Alexander City was named in 1873 after the railroad’s President Edward Porter Alexander.

The city is well-known for its outdoor pursuits, and with trails through woodlands along with riverside walks, and lakeside recreation available it’s not hard to find something to entertain tourists.

Alexander City

If you want to spend your time on the boat in Lake Martin, fishing the Tallapoosa River, exploring subterranean caves, or hiking through National forests, you are able to explore it all here.

Alongside outdoor activities, The city also offers an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment for everyone.

Let’s look at the top ways to spend your time within Alexander City:

1. Smith Mountain Fire Tower

The first time it was built was in 1939. it was built in 1939. Smith Mountain Fire Tower is a 90-foot tower for fire watchers that was used to locate forest fires up to 1980. It’s possible to walk half a mile from the summit and climb the stairs to the cab to enjoy breathtaking views across Lake Martin and Tallapoosa County.

It’s a great spot to view sunset or sunrise and is a fantastic spot from which to start an adventure through the lush pine forests.

The park has a variety of uncommon bird species like the Bachman’s Sparrow, Prairie Warbler, Great-horned Owls and the Pileated Woodpecker, so don’t put away your binoculars or cameras!

Smith Mountain Fire TowerSmith Mountain Fire Tower

2. Wind Creek State Park

Wind Creek State Park consists of 1,445 acres of stunning land that is dotted on the shores of Lake Martin.

It’s a popular spot for hiking, camping, and fishing as the lake is abundant with bluegill, striped bass, and crappie.

The park has a variety of attractions for visitors, including an amphitheater, a wildlife management center with hiking trails, as well as a children’s harbor.

If you’d like to go in the fishing area of Lake Martin, walking or cycling through the woods, or even renting an inflatable boat to take a cruise across Lake Martin, you are able to do all of it from Wind Creek State Park.

Wind Creek State Park

3. Wellborn Musclecar Museum

Car enthusiasts in Alabama should take a trip exploring the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.

The museum is housed within a renovated 1940s auto dealership located in Alexander City and features one of the best collections of Musclecars in the United States.

When you look through displays, you’ll see the final Hemi Dodge Charger produced, Ford Boss Mustangs as well as various Aero cars specifically designed specifically for NASCAR races.

This museum has been decorated using antique signs, cars, and you’ll find plenty of information on every vehicle.

If you’re a huge fan of American automobiles and want to look through a collection of rare cars when you travel This is the right place to be.

Wellborn Musclecar Museum

4. Dare Power Park

The park, which covers 30 acres and is operated through Alabama Power, is the most recent recreational facility that has been built close to Lake Martin.

A favorite for everyone of all ages, particularly during the summer months the park has two fishing Piers, BBQ grills, and the beach is white and sandy to relax on.

The shores are located on the eastern side of the lake. It’s an ideal location for picnics, swimming, and picnics and there are numerous trail hikes and birding trails close by and you should bring your camera.

Dare Power Park

5. Lake Martin

Lake Martin is a huge reservoir that is located near Alexander City, with over 500 miles of wooded shoreline trails.

It’s among the largest lakes created by humans in America with water-skiing, swimming as well as boating, camping along with golf and tennis courses.

The most popular attractions are Chimney Rock A massive rock formation that offers spectacular views of the lake and the forests, Goat Island – home to a goat family as well as Wood’s Island with winding hiking trails.

There are beaches with sandy shores as well as camping spots, restaurants as well as an amphitheater close to the lake that showcases summertime outdoor activities.

Lake Martin

6. Southern Star Farm

Southern Star Farm is home to more than 35 alpacas, one llama, as well as an assortment of dogs, horses, and cats.

The gentle creatures wander the 132 acres near Alexander City, and their wool fibers are used to create unique products that are offered in the farm craft shop.

There are certain days when you can visit the alpacas. So if you’re traveling with children who are young, or just like animals, go to the Southern Star Farm and make some new furry friends.

Southern Star Farm

7. DeSoto Caverns

Caves in DeSoto located into the Appalachian foothills they were discovered for the first time in 1796. Benjamin Hawkins noted them as the first caves found in America.

Prehistoric Indians resided in underground caverns. Additionally, they were utilized in the Civil War to mine gunpowder and in the Prohibition period to produce moonshine! Caves in the area have a steady temperature of around 60 degrees, making ideal for exploring during cloudy days. as well as mysterious stalagmites and stalactites that each have their own unique story to tell There are other distinct rooms that have distinct atmospheres.

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One of them is the All Healing Cathedral which is the largest room of the cave network. It is regarded as such by Native Americans for its calming and healing properties.

The caves are also home to regular lighting as well as water and sound performances, creating an unforgettable experience for guests.

