Barbell Reclined Shoulder Press

Muscles Target: Deltoid, Anterior.

Preparation: Place your back on an incline bench, angled at 70-80 degrees. Grab the rack with a slightly wider grip than your shoulder width. Recline on a reclined back pad, with the bar near your upper chest.

Execution: Continue pressing the bar upwards until your arms extend overhead. Continue to press the bar upward until arms are extended overhead.

Comments: For those with limited shoulder flexibility, a reclining position can be substituted for the standard form. An inclined bench of 70-80 degrees is equivalent to a reclined upright position between 10 and 20 degrees from the vertical. Barbell rack can be used to exercise. The barbell may be rung slightly lower than shoulder height, so it is easier to mount and rack the barbell. Place an inline bench or seat with reclining support to ensure that the barbell doesn’t hit the uprights while leaning back, but is close enough for you to mount and rack. Grip that is too broad will limit your range of motion.

Benefits of shoulder pressing

It is a sign that you are strong and can lift weights above your head. Strength training has many benefits.

Overhead lifts offer strength and stability as well as functional stability. It is amazing how still you can remain after lifting a heavy bag or similar item above your head.

A sense of one’s core strength, making overhead presses an important exercise.

  • This is the best exercise for shoulders. While other areas of the body may need to be toned and shaped, this exercise engages our shoulders in all their potential. The overhead press works not only the shoulders but also the chest, upper back, and arm muscles.
  • Strength and stability: While the overhead press can be done standing up or standing down, it increases core strength by activating the abdominal muscles. This allows you to lift the weight over your shoulders, while your legs provide support.
  • Improves posture: Standing shoulder presses can improve your posture if you are prone to crouching or slouching at your desk all day. An hour of activity including strengthening exercises such as the overhead press, will help keep your bones stronger and more weight bearing.
  • Useful for other exercises: Shoulder press are a great way to build strength in your arms and torso, which is important when trying to lift heavier weights. These lifts are the most difficult in weight training. Your performance will make a big difference in your ability to lift heavier.
  • Structural improvements to the shoulders: A person’s appearance will be more impressive if their shoulders are more straight.
  • Increases core strength: When lifting above your head, you must contract your core muscles in order to create a better position to lift. This movement engages the abdominal, obliques and lower back muscles which help to strengthen the core.

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