Color Looks – Knowing that the colors wheel can be an essential component of the closet puzzle. We’ve heard it before “Are you cold or warm?” Translation: Which colors are most compatible to match your hair, skin tone, and eye color. This sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? We’ve made it simple to use our cheat sheet that is easy to determine which colors flatter you.

Color Looks Color Wheel


How do you determine whether you have cool-toned skin

In the event that you’ve got cool-toned undertones, your skin tone will be either red, pink, or blue. The easiest method to tell whether you have cool-toned skin is by taking an examination of your reflection. Are your eyes blue and fair skin? Check. Are you easily burned in the sunlight? Check. Are you seeing blue-ish veins, not green? Check. You’re cool-toned.

A quick checklist to determine if you’re cool-toned.

  • You have blonde hair (light brown naturally blonde).
  • You have blue or grey eyes.
  • The skin tone of your face is pale or fair.
  • There are pink undertones on your skin.

The most flattering colors that have cool tones

Get your ideas from the cool end of the spectrum. Think sky blues frosty purples, cobalt the emerald greens, the light grassy hues, and pastels. If you prefer wearing warmer shades, you can try lipstick reds or super pale yellows. Avoid palettes that are overly bright or orange–they’ll overwhelm you.

What color looks best on skin that has been warmed-up?

How do you know whether you have a warm-toned complexion

If you’re a warm-toned person your skin can feel as if it has then just peachy, yellow, or golden hues to it. Similar to your cool-toned counterparts most effective way to tell whether you’re warm-toned is by asking yourself these questions: do you get tanned quickly in sunlight, do your veins appear more green, do you have dark eyes and dark hair? If your answers are, “YES!” Then you could be warm-toned.

An easy way to tell if you’re warm toned.

  • You are more dark-haired (black or dark brown auburn).
  • You have brown or brown-hazel eyes.
  • The skin tone of yours is olive, dark or golden in the tone.
  • The skin is yellow with undertones of yellow.

The most flattering colors for wearing in warm hues with warmer undertones

Get inspiration from the warmer end of the spectrum. Consider fiery reds oranges, rusty shades, creams, camel, and everything earthy. If you are a fan of cool tones go for warmer versions of cool color families, such as violet, Fuschia, olive, and orchid.

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How to tell whether your skin is neutral toned

If you have neutral undertones, you’ll struggle to determine if they’re cool or warm according to the above guidelines since they’re usually a mix of both! However, luckily for you, the majority of colors will flatter your skin color.

An easy checklist for you to determine if your skin is neutral toned skin tone:

  • It’s not easy to tell if your veins are green or blue.
  • Your skin’s color can be burned when you are in the sunlight (or otherwise!)
  • The tone is neutral or a mix of warmer and cool.

The most flattering colors in neutral shades

Since you’re a blend of both cool and warm, you’ve got access to the whole spectrum of colors. Consider yourself fortunate! Since your skin tone is neutral, you are able to play with the color wheel. Just stay clear of colors that are too bright, as they can cause you to lose balance.

Which color looks the best on ALL?

If you’re in doubt, reach to these three colors which look great on anyone. What’s the secret formula? They’re the perfect mix of cool and warm that can be adapted to every skin type to an extent.

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The three colors are great for every complexion!


The most flattering shades for all are neutral colors like millennial pink or blush. It not only flatters any skin tone, but it makes you look radiant regardless of who you are and is a great match with all kinds of outfits!


If your style is bolder, consider reds. Although not all reds look great on everyone, choose the color that is right for you. There’s a red that’s suitable that is suitable for every person.


The most popular neutral color and there’s a reason the most fashionable women in the world use this time and often. Its slim profile and the ability to blend well with a variety of colors make it one of our “nothing for wearing” favorites.

How to Find Which Color Looks Best on You