At the mouth of the Copper River, Cordova is an area that can only be reached by air or sea since there are no roads connecting to other towns.

The scenery is breathtaking and includes mountains, vibrant forests, wetlands, and a myriad of lakes and rivers. This makes it a great spot to engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits. They include hiking, skiing as well as wildlife observation and photography as well as sport fishing, and flight spot.

A trip to Cordova is both thrilling and relaxing, and you will surely enjoy your visit to Alaska while visiting the town. Here are a few of the most popular things to do during your next trip to Cordova.


1. Cordova History Museum

The museum is a collection of examples and tales of early explorers who explored the region as well as the Native civilization, Copper River North Western Railway, and Kennicott Mine time. Then, later, the expansion of commercial fishing.

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Visitors will learn more about the Eyak people, their history of European exploration and Alaska’s first oil boom at Katalla, and other recent events like the Good Friday Earthquake, and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. The entire visit should take approximately an hour to go through every exhibit and the story.

Cordova Historical Society Cordova Historical Society also runs a small shop for gifts that includes local publications as well as other items to purchase for those looking to buy something for themselves or find out about the history of the area.

History Museum

2. Miles Glacier Bridge

The bridge, which is also called the Million Dollar Bridge, is no longer accessible via road, the bridge’s end the bridge and views of glaciers can be reached via boat trips. If you want, you can drive whatever distance the road allows but be careful not to drive too far.

If you’re looking to get closer to Miles Glacier however you will require the seaplane or boat tour to see spectacular views and get close to the Ice.

Miles Glacier Bridge

3. Ilanka cultural center

This center is a cultural institution that aims to document and preserve the rich culture of Alaskan Natives and the way in which the ecosystem and landscape have changed the way they live. The museum houses a variety of prehistoric, historical, and contemporary tribal artifacts of the Prince William Sound and Copper River Delta.

There are also exhibits that travel and loaned items that are available to view. The most impressive exhibit is the entire Orca skull that is displayed in the main hall. The whale was stranded and eventually died in Cordova However, the people in the local community took the bones and kept them to be displayed for the enjoyment of all.

The center is located at Nicholoff Way in Cordova, and be sure to check the website prior to visiting to determine if there are any activities scheduled.

Ilanka cultural center

4. Kayak Islands State Marine Park

The island is famous as the place at which one of the initial European, Georg Steller, first set into Alaska in the month of July 1741. The famous landing site and find out something about the expedition when you visit.

It is also possible to enjoy camping, hiking, watching wildlife, and learning about the rich history of the region. The island spans 22 miles which means there’s plenty of room to roam.

The state park is remote and has a few amenities and is accessible only via tour so you’ll enjoy the entire island completely to explore. It’s a long drive about sixty miles away from Cordova However if want to learn more about the past and the remote scenery it’s definitely worth it.

Kayak Islands State Marine Park

5. Mt. Eyak Ski Area

If you’re interested in going skiing in Cordova Then take a look at Mount Eyak. There are about 30 trails which include a simple downhill for those who are new to skiing. The mountain has moderate, easy, and hard runs, meaning there’s something to suit everyone.

The ski resort has full-service rental shop equipment and food items can be bought from Snack Shack. Winter skiing is best enjoyed between December through April, on weekends and on the holidays, but it’s also popular with cyclists and hikers in the summer season too.

Mt. Eyak is located just over Cordova and it’s simple to get to the area ski resort with the historical 1939 American single-chair lift.

Mt. Eyak Ski Area

6. Fisherman’s Memorial

The monument is located near the center for culture in Nicholoff Way, and the fisherman’s memorial is proudly viewed towards the small boat harbor. This bronze sculpture was built in the late 1980s as an ode to fishermen who suffered losses in harsh waters.

The man who was fishing behind the wheel of his trawler during turbulent seas is a fitting tribute to the man who is an excellent site for tourists in Cordova.

Fisherman's Memorial

7. Helicopter and Air Tours

If you’re looking to travel into the most remote regions and experience wildlife, Glaciers, or wildlife another angle and experience, then air tours are the most thrilling option to accomplish that.

You can charter a flight, and then decide the destination you’d like to travel to and the length of time you’d like to stay there. If you’d like to be dropped off to hike or take flying over to take in the gorgeous scenery and observe wildlife and birds.

