Ozark, Alabama was originally inhabited by the Muscogees. It has a rich past.

Merricks was the original name of the town, but it was changed to Ozark in 1855 by citizens.

Three sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The town is also part of the Geographic Wiregrass Region, so-called due to its native wire-like grass.

Ozark offers many outdoor activities, lakes, and parks, as well as museums that provide information about the fascinating region.


1. Ed Lisenby Lake, Ozark

Verdant parkland surrounds the lake, which measures 92 acres.

You can practice your bow and arrow skills at the archery ranges on the banks of the fishing lakes. There is also a park with picnic areas and pavilions, as well as a hiking trail that runs for 3.1 miles, where you can find native fauna and flora.

You can rent a boat to go fishing or relax on the beaches and enjoy the view while eating a delicious picnic.

Ed Lisenby Lake

2. The United States Army Aviation Museum

The United States Army Aviation Museum is located 9 miles southwest of Ozark at Fort Rucker. It houses a collection that includes over 160 military aircraft.

The museum is spread over 70,000 square feet and includes outdoor parkland. It houses the largest collection of military helicopters anywhere in the world.

Visitors can see a variety of machinery from early combat aircraft of World War I to advanced UH-60 Blackhawks flown today by military personnel.

This museum is a must-see for anyone who enjoys aviation and military history.

United States Army Aviation Museum

3. Silver Wings Golf Course, Ozark

Golfers should visit Silver Wings Golf Course in Ozark.

You can practice your swing on the 300-yard driving range, or you can play 27 holes on this championship course.

The course can be played 18 holes if you have only 18 hours. It is rated par-72 and offers challenging fairways with pristine greens. This course is great for intermediates and advanced golfers.

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You’ll find plenty of wildlife as you navigate the course, including squirrels and deer in the nearby woodland.

After the event, you can either relax in the clubhouse with a delicious lunch or drink or visit the pro shop to purchase state-of-the-art equipment.

Silver Wings Golf Course

4. Lake Tholocco, Ozark

Tranquil Lake Tholocco offers the ideal place for recreational activities.

The facility covers 640 acres and offers boating, hiking trails, and even volleyball and basketball courts.

The lake has a number of public beaches that are perfect for family picnics and shallow swimming. If you’re looking to fish, there is plenty of largemouth bass, bream, and catfish in the lake.

In summer, there are pavilions that offer light snacks and drinks. Lifeguards can also be found on the shores of the lake to watch over those who take a dip.

Lake Tholocco

5. Milky Moo’s

Milky Moo’s is a restaurant/diner located in the heart of Downtown Ozark. It caters to both sweet and savory taste buds.

Although they offer a variety of delicious sandwiches, soups, and desserts, Milky Moo’s is most well-known for its creamy ice cream waffle cones, and sundaes.

You’ll want to come back for more delicious Banana Laffy Taffy, Mud Slide, and Dutch Apple Pie-flavored homemade ice cream!

Milky Moo's

6. Landmark Park

Dothan’s 135-acre Landmark Park is a wonderful place to get back in touch with the natural world.

You can see the living history schoolhouse, general store, and farm from the moment you enter the park. Here you can live as it was in old Alabama.

There are many hiking and nature trails in the park, as well as meadows where one can relax and have a picnic.

Landmark Park also houses a wide variety of wildlife, birds, and indigenous plants that can be viewed from the elevated boardwalk.

You may be able to visit the Digitarium planetarium if you are lucky enough to time your visit correctly. Here you can learn all you need about the universe and view 360-degree videos from the night sky in a dome auditorium.

Landmark Park

7. Dothan Area Botanical Gardens, Ozark

This tranquil retreat boasts 50 acres of cultivated gardens, woodlands, and nature trails. It is home to a wide variety of plant life and colorful flowers.

There are 24 gardens in total, all of which can be explored via paved trails.

Enjoy the Coleman Tropical House, with its beautiful orchids and hibiscus blooms. Also, take a look at the Southern Heirloom Garden and Old Farmhouse, which are dotted with fragrant roses, Confederate Jasmines, and Petunias.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

8. Water World, Ozark

You can spend summer days at Water World, which is approximately 25 minutes drive from Ozark.

