common mergansers and Barrow’s Goldeneyes as well as harlequin ducks, among other waterfowl graze in the estuary that is where they feed. The Chilkoot River flows into Lutak Inlet. In the spring and autumn, many shorebirds congregate in the mudflats in the estuary to replenish themselves prior to returning to their migrations. American dippers consume aquatic invertebrates as well as tiny fish throughout the year.


  • American Dipper
  • Common Merganser
  • Harbor Seal
  • Harlequin Duck
  • River Otter


Salmon can be found in shallow areas close to Chilkoot Lake, and you might see brown bears fishing in the lake, as well as the river.


  • Picnic Facilities
  • Wheelchair Accessible
Chilkoot River
Skagway Fast Ferry of Haines Alaska

Running from May to September, this ferry company is the simplest and fastest method of travel from Haines in the Haines region and Skagway. (To drive between adjacent towns can take up to eight hours and involves two crossings at the border!) However, the ferry isn’t just an easy mode of transportation, it’s also an intimate trip through the countryside and wildlife.

The 45-minute journey takes you through Taiya Inlet, which is a steep-walled Fjord of sand just outside Skagway. It then opens into the Lynn Canal, near Haines. The glistening glaciers and rock cliffs of granite, thundering waterfalls, and sharp peaks surround you as you travel through North America’s longest and most deep Fjord. 

The pristine ocean waters house seals, salmon, and sea lions as well as minke, humpback as well as orca whales. Bald eagles are also common in mountainside forests. Keep an eye out and have binoculars as well as a camera in your bag. My friend, who has been the captain of some of these high-speed ferry boats for many years, has said that he’s still awed every day by the views he gets at his wheelhouse.

Skagway Fast Ferry

Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

The Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve was established in the State of Alaska in June of 1982. The preserve was set up to preserve and sustain one of the largest concentrations of Bald Eagles and their critical habitat. It also helps sustain and protect the natural salmon streams and permits traditional uses, in the event that such uses do not harm the preservation resources.

The Preserve is comprised of 48,000 acres of bottomland from the Chilkat, Kleheni, and Tsirku Rivers. The boundaries were drawn in order to protect only the areas essential for eagles’ use. The majority of the park is utilized by eagles throughout the entire year.

See the eagles from designated parking areas that are located between Haines Highway and the river or hike all or part of the two-mile riverside trail. In addition to eagles, there are mountain goats as well as swans, moose, and occasionally bears. Be sure to stay within the areas designated to avoid stress for Eagles. They require a place to roost and eat.

The largest concentration of Bald Eagles occurs in the last week of fall and into winter. Please utilize the pullouts on the highways to stop and observe the eagles as well as wildlife.

Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

The Hammer Museum, Haines Alaska

Discover the first museum that is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Hammer. It was open for public viewing in the year 2002 the Hammer Museum showcases the intricate background of the everyday tool which makes it one of Haine’s top Alaskan tourist attractions. With over 2,000 items displayed, and around 8000 more in storage the Hammer Museum presents the world’s largest collection of hammers.

The Museum’s four rooms take visitors on a journey through time. Starting with rock hammers which made Menkaure’s Pyramid of Menkaure, to intricate Native American and Native Alaskan tools that helped build America and paved the path to modern-day tool making. Shoemaking railroad technology, candy crushing, and opening of crabs. From 2 inches to 20 feet. Hammer Museum Hammer Museum is a distinctness of its own.

The Hammer Museum

Best Places to Stay in Haines Alaska

Aspen Suites Hotel Haines

In Haines, Aspen Suites Hotel Haines is located in Haines’s center and close to the ocean. The Haines-Skagway Speedway Ferry along with Valley of the Eagles Golf Links are both worth a visit in case you have a trip on your agenda. Those who want to explore the region’s natural beauty can visit Portage Cove State Recreation Site and Chilkat State Park. Take advantage of the slopes in the area with downhill skiing as well as snowboarding, and the ski area. And do not miss the snowshoeing.