The tour operators are Childs Glacier Adventures and Ridgeline aviation.

Helicopter and Air Tours

8. Alaskan Hotel and Bar

An ideal place to enjoy excellent food and drinks as well as an atmosphere that is relaxed in Cordova. You will be greeted by the helpful staff, and there’s an excellent selection of traditional American dishes on the menu. It’s a rustic bar, and there are some beers available on the tap.

The hotel provides basic accommodations for those who wish to stay. However, many simply visit to enjoy the bar and relax after a long day of work or a day of sightseeing. The hotel is located at Alaskan Hotel and Bar on First Street in Cordova.

Alaskan Hotel and Bar

9. Child’s Glacier Tour

Child’s glacier has become a very popular excursion from Cordova There are a few tour companies to pick from, but the routes are typically almost identical.

Begin in the Copper River Delta boarding a boat specifically built to navigate this treacherous river system in safety. Take the river downstream to Childs Glacier. Childs Glacier viewing area, and complete the final part of the journey either on foot or with a shuttle.

In the Childs Glacier viewing area, you can devote some time watching the glacier from any of the numerous platforms, and then perhaps take along the trail until you reach the famous Million Dollar Bridge.

10. Reluctant Fisherman Inn

The hotel is located on the shores of Cordova harbor, the Reluctant Fisherman Inn is a favorite accommodation option within the city. With stunning perspectives of the harbor and further, it is an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding region.

The restaurant serves delicious local cuisine and also offers breakfast for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Even if you’re staying in the hotel, you can reserve an appointment for one of these meals. The best dishes to try are those of the Copper River Salmon, fish tacos, and fresh Halibut.

Reluctant Fisherman Inn

11. Power Creek Trail

A moderately strenuous hike, the Power Creek trail follows the water and then passes by sights at Crater Lake and the Cordova Electric Hydropower Dam to the trail’s head. It is possible to loop between Power Creek to Crater lake for a trail that is longer.

It is said that the Power Creek Trail is around 4 miles. If you do the whole loop, it will take you around 12 miles from the Crater. It’s a great place to take your kids on a tour for a run or enjoy a beautiful walk in the stunning surroundings.

Power Creek Trail

12. Little Cordova Bakery

A charming bakery owned by a local, offering home-cooked pastries, savories, muffins, and scones. Every day, there is an assortment of all and occasionally a specialty in line with what the proprietor decides to do that day.

The cafe also offers a variety of coffees, as well as cold and hot drinks. It’s a great place to grab breakfast or take a break for a cup of coffee and chat.

Little Cordova Bakery

13. Orca Adventure Lodge

This Lodge provides an all-in-one adventure trip for those who want to discover Cordova. They offer accommodation, guided fishing trips via boat or plane, hiking kayaking, and glacier tours on an all-inclusive or room-only basis.

The property on the water is only a few kilometers from Cordova near the orca cannery. It provides views of nesting bald eagles in the woods behind and sea otters frolicking on the beach to the front, and stunning views wherever you turn.

If you’re looking for a complete holiday package in Cordova that includes all you’d like to do at a reasonable cost, this hotel is a great option.

Orca Adventure Lodge

14. River Rafting and Sea Kayaking

Cordova provides a great base from which to discover Prince William Sound by Sea Kayak. The area can be explored on a day trip or for a multi-day or overnight adventure. If you choose to book through an agency for tour operators, you can get everything you require to enjoy your trip included in the price.

There is no better place for you to spend your time. The copper river is a fantastic spot for rafting and floating. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty and wildlife, or fishing in the river and rafting, a trip on the river in Cordova is a fantastic idea to take on.

River Rafting and Sea Kayaking

15. Watching birds and wildlife

In and surrounding Cordova In and around Cordova, the most significant wildlife to be seen are the salmon that are spawning as well as the shorebirds. The most ideal places to view the salmon are Hatchery Creek and McKinley Lake where you can enjoy watching the migration while walking, and enjoying the region.

The Copper River Delta is an excellent spot to observe Shorebirds migrate. Every year millions of shorebirds migrate across South America into Alaska beginning in May. Swans, geese and shorebirds, ducks, and even bald eagles can be seen here.

The Delta and the mud flats are also believed for their ability to attract other animals, and If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot moose or brown bears on your trip.

Watching birds and wildlife

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