Welcome Cabincore, Goodbye Cottagecore: Winter Trends

Winter Trends – Seasons are changing, and that means you too. It’s time to put away your peasant-style cottage tops and nap dresses, and abandon the farm for something more rustic and warm. Are you dreaming of a tiny log cabin hidden in the forest , covered in fresh snow? You might be suffering from cabin(core) obsession. We’re here to help you travel down the river and into forests in style. Learn more about the trend of cabincore and our top cabincore pieces for women to carry with you.

Winter Trends

Winter Trends – What is the main difference between COTTAGECORE and CABINCORE?

If the concept of cottagecore is a rural way of life reinvented by cabincore, then it is the mountain version of this style. Change out the meadows of wildflowers for an evergreen, remote forest and an idyllic old farmhouse for a rustic log cabin. DIY is the hottest cottagecore fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting your attempt at embroidery, making new bread recipes or taking care of the chickens in your coop staying busy is crucial. In the winter months the pace slows down and the cabincore vibe is relaxed and comfortable. Imagine watching birds from the deck with a hot cup of cocoa on the table or cuddling on a blanket to read poems from Robert Frost.

On the fashion side the feminine cabincore look is about coziness, comfort and a chic escape against the weather. Soft flannels, textured thermals along with durable denim and soft sherpa give a cozy quality to the women’s cabincore style. Explore colors that are rooted in nature , like deep greens with a hint of wood, browns blues, cloudy creams and river blues. Are you a fan of plaids? It’s impossible to show them than with a classic cabincore outfit. Plaids are an all-time favorite design and shine in the spotlight of the cabincore. Little details such as metal or wood buttons as well as the natural and environmentally sustainable brands of clothing can also help you connect with the outdoors.


Play your favorite music and light the flames in your fireplace with wood burning to instantly be into the mood of a cabin. Unsure of how to create the atmosphere? Check out your closet. Add a few layers with a new pair of jeans, and an assortment of loungewear are all you need to be embracing the feminine cabincore style. This is what you should be looking for to brighten snowy winter evenings in the woods.


Dress Yourself in Shucks and Fleece Pullovers

In the event of a cold snap, make your look more cabincore by wearing a women’s shacket with your outfit. Are you wondering what a shacket? It’s just like the name suggests it’s a great mix of an overcoat and an oversized button-up shirt. In colder temperatures, opt to wear an overshirt which features corduroy, flannel, or wool fabric to keep you warm. Are you without an Shacket? Instead, wear a fleece pullover. It will make you feel just as cozy. Put a hand warmer and your favourite gloves in your pockets and you’re all set to enjoy the mountain sunset.

Find yourself in the Cabincore mood with sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters are a staple of winter and are a staple of the cabincore fashion. Keep warm with a stylish sweater that incorporates modern elements such as statement balloon sleeves, mock-necks or waffle-like texture. It’s impossible to go wrong when you wear a neutral-colored sweater. They are a great match with just about any other item. Do you not have the time to hit the slopes? A argyle pattern brings your cabincore style up a notch, and offers a fashionable and stylish pre ski vibe. Consider a sweater or an oversized cardigan that features an old-fashioned Fair Isle design. Put on a beanie knit and go outside to set up the campfire. Don’t forget your s’mores.

Expert Fashion Advice: For the stylish an adorable sweater dress can bring a rustic charm to your outfit. The women’s winter fashion 2021 fashion piece is easy to dress in. Dress it up with a sweater and tights, and then add the chunky Chelsea boots. Add softness (and the warmth) and top it off with an oversized puffer jacket. Then you’re set for a wintery day at the mountain retreat.

Block out the Cold by wearing Jeans or Corduroy Pants

We know you love leggings–we do, too. When temperatures drop to freezing temperatures, corduroy and jeans can help keep cold at the bay. Switch out skinny jeans for autumn women’s 2021 fashion trend most loved: wide and straight leg silhouettes. Add a pair of the corduroys in your cabincore collection to give a more textured look to your wardrobe for the weekend. Plus points for an rust-colored cords that match the stunning background.

Winter Jeans

Kick Up Your Feet in Cabincore Loungewear

Have you been snowed in? Do not reach for the shovel right now. Enjoy the view as you watch as the snow falls from the warmth of your sofa. Insist on a cozy lounger for women and relax for a day of snow. Make your loungewear more stylish by selecting the right hoodie, jogger and hoodie set. Cashmere blends keep the warmth and makes you feel great as you lounge in front of the fire. Wear a pair of soft slippers that will keep your feet warm. With a cabincore outfit this cozy, you’ll enjoy spending the day laying around. Don’t be fooled by us.

lounge wear winter


Once we’ve identified key women’s cabincore pieces that you can include in your wardrobe let’s put them together. If you’re looking for a place to gaze or enjoying your winter getaway and escaping into nature, our collection will be you covered with our outfit ideas. We’re confident that your style of cabincore style will be as captivating as your surroundings.

Take a trip Overland in overalls and hiking Boots

Pick a pair jeans overalls to take in the views of the mountains. Find an style that features stretchy fabric to keep you comfy and secure from the bare branches along the trail. Dress them up with an elegant bodysuit and top it off with an edgy zip-up sweatshirt to finish the style. Wear a pair walking or lug boots to walk on the snow style.

“Count The Stars” in a Cabincore-Inspired Layered Style

You can expect cold conditions as the sunsets. Wear a woman’s cabincore layered outfit when you plan on relaxing in the sun at night with a clear sky. The tapered legs of fleece joggers easily slip into a set of sherpa-lined boots. Put over an oversized cable knit sweater and then add a splash of plaid by wearing the checkered glen jacket. Do you feel like breathing? Bring a thermos of coffee as well as a mug for cold hands and a warm heart.

Winter Layered Style

Relax and snuggle up to a T-shirt and Knit Joggers

Do you suffer from winter blues? Do not fret, wrap yourself in a warm cabincore dress and remain cozy. A teddy bear coat with a soft t-shirt gives you all the cuddly Hygge sensations. Long socks and joggers that are slouchy give the perfect finishing touch to your casual style. Do you need a second layer of warmth? Nestle into a blanket-like cape coat. It’s not only a great way to keep your heat in, but it’s also a woman’s winter fashion 2021 essential. Bring out an old-fashioned board game and enjoy the time of being unplugged. In the end, cabincore is an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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