Aspen Suites Hotel
Captain’s Choice Motel

The Captain’s Choice Motel offers an experience unlike any other. We invite you to take in the Captain’s View which is on display every day. If a rare fog bank arrives, you can be able to experience any, or all of the following without leaving your bed or motel grounds: nearly too many spectacular mountains to list among the deepest and longest Fjords anywhere and the Aurora borealis (northern lights) as well as ravens, eagles ocean ducks, numerous other bird species, moose orca whales, humpback dolphins, whales, working commercial crab and salmon vessels, cruise ships and the Haines Small Boat Harbor, world-class Downhill Ski champions (during the season of skiing) and totem poles that are authentic.

The sightings mentioned above can be observed when Mother Nature decides to put the animals on display. However, Captain’s Choice guests have witnessed all of these and more. You’re likely to see a few but not all during your time in the area. To observe whales it is advisable to use a spotting scope. advised.

All this is located in the middle of Haines with Main Street, numerous museums as well as restaurants, shops, and the fjord’s edge just an inch or two away.

Captain's Choice Motel
Beach Roadhouse

There are regular hotel rooms with kitchenettes, as well as bathrooms with private showers. Three spacious cabins equipped with fully-equipped kitchens, and bathrooms that are private. Whatever you decide to do, think about our Beach Roadhouse when searching for motels, hotel cabins, vacation rentals, or Bed and Breakfasts within Haines Alaska – they promise to do their best to give you the most enjoyable experience. This year, they’ve updated our web system, added bigger decks in Cabin 1 and 2, and also new flooring in Rooms 1 and 2.

Beach Roadhouse
Chilkoot Trail Outpost

It is located in the Chilkoot Trail Outpost an Alaskan bed and breakfast situated in close proximity to the stunning Dyea Valley. The location is only 7 miles from Skagway in the north and .5 millimeters from the beginning of the famed Chilkoot Trail, our guests take in the stunning panoramas that include Face Mountain, Long Bay, and the water that flows through the Lynn Fjord which one of the longest and deepest fjords found in North America. It’s the northernmost location of the Pacific Ocean.

The cabins, which are rated among the top 15 on Alaska Accommodations, afford our guests a taste of luxury in a location that is beyond description. The natural beauty of the area does not stop at walking trails, picnic spots as well as wildlife, natural springs, and an impressive waterfall, but it also has the remnants of the Gold Rush. 

We are a representative for the renowned White Pass Railroad and would be delighted to assist you with reservations for you. Other services included with the Outpost’s accommodations include an excellent breakfast, bikes as well as the BBQ fire pit and gazebo that will make our unique s’mores recipe, just to name just a few.

Chilkoot Trail Outpost
Front Room Lynnview Lodge

Lynnview Lodge Vacation Rentals offers suites, cabins, and rooms as well as rooms, an apartment that has a kitchen, and a beautiful 3-bedroom house. The lodge is situated at the end of Lutak Road and has spectacular views of the Lynn Canal, Chilkat Mountains, Taiya Point, and Taiyasanka Harbor. In addition, guests can enjoy an exclusive beach along the canal, with fire pits and seating.

The home has a huge covered wrap-around porch as well as spacious common spaces. Every guest room comes with a satellite HD TV with a DVD player, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee maker. All guests are free to access the lodge’s internet and telephone in addition to the huge DVD collection of films as well as TV programs. BBQ grills are also available.

Lynn View Lodge has a vast fleet of modern all-wheel drive cars available for hire. We offer free pickup at the airport or ferry terminal.

Front Room Lynnview Lodge

Best Restaurants in Haines Alaska

Fireweed Restaurant

A full-service restaurant that serves New York kinds of pizza wine and beer as well as burgers and other food items. Utilizing organic, local, and all-natural ingredients whenever feasible The Fireweed serves groups, families as well as individuals within the Historic Fort Seward.

Fireweed Restaurant
The Old Field Kitchen

 They have a rotating menu with a cool old-school vibe and fresh, delicious, and satisfying Asian Fusion food. Sunday breakfast includes baked croissants, a breakfast sandwich & pork belly rice bowl.  Monday’s dinner includes spicy miso ramen and OFK fried chicken sandwich.

The Old Field Kitchen
Chilkat Restaurant & Bakery

Located on 5th Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with special Thailand cuisine. Seasonal.

Chilkat Restaurant & Bakery
The Lighthouse

Comfortable establishment, casual dining, serving locally caught seafood, as well as many other quals.

The Lighthouse

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