This thrilling water adventure offers a variety of activities, including The Great White, a 4-story tower high-velocity slide, and the Bonsai Pipeline Triple Flume Slide.

Children will find plenty to do here, including a play area and kid-friendly slides. You can also bring your own barbecue food and grill on the grills if you feel hungry.

Water World

9. Boll Weevil Monument

Enterprise’s cotton production was a well-known feature in the 1900s.

The Boll Weevil, a Mexican beetle, arrived in Alabama in 1915 and began to decimate all the crops.

Realizing that their cotton crops were losing, the farmers began to diversify into peanut cultivation.

This brought prosperity to the city, and the Boll Weevil was celebrated as a hero pest that changed the city’s fortunes.

The city was transformed by the insect and citizens wanted to pay tribute to it. A statue was erected in its honor.

You can see the only monument in the world dedicated to an insect pest, Downtown Enterprise.

Boll Weevil Monument

10. Blue Springs State Park, Ozark

This park, which covers 103 acres and is located 20 miles northeast of Ozark, is well-known for its clear natural springs.

Underground springs pump 3,600 gallons per minute of water and maintain a constant temperature of 68 degrees. This makes it perfect for swimming even in colder weather.

The park is surrounded by beautiful trees and hiking trails. You can also camp here, or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the water’s edge.

Outdoor activities can be enjoyed at the small fishing pond located in the park. It is stocked with catfish and bream. There’s also a playground for children younger than 5.

Blue Springs State Park

11. Our Place Diner

Our Place Diner, Downtown Ozark, is the home of the “Best Burger in Alabama” as of 2018. This award-winning restaurant is casual and family-friendly, with Southern-style comfort food that visitors love.

You can order one of their delicious burgers, the Grouper Sandwich, or a Chicken Fried Steak from this location.

You can also choose from a variety of side dishes and delicious desserts to save space after you’ve finished your main course.

Our Place Diner

12. Adventureland Dothan

Adventureland Dothan is the perfect place for families who want to take a break from sightseeing but still have a lot of fun with their children.

Compete against your friends in go-karting to win the title. Or, you can try your hand at baseball at the park’s batting cages.

You can also use the mini golf course to navigate around obstacles, or you can venture inside on cloudy days to beat your score on retro arcade games.

Adventureland Dothan

13. Continental Drive-In Cinema

Camden, New Jersey was the first location to open an outdoor drive-in cinema in 1933. This fun tradition continues today across America.

You can enjoy the cool summer evenings by parking your car and bringing a picnic, chairs, or blanket to watch the blockbuster Hollywood Blockbuster movies outside on the big screen.

Gates open at 6 pm. On weekdays, there are discounts.

If it’s cold outside, you can opt to stay inside your car. Just tune your radio to the appropriate frequency to hear the movie in your car.

Don’t worry if your stomach starts to growl halfway through the film. There’s an intermission where you can get snacks at the concession stand.

Continental Drive-In Cinema

14. The World’s Smallest City Block

You’ll love discovering the mysteries of the world, so you should visit Dothan’s World’s Smallest City Block.

The small, triangular piece of land has a granite monument that celebrates its achievements and has become a popular tourist attraction over the years.

This small plot of land gained notoriety when it was declared the smallest in the entire world by Ripley’s Believe it or Not newspaper column and a local gardening club.

The sides are approximately the same length as a car’s. This small parcel of land was home to a 1920s snack bar and a two-story building built in 1931.

 The World's Smallest City Block

15. Wiregrass Museum of Art

You can also visit the World’s Smallest City Block while you’re there.

The museum is located in the city’s old water and power plant. It was created in response to an article in a magazine that declared Dothan one of America’s worst cities to live in.

The museum is located in the heart of a vibrant, community-driven, city. It houses a permanent collection, as well as traveling exhibits.

The Wiregrass Museum of Art, which is located on Alabama’s National Register of Historic Places, is well worth a visit.

Wiregrass Museum of Art

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