Dothan is a city of a tiny size located in Alabama which is affectionately referred to by the name of”the “Peanut Capital of the World.” There are a variety of attractions for families, parks, museums exciting attractions, and eateries that you can go to while there including Landmark Park, the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens, Adventureland as well as the George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum. 

Certain attractions might be at times closed for maintenance or need prior reservations. The hours and availability may have changed.


1. Landmark Park

Landmark Park is a 135-acre park that is a preserve of the cultural and ecological heritage of the Alabama Wiregrass Region. Visitors of all ages appreciate the programs and exhibits the park has to offer, such as on their live-in farm. 

The farm has an old farmhouse as well as a mill for cane, a smokehouse, and a syrup shed as well as a variety of farm animals such as the pigs and cows. Its Digitarium Planetarium is a wonderful location to study the night sky with its unique 360-degree dome that features live simulations in real-time of the night sky. You can end your visit by strolling along the many nature trails of the park or taking a look at their animal exhibits for a thrilling end to your day.

Landmark Park

2. Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

It is the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens is a beautiful and stunning garden. It invited visitors to take in the breathtaking beauty of their surroundings. The stunning garden was created by planting roses in 1997. There are 15 gardens of specialization which focus on azaleas roses and other blooms. 

Anyone fascinated by Southern tradition and history will enjoy exploring this garden. Southern Heirloom Garden. The garden was designed as a way of conserving flowers from the past including Confederate jasmines, larkspur, and many more. The gardens also feature walkways, boardwalks, and statues, as well as preserved wild places, water fountains, and more to explore.

Area Botanical Gardens

3. Adventureland

Adventureland is the perfect place for families and friends to get together to enjoy an enjoyable and safe day packed with excitement! There are many thrilling things to do in the park, making sure that everyone enjoys a great time. The thrill-seekers can go to the go-kart course, and there’s nothing more enjoyable on an afternoon than relaxing on Bumper Floats. Other areas include the bats, as well as the mini-golf course with 18 holes. Refresh yourself with a tasty Pizza, hot dog, or Nachos from the snack bar. You are also able to indulge in the refreshing Dippin Dots.


4. Water World

Water World is every bit as fun and thrilling as you’d think an aquatic adventure park to be. The park has a 450,000-gallon rip tide wave pool that has waves that can reach more than 3 feet in height which makes it the ideal spot to cool off during the summer heat. Relax and enjoy the sun in the adjacent “beach area,” complete with lounges that you can relax on while sipping a refreshing beverage. Additional attractions are Great White, which is Great White, which is the tallest of four slides as well as the 400-feet long Bonsai Pipeline with three unique slides, and the Tadpole Hole with its own kids’ slide and pool.

Water World

5. Peanuts Around Town

Peanuts Around Town is something that numerous restaurants and stores in downtown Dothan participate in. Dothan is famous for its huge industry of peanuts It only made sense to the Alabama Peanut Producers Association to launch a project that involved several artists creating peanuts to put around the town. 

They could feature cartoon characters from Charles M. Schulz’s infamous comic strip, as well as figures, statues, and paintings. They are on display in the Southtrust Bank of Dothan, just in the front of Dothan Fire Department, in front of Dothan Fire Department as well as at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. They are usually made in cute and charming outfits that reflect the place they’re situated.

Peanuts Around Town

6. Wiregrass Museum of Art

The Wiregrass Museum of Art is the place to be for those who love artistic expression. The museum’s diverse collection of exhibits and permanent collections as well as educational programs all work in tandem to entertain visitors and help preserve the culture of Dothan, Alabama. 

People of all ages be enthralled while they look through artifacts that date from the 20th century until the present. There are more than 1,100 items in the collection that are permanent, including pieces of Frank Stella, John Kelly Fitzpatrick as well as other national and state artists. There are numerous classes as well as camps, workshops, and classes that are offered throughout the year for both youth and adults, that focus on different types of art, be it painting, drawing, drawing, and many other art forms.

Wiregrass Museum of Art

7. Murals of the Wiregrass

In the past, Dothan has become famed for its murals. Many of them depict the rich history of the region. It is possible to see amazing artworks on old buildings in downtown Dothan which bring them to life with the utmost depth and richness. It is known as Alabama’s Mural City Take a stroll around the downtown area on a self-guided walk to view a variety of works of public art. 

Some of them are The Steamboat Era on N. Foster Street, Salute to the Peanut Industry on the exterior of the Liddon Furniture building as well as the Chief Eufaula: Creek Indian Removal on South Saint Andrews Street. Many more are available, with each one of them a significant aspect of the area’s rich history.

