Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses for Bride

A primary concern is to find an outfit that is timeless yet conveys their individuality. A timeless dress that hints to your individual design is the best way to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. One design that meets these criteria is the long-sleeved wedding dress.

Long sleeves that are fitted have been popular for centuries due to their versatility and class. And while you may consider a dress that covers up your arms as a more conservative look, many fashion brands have proven that long sleeves can go a lot of ways (minimalist, bohemian, architectural, Victorian-inspired…you get the idea). From intricate lace sleeves , to delicate silky tulle to sleek satin–there are many options to suit every design and body type.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses for Bride

Long-sleeved wedding dresses are ideal for brides who is getting married in winter as well for brides who want a more traditional style, however looking through dress styles of past weddings reveals how timeless and stylish they can be.

Many of the most fashionable women of the past have decided to hide their arms to express their love for one another and look amazing while doing it.

Grace Kelly was documented as early as the 1950s marrying in a wedding gown with long sleeves of lace as well as other TDF features. In more recent times , everyone has been seen from Sophie Turner, Lily Collins and Kim Kardashian have all lent their support to the basic sleeves.

As for the Royals? The truth is that the duo of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle chose to wear a dress at the shoulder for their big occasions and Princess Diana’s puffy sleeves weren’t too far from the full length of her dress either.

The best sleeve can add a touch sophistication, elegance or the look with a bit of drama. with loose satin, and button embellished opaque fabrics being only some of the numerous sleeves available that you’ll have no trouble selecting one that fits your personal style and event.

We’ve scoured the internet and selected the top long-sleeve wedding dresses that are just as gorgeous as they are easy to purchase so that when it comes to wedding day, all you have to do is dress and have fun. You’re welcome.

1) BEST LONG SLEEVE SHORT WEDDING DRESS – Kira stretch-cady mini dress

We’re calling all brides who aren’t traditional. If you’re looking to stretch your legs up and walk through the aisle with fashion, this dress features sharp shoulders and a stylish cut-out back that perfectly balances its simple design.

Kira stretch-cady mini dress

2.) THE CHEAPEST LONG SLEEVE WEDDING DRESS Odette long sleeve lace wedding dress that has an open back

The dress you’ll need to walk to the aisle, and then dance in circles with people on the dance floor after the ceremony is finished. The Rhythm is not included.


If you’ve never experienced the joy of casting your eyes on Rebecca Vallance’s gorgeous designs previously you’re in for a surprise as the Australian designer has created the perfect long-sleeved wedding dresses. We’ll let you know that she’s not featured only in this compilation.


4) The most beautiful LACE LACE LONG WEDDING DRESS Lace long sleeve dress that has a trail

Have a pair of stunning wedding shoes that you want to flaunt but aren’t sure how to present them without making your hem appear higher than you’d prefer? The high-low hem that finishes this piece of lace is exactly the thing you’ve been looking for. You’ll be able to get the path you desire and your guests will have a full glimpse of your stunning shoes. It sounds like a win to us.

5) BEST WHITE LONG SLEEVE WEDDING DRESS – Crystal-embellished crepe maxi dress

We love the way this long-sleeved wedding dress allows you to softly highlight your figure without the restrictive fit or any body parts showing. The embellished detail along the back and front of the dress add an added bonus.

6) BEST LONG SLEEVE EMBELLISHED WEDDING DRESS – Maggie ivory maxi embellished dress

It’s almost like hearing the bridal chorus while looking at this beautiful maxi dress. The floral beadwork is hand embellished throughout but is easier to appreciate when you wear the long sleeves that are sheer.


A dress that will make you want to yell ‘Oooooo’ but not need to shout ‘Eeeeerg’ every time you find the price following, this contemporary dress has style and price to make it work.

8) Best LONG SLEEVE NECK Wedding Dress Curved neck and penny wedding dress with lace in ivory

If you’ve ever tried on this beautiful lace piece and you’re sure to be in love again. We’re sure that your spouse will be unhappy with this sweet romance, but.

9) BEST LONG SLEEVE BEADED WEDDING DRESS – Jasmine embellished chiffon midi wrap dress

Who says that a full-beaded wrap dress can’t be a wedding-worthy item? With its subtle sparkle and an aesthetically pleasing fit, we don’t imagine a reason why it shouldn’t be.

10) Best PLUS SIZE LONG SLEEVE WEDDING DESS Dress in white with a curve embellshed bridal dress in white

Imagine your bride or groom’s smile when they first see the stunning dress you’re wearing. Kimono styles of sleeves may not be the norm for wedding dresses with long sleeves but who doesn’t want a traditional look for what’s expected to be an once in a lifetime occasion.

11.) The BEST LONG SLEEVE NECK Wedding Dress Long Sleeved Maxima for Weddings dress ivory

A day filled with love requires a dress that is as romantic as the celebration as a whole, which is exactly what this wedding dress is. It’s embroidered throughout, and has an embellished neckline and lace-lined train, it’s worth the fairytale end you’re getting.