The Dumbbell Front Raise to Lateral Raise complex blends two exercises to build the middle deltoids, as well as the anterior deltoids of the shoulder. It’s usually done only one rep of each exercise at a time, however, you can do more repetitions of each or increase the number of reps over consecutive rounds (e.g. 1 rep in round 1 and two reps during round 2, etc.). However you choose to do it, Dumbbell Front Raise to Lateral Raise targets the medial and anterior deltoids, which makes it a fantastic time-saving shoulder burnout, or an accessory exercise during an upper-body workout.

Instructions for Dumbbell Front Raise to Lateral Raise

  • While standing and a pair of dumbbells to your side. This is your starting point.
  • Keep your elbows bent slightly while you are bending your elbows, and lift the weights directly in front of you until shoulder height. Avoid cheating or swinging.
  • After you have completed the exercise, you should move the weights forward of you, while keeping your arms open.
  • Lower the weights by using a controlled movement.
  • In the next set, you will raise the weights in front of you until they reach the level of your shoulders before lifting them laterally and then towards your sides.
  • Lower the weights until they are in the initial position.

Additional Information

  • Increases in size in the shoulders
  • Longer muscle time when muscles are stretched
  • A significant burnout for shoulder day, or a time-efficient shoulder pump for any exercise
  • Muscles Exercised: Back, Shoulders
  • Equipment required: Dumbbells

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Dumbbell Front Raise to Lateral Raise


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