It is a single-arm inverted row is bodyweight exercise that targets those muscles in the lower back, lats (latissimus dorsi), and the upper back, by using the bar on the Smith machine to hang and pull off from. The bar can be adjusted in height to alter the difficulty level and the desired angle of the row.

It is a single-arm inverted row is a multi-joint upper body workout that increases the strength of the biceps, back, forearms, shoulders and. The exercise is performed by using one arm at a given time will ensure that you have a balanced muscular body on each side of your body.

The single arm inverted row is a calisthenics workout that primarily targets the lats, but to a lesser extent is also a good exercise for the shoulders, the middle back traps, the biceps, and the middle back.

The sole single-arm inverted row equipment that you require is the barbells and Smith machines. There are a variety of single-arm inverted row variations that you could try that might require different kinds and types of single-arm inverted row equipment or might not require any equipment at all.

Instructions for Single-arm Inverted Row

  • Lay down on the bar (a Smith machine is ideal) and grasp the bar using an overhand grip using only the left side of your hand. Your right arm should be placed over your chest.
  • Put your feet on their backs on the floor, knees bent. Then hang them at arm’s distance. Lift your hips up so your body is straight between your shoulder blades and the knees. This is the beginning position.
  • Begin the exercise by lifting your chest to your bar. Take a then pause and then lower your body back down. Make certain to fall your body all the way back to ensure you have your arms straight following each repetition. Repeat as needed.

Additional Information

  • Rebuilds size and pulling strength
  • Aids in balancing the strength and size between sides.
  • You can alter the difficulty by adjusting the bar’s height.
  • It can also be done on an elongated barbell placed in the rack
  • Don’t allow your back to sag or your body to move out of alignment. Keep an eye on your posture.
  • You can pull your shoulders and back to raise your chest to the bar.
  • Inhale and squeeze your glutes and abs to keep your body in place.
  • Press into the ground using your feet. This will help maintain your rigid line by ensuring that the muscles in your thighs are tight.
  • The range of motion. Take the lead with your shoulders, aiming to reach the rings to your chest. Be careful not to pull to one shoulder. Some people can benefit from contemplating pulling with the elbow and not the hands.
  • Avoid rotation. Consider leading by using the same side nipple. Nips upwards!

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Single-arm Inverted Row


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