Jasper is an Alabama city located in Walker County, Alabama.

Named in honor of American Revolutionary War hero William Jasper This city was once a major coal producer.

The scale of the coal industry was so extensive that it shaped the city’s landscape that you can be able to see today, particularly on downtown, which is known as the Downtown Historic District.

Check out the old buildings dating from the coal era in this area.

It is also possible to see an older Jasper in its parks and museums.

The Jasper of the present has evolved from the coal mining days of its past however it doesn’t mean that there’s not still plenty of things to do in the city.

Jasper is a dazzling mix of culture and history, as well as indoor and outdoor attractions that will entice people of all ages.


Here are the top things that you could do when visiting Jasper, AL:

1. Enjoy Nature in Bankhead National Forest.

Bankhead National Forest Bankhead National Forest is one of Alabama’s national forests.

In the northern region located in the northern part of Jasper, AL, the forest covers an area of 181,230 acres and is dotted with lakes, canyons, waterfalls, and springs.

The Bankhead National Forest also features four recreation areas.

The forest is a wonderful location to camp, hike, or fish, and enjoys the outdoors in all its glory.

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Bring your loved ones or your family to spend a day in relaxation or adventures.

There are numerous trails for hiking, camping sites as well as picnic areas.

You can also try canoeing or swimming in some of the lakes that are located within the forest.

Bankhead National Forest Bankhead National Forest has cultural and historical significance because it displays ancient rock carvings, prehistoric drawings, and petroglyphs of Native Americans.

Bankhead National Forest

2. Take a trip to Walker County Lake.

It is located in the Walker County Lake is a close lake that offers an area of recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families.

It is situated southeast of downtown Jasper located to the southeast of downtown Jasper, Walker County Lake spans 163 acres that are filled with a variety of outdoor activities.

The lake’s recreation area includes pavilions, a playground with grills, and an ice fishing Pier.

There’s also a fish pond and a country shop and a dock for boats.

This lake can also be a popular location for anglers since it’s awash with species of fish, such as catfish and bluegill.

You can also hire canoes to glide through the calm lakes that flow through Walker County Lake.

Walker County Lake

3. Explore the Bankhead House & Heritage Centre

Bankhead House & Heritage Centre Bankhead House & Heritage Centre is a local museum dedicated to the past and culture that is Walker County and the men who were members of Congress. US Congress.

The museum is housed in a federal-style residence built in 1824 where the former Alabama Rep. William Bankhead lived.

The museum houses a variety of exhibitions that focus on the history of Walker County and the life and profession of congressman Bankhead.

The museum also houses a research library that holds an abundance of local history sources.

Tourists are welcome to enter and look around the home, discovering the story of Congressman Bankhead as they travel between rooms.

There’s also a small museum shop located on the site where you can buy souvenirs.

Bankhead House & Heritage Centre

4. Meet new friends at Twisted Barley Brewing

Twisted Barley Brewing is Jasper’s new microbrew house in the city’s center.

The Brewhouse has an inviting and warm space where you can meet new people and meet the locals who are friendly.

Twisted Barley Brewing is also well-known for its famous beers.

The watermelon Gose along with Vanilla Joe are some of the top-selling beers that local drinkers are urging you to sample.

You can also play some fun board games while you drink.

There are the famous huge Jenga Checkers, Jenga, and even classic automobiles.

You may be looking to meet with friends or make someone new, Twisted Barley Brewing is Jasper’s newest spot.

Twisted Barley Brewing

5. Enjoy a round of golf at the Horse Creek Golf Course

In the nearby town of Dora, just a just 21 min drive to downtown Jasper Alabama–Horse Creek Golf Course is a top location for golfers within the region.

The course is comprised of an 18-hole course of Championship golf sure to test and delight golfers at all levels of skill.

With a total of 6,883 years of history, this 720par course is maintained and in good condition.

Horse Creek Golf Course Horse Creek Golf Course also has obstacles such as swimming hazards, traps for sand elevation changes, and bunkers.