Above the park’s surface, there are additional 20 attractions designed for families.

It is possible to spend hours wandering through this Lost Trail Maze, Panning for gems playing adventure golf, or riding the Destiny Express Train.

After that, take a break in the beautiful picnic area that is surrounded by streams and waterfalls or visit the cafe and gift shop.

DeSoto Caverns

8. Tallapoosa River Canoeing

If you’re looking for a relaxing day by the Tallapoosa River, you can rent a kayak, a canoe, or a boat to glide through the water.

Based on the kind of adventure you want to experience depending on the type of experience you want, you can glide through the beautiful scenery, or go kayaking through rapids to enjoy a thrilling white-water thrill.

There are a number of kayaking and canoeing classes on the River, including one of the biggest centers located in Wetumpka about 45 minute drive to Alexander City.

Tallapoosa River Canoeing

9. Talladega National Forest

The area covers a vast area of 613 sq miles Talladega National Forest is an amazing area that is filled with pine forests and mountains, lakes as well as cycling and hiking trails.

The tranquil forest is brimming with wild animals waterfalls that cascade down and hiking trails. It’s possible that you’ll see coyotes or black bears, as well as white-tailed deer and rabbits when you travel.

The forests are awash with rare birdlife as well as rare species of flower and plants Therefore, wear your hiking shoes and bring your camera to this stunning picturesque corner of Alabama.

Talladega National Forest

10. Blue Bell Creameries Tour

Blue Bell Creameries opened its manufacturing facility located in Sylacauga, Alabama in 1996. Since then, the company offers guided tours for tourists, giving visitors the chance to experience the process by which delicious ice creams are created.

You can make an appointment ahead of time or take a tour, and taste some delicious Ice cream flavors afterward.

There’s a gift shop in which you can buy sweet treats or take them home as a souvenir of your trip.

Blue Bell Creameries Tour

11. Dine at SpringHouse

SpringHouse Restaurant is located 14 miles to the south of Alexander City, Alabama.

The restaurant is stunning featuring Gothic-style chandeliers, exposed stone mezzanine balcony, and beautiful gardens are a place to enjoy rustic local, regional cuisine.

It is possible to arrive by yacht from Lake Martin at sunset or drive to the nearby Alexander City.

The Sunday Brunch is a cult event and their menu that is farm-to-table is a winner and offers a variety of delectable dishes that will please every taste.

Try the croquettes of red snapper, crisp speckled trout, or stuffed peppers But remember to make space for their delicious and delicious desserts.

Dine at SpringHouse

12. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park

Horseshoe Bend was the site of the last Creek War battle which took place in 1814. The park has now preserved the area with monuments and signs that explain every area and what events were held there.

The visitor’s center is well-informed while the circular trail that runs around the park is perfect for a relaxing stroll.

The trail runs along the riverbank, passing by the battleground and past the site of the former Red Stick Village.

It is recommended that you carry more information with you in order that you have complete knowledge of the events that occurred or make up your own story in bringing this event to the forefront of your mind.

Horseshoe Bend National Military Park

13. Willow Point Golf Course

Willow Point golf course with its soft rolling hills and stunning views lies in the tranquil waters of Lake Martin.

The beautiful links course has difficult fairways, well-maintained greens, and challenging fairways in the final six holes, you’ll be playing alongside the lake.

This course can be played by players of all abilities, however, it is more suitable for intermediate and experienced golfers, the opening hole starting with a difficult par-4. Enjoy every fairway, and take in the breathtaking scenery before heading to the clubhouse for a relaxed dinner with your family and friends.

Willow Point Golf Course

14. Russell Forest Trails

If you enjoy being in the natural world, Russell Forest Trails, which is located 11 miles to the south of Alexander City, caters to your every outdoor desire.

This region has more than 100 miles of biking, hiking as well as horseback-riding trails with a variety of wildlife, flora and historic sites around every corner.

You can choose to stay in cabins near the lake or go to the stables and take a ride through this lush paradise.

Russell Forest Trails

15. Sho’Nuff Bar-B-Que

It’s impossible to visit Alabama and not try delicious BBQ food within Alexander City.

Sho’Nuff Bar-B-Que has a large assortment of well-filled dishes like stews, sandwiches including catfish, pork, or shrimp recipes.

Vegetarians are also accommodated by offering a vegetarian plate of four vegetables with cornbread muffins as well as tomatoes.

Locals love local specialties like the massive BBQ sandwich super hog sandwich, as well as the large Rib-eye.

It’s a relaxed BBQ place that’s a great choice for people who love meat. It’s available for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Sho'Nuff Bar-B-Que

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