Murals of the Wiregrass

8. George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

The George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum is a unique tourist attraction located in the center of downtown. Its mission is to educate its visitors about the significant history of the contributions African Americans have made over the years. The exhibits are arranged in a chronological order which demonstrates the way in which America has evolved into the nation it is today due to the commitment of these individuals. 

The two permanent exhibits are called Black Scientists, Inventors, and Explorers, and designing the World We Living In. The Carver Room which is dedicated to the late Dr. George Washington Carver is a fantastic space to learn about his life and time. Visitors of all ages will appreciate the interactive exhibits and all you can see and do.

George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

9. Dothan Civic Center

Dothan Civic Center Dothan Civic Center was constructed in 1975 and serves as an area for culture, business, and leisure. The 3,100-seat venue hosts a wide variety of activities all throughout the year. According to the time you’re in town, you’ll be in the position to attend concerts, sporting events as well as trade shows, and much more. The center is an important part of Dothan’s heritage and has been the location for a variety of community-based events throughout the many years. If you’re planning to hold an event that is special and you don’t want to miss it, consider hosting your event at Dothan Civic Center. Dothan Civic Center.

Dothan Civic Center

10. Taj Cafe and BBQ

Taj Café as well as BBQ is a beautiful restaurant offering an international menu that includes Indian, Greek, and Italian food items. It could seem like a lot for one restaurant to dine in, yet their skilled and experienced team of chefs will help you in picking the best food options in Dothan to savor. The decor is modern and stylish, while the menu offers appetizers as well as soups, salads, desserts, bread, mains barbecue, as well as an additional section of meals that kids will love. The kabobs that are hot and spicy are a popular choice and are freshly prepared after the clay oven tandoor.

Taj Cafe and BBQ

11. Escape Dothan

If you’re in search of an adrenaline-pumping adventure for you and your group to take part in while visiting Dothan and the surrounding areas, then make your way to Escape Dothan. Escape Dothan is like a live-action video game that requires cooperation, critical thinking, and the ability to perform under stress. 

You and your fellow players will be given one hour to find clues, break codes, and resolve problems to assist you in getting out. There are four rooms to pick from Bazaar Battle, the 13th Floor, Time Warp, and Murder at the Mansion, where you’ll have to figure out the person who killed a wealthy businessman, what weapon they used, and the reason for it. Escape Dothan is adrenaline in the best way.

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12. Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Folklore Brewing & Meadery is an operation run by a family-owned business that was one of the very first “packaging breweries” in the region since Prohibition. The brewery produces delicious craft beer that reflects the love and devotion that is the Pate family while preserving the folklore and traditions of their Southern roots. The brewery is located in the old barn of the family and is open to visitors to take a tour of the facility and try what they’re making. The excellent ales and lagers including their Irish-style Green-Eyed Monster and the Front Porch American pale ale are available at any moment on the fly-by-night Grill close to the property.

13. Hunt’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Hunt’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar is said to have the best seafood, steaks, and oysters within Dothan, Alabama – they are so certain of the deliciousness of their food and they’ll refund you should you not be satisfied with the food, they’ll refund it for you. They are open both lunch and dinner.

They serve the best dishes that you can’t go wrong with, including sandwiches and burgers. The most popular dishes on their menu for dinner include crab claws with blackened mignonette, Hunt’s famous oysters, which are served up with homemade cocktail sauce their famous Steak and Shrimp, and their seafood gumbo, and shrimp paste, which is cooked in homemade alfredo sauce. They serve it alongside garlic toast.

Hunt's Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

14. Conestoga Steak House

Conestoga Steak House Conestoga Steak House is a beloved local institution that has been providing Dothan with tasty food for more than 30 years. The restaurant is owned and operated by a family. provides fresh, delicious meals that are so fresh they’ve never even had an in-house freezer and have never utilized frozen meat. They offer a wide selection of steaks that keeps customers returning time and again. Some of them include New York strip, filet mignon, T.-bone, or rib eye. All of these can be served with a choice of homemade fries sweet potato baked potato, daily-made bread rolls made from yeast, salad, or broccoli.

Conestoga Steak House

15. Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill

If you’re not able to travel to Italy to get authentic pizza, head to Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill. The pizzeria is owned by locals and the grill is located in Dothan’s downtown. Dothan is focused on making delicious meals with the finest ingredients and techniques which have been utilized for many generations. Their pizzas are made from fresh ingredients, which are delivered each day in wood-fired ovens shipped from Tuscany. They also offer a wide assortment of salads, soups as well as sandwiches, appetizers, and soups the bar is fully stocked with a wide selection of liquors including bottled beer, draft wines, and beers.

Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill

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