If you’re a pro with years of experience or an amateur golfer you’ll have a wonderful time on the Horse Creek Golf Course.

Horse Creek Golf Course

6. Smoke a Montecristo in the Cigar Box

It’s not common these days to smoke outside in public areas, but Cigar Box is a unique place to smoke. Cigar Box offers a unique experience for those who love cigars.

The shop is equipped with a comfy and elegant lounge area where you can sit in a comfortable chair, relax and enjoy a fine cigar.

In downtown Jasper located downtown Jasper, Cigar Box carries a wide assortment of high-quality cigars from around the world.

They also have professional and knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the right cigar to suit your tastes.

The Cigar Box sells tobacco, pipes, premium cigars, and pipes.

If you’re looking for a box full of Crowned Heads, the iconic Montecristo’s, or the well-known Southern Draw, you can get them all, and more, at Cigar Box. Cigar Box.

If you’re looking to indulge in the best cigars in a relaxing and luxurious environment, make sure you go to the Cigar Box the following time that you’re passing through Jasper, AL.

Cigar Box

7. Go fishing on the Walker County Public Lake Dam

The dam is located just south of downtown Jasper located south of downtown Jasper, the Walker County Public Lake Dam is an ideal spot to fish.

The dam is filled with catfish, largemouth bass, and Bream, so you’re bound to get something.

Its Public Lake Dam is also an ideal spot for a walk or hike.

The beautiful views will impress you, and the fresh air refreshes your spirit.

If you’re in search of the perfect spot to fish or to enjoy the outdoors, make sure to check out Walker County Public Lake Dam. Walker County Public Lake Dam.

It’s a wonderful spot to be with your loved ones or family members or just to spend some time on your own.

Walker County Public Lake Dam

8. Explore Jasper Downtown Historic District

The first item on our list of attractions to see during your visit to Jasper, AL, is going to Downtown Historic District. Downtown Historic District.

The area is full of gorgeous old buildings dating back to the city’s coal mining days in the 1920s until the 1940s.

The district is located in the middle of the city The Jasper Downtown Historic District encompasses the streets around Jasper’s Walker County Courthouse.

Other notable buildings that are located in the area comprise Jasper City Hall, the Jasper City Hall, Post Office, Masonic Temple, as well as a few warehouses that were once in use.

Many of these buildings include restaurants, shops as well as companies, making them perfect to take a stroll or browse the shops and have a bite to eat.

Downtown Historic District

9. Have Fun During Your Stay at the Hampton Inn Jasper

A memorable vacation starts with the search for suitable lodging.

The Hampton Inn in Jasper is the ideal place to stay while you’re in town.

The hotel has cozy accommodations, a fitness center, and breakfast for free, as well as an outside pool.

The warm and welcoming personnel will help you feel like you’re right at home. Plus, the location is just a few minutes from all the top spots in Jasper.

When you’re planning your next vacation to the Hampton Inn, make reservations for your stay. Hampton Inn. Hampton Inn.

Hampton Inn Jasper

10. Enjoy The Great Outdoors at the Clear Creek Recreation Area

The area is located in the northern part situated in northern Jasper, AL, the Creak Creek Recreation Area is among Jasper’s most popular outdoor spots.

The recreation zone offers many activities like biking, hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

There are plenty of picturesque views to be seen, so make sure to take your camera.

Clear Creek Recreation Area Clear Creek Recreation Area is perfect for a day or even for a weekend.

There are campgrounds and cabins available, so you could plan an overnight stay.

Visit Clear Creek Recreation Area. Clear Creek Recreation Area if you’re looking to escape and enjoy the outdoors with real fun and adventure.

Clear Creek Recreation Area

11. Get a good beer in the Tallulah Brewing Company

Twisted Barley Brewing isn’t the only taproom in Jasper, AL.

It is worth a visit to the Tallulah Brewing Company is also worth a trip.

