How to Mix Prints and Patterns – We’re here to provide you with the details regarding one of the commonly asked questions in fashion. How do you mix patterns and prints? You may be seeking to break away from your usual solids or are looking to experiment with something different with your latest florals we’ve got your back. Paris Fashion Week highlighted the importance of creating patterns that bring life to our lives. Are you ready for even more exciting news? The most stylish designs don’t limit you to only one print or pattern for each outfit.

Continue reading for more information on how to seamlessly combine patterns and prints.

How to Mix Prints and Patterns


The old saying goes that you can never be too sure of something good. In terms of how to mix patterns and prints and patterns, we’re with you 100. Explore the world of tiny patterns and wild animals prints. As a rule of thumb when mixing patterns and prints ensure that the sizes of your prints are contrasted. Wear larger prints with smaller prints. Here are a few easy guidelines for mastering your mixing.

1. Keep an eye on the size

If you’re mixing things up, select the piece you wish to use as a point of reference. It’s your anchor. If you’re looking to put on a statement with your floral pants. Imagine this pattern as the primary draw. It ought to be the biggest and the rest of the prints, such as tops or jackets–should be smaller in dimensions.

2. Keep to the color story

A consistent color scheme keeps your clothes looking fresh and logical. If your main piece is vibrant and warm choose patterns that share that same hue. Are you wondering what a color story is? It’s a collection of seasonal shades that go well together to make a statement in fashion. Choose the colors that look the best on you Then, play with your favorite prints.

3. When in doubt, stay neutral

neutrals are anything but boring. They’re a good option when this is your first time mixing patterns and prints. Choose neutral tones in your base piece and display the boldness of your print. Tan, white, black, and cream are simple for you to blend and combine to create an effortless style.


Are you able to wear various designs together? Absolutely. We’ve combined our most eye-catching prints that work perfectly. Here are our most-loved fashion tips for mixing patterns and prints.


Bold florals with bold stripes

Feminine, flirty, and fun – no design is as attractive as florals. They come in a myriad of styles that range from watercolor flowers to delicate florals. Choose this print to create the look that’s more “couch-cover-chic” and more “romantic whimsy.” You can contrast stunning floral prints with bold stripes. This popular linear print is popular because of. It doesn’t matter if it’s vertical or horizontal it is possible to create modern designs by switching solids with stripes. Do you want to increase the length of your frame? Wear a pair of broad-leg trousers with an elongated vertical pinstripe and an oversized top with a floral design.

Stylist tip: stand out with a floral-printed jacket that is layered with a plain-striped shirt. Put on a pair of straight-leg cropped jeans, and then wrap up your outfit with a pair of sneakers. The patterns blend organically to create a style that is far from being an ordinary wallflower.

Explore animal prints and the perky Polka dots

If animals were people that could hang in any crowd. Talk about wild. They are equally welcome in every style from boho to classic and ultra-laid back, these prints work with every style. One of our most favorite ways to wear this print is to Add it to your wardrobe by incorporating it into a bag, belt, or even a pair of shoes. Add some pre-planning to your wardrobe by mixing animals with Polka dots. The snappy, spotted print makes a perfect preppy style. Keep the size of your print in mind, and pair the large dots with subtle animal prints, such as snakeskin.

Stylist tip: Getting an elegant look is all about structure and tailoring. Choose a plaid pullover and your favorite pair of jeans. Finish the look with the leopard-print flats. What do you get? A look that is comfortable casual and clean.


Boho Prints that feature simple patterns

If you’re one that is influenced by the natural world and flowing silhouettes, you should embrace boho patterns and prints. Amazing boho designs like tie-dye and watercolor effects like ikat, paisley, and vintage florals blend effortlessly with graphic prints that are simple. How can we combine the patterns and prints to create an appearance that’s created by the sun? Dress these fun festival pieces that feature plaids, stripes, or Polka dots. A small conversation-starting print will emphasize a bold paisley piece.

Stylist tip: Let the summer vibes transport you to the far reaches of the Palm-print Boho Shorts. Dress them up with an iconic striped tank top and put your feet in the espadrille shoes. Add them to jeans on cool daytime days.


Try mixing patterns and prints using some of your most-loved accessories. To create a polished and playful style, choose an attractive headband with floral prints. Combine it with a polka-dot sweater and a pair of knit pants to make a quick video call. Going out to a distant Happy Hour? Snakeskin heels will elevate your look and are a great match with a ruffled plaid shirt. Separating designs is a clever way to dip your feet into the mix print trend.


Have you been caught in the cold? Here’s how you can combine patterns and prints in an outerwear piece to ward off the cold. Dress up for work by combining subtle prints with heels and a sleek herringbone jacket. These prints are meant to be the center of your outfit. Opt for a dress that is solid to make them stand out as headliners.

Are you planning a picnic in the park? Put on an ombre jacket to act to show your respect and put it on over a tie-dye shirt with jeans. The classic courts of shoes make a great addition to your retro-inspired look. Now, you’re prepared to tackle your weekend.

Mix Prints and Patterns
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