Just two blocks away from Twister Barley Brewing, the Tallulah Brewing Company taproom has an array of beers available on tap, as well as a fully-stocked kitchen.

The taproom is available six every day of the week. It also hosts many occasions like entertainment, trivia nights, and many more.

But the real highlight goes to their own beers.

Tallulah Brewing Company Tallulah Brewing Company also serves hard seltzers and cocktails, wines, and even cider.

So, if you’re searching for a spot to relax and enjoy an excellent beer and great company, you should check at The Tallulah Brewing Company.

Tallulah Brewing Company

12. Hire Water Sports Gear at Pine Valley Outdoor Living

If you’re planning to visit Jasper and would like to spend your time in the water, make sure to check out Pine Valley Outdoor Living.

Pine Valley Outdoor Living offers an array of water sports equipment available for rentals like pontoon boats, kayaks, banana boats, paddleboards trampolines for water, and much more.

The lakes that surround and are located in Jasper are the perfect spot to relax on the water.

Pine Valley Outdoor Living will make sure you have everything you require to maximize your time.

Pine Valley Outdoor Living

13. Have Breakfast in Warehouse 3 Nineteen.

You shouldn’t finish your Jasper excursion without eating something delicious at Warehouse 3 Nineteen.

In the middle located in Jasper, Warehouse 3 Nineteen is among the top breakfast places in town.

It is available seven days per week. The menu includes various breakfast options like waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausage, omelets, and many more.

The warm and welcoming personnel will help you feel at home and the food is delicious.

Warehouse 3 Nineteen

14. Take advantage of Southern Cuisine at Black Rock Bistro

It’s impossible to visit a Southern state such as Alabama without enjoying some of the most delicious southern cuisines.

Black Rock Bistro is a local establishment that is a specialist in southern food.

You can find it in Dora, Alabama, 22 minutes away from Jasper.

This charming restaurant is right opposite Walker County Courthouse. Walker County Courthouse.

It serves a diverse menu that includes some of the most famous southern dishes.

A few must-try dishes include fried green tomatoes and scallops, oysters, blackened catfish and shrimp, grits, the chicken-pot pie.

Black Rock Bistro is also famous for its ample portions and family-friendly ambiance.

Black Rock Bistro

15. Go Camping at Sleepy Holler Campground

Just a short distance from Downtown Jasper, AL, Sleepy Holler Campground is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors while soaking in its natural beauty.

Find this location located in Cordova, Alabama, 13 minutes away from Jasper.

The campground has RVs, cabins as well as tent sites in the woods.

If you’re planning to spend some time away from the city, or are planning an extended trip, Sleepy Holler Campground is the ideal place to stay.

The campground offers the ideal outdoor experience, with trees that are tall as well as a bubbling creek and the fresh mountain air.

You can hike, go fishing, or just relax at your camping site.

If you’re looking to escape from it all and relax in the beautiful outdoors, you should check out the Sleepy Holler Campground.

Sleepy Holler Campground

16. Visit Boshell’s Mill

Boshell’s Mill is a historic site situated just outside Jasper.

The site is located situated in Carbon Hill, Alabama, 17 minutes away from Jasper.

The gristmill was established in 1832 and operated through the mid-2000s.

The Bosell family from Walker County originally operated the Mill.

It was originally an engine-driven mill before the Boshell family grew their operations by constructing a dam made of locally quarried stones.

The Mill is listed included in the National Register of Historic Places as a place that reflects the region’s rich past.

Boshell’s Mill also serves as a museum that houses a variety of objects from the Jasper region.

If you’re interested in viewing an authentic piece of history visit Boshell’s Mill.

Boshell's Mill

Final Thoughts

Whatever your passions are There’s something for anyone in the historical city called Jasper, Alabama.

From outdoor adventures to exploring Jasper’s rich past and a scrumptious local beer, there are numerous activities to enjoy in Jasper.

What is it that you’re still

Begin planning your excursion to Jasper today, and be sure to include all of the activities listed on this list.

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