A Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension is an alternative to tricep extensions and is an exercise that helps to strengthen the triceps muscles.

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension for extension of the head is especially beneficial in targeting the long upper part of the muscles. A larger longer and stronger long head gives the appearance of a bigger tricep.

Exercises to isolate the triceps are especially beneficial for those seeking to enhance their appearance. They may also be beneficial to those who want to build their strength when performing other pressing movements.

Instructions for Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

  • Choose the weight you want from the rack and place it in a wide space.
  • To set the position you need to lift the dumbbell up to the upper part of your shoulder. breathe deeply, then wrap your hands over the dumbbell and push it back into its position above your head.
  • Keep your grip in an overhang and gradually lower the dumbbell behind your head while releasing your elbows.
  • When your forearms have reached the same level or are below, you can drive the dumbbell back toward the starting point by stretching the elbows and flexing your triceps.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have reached your desired number of times.

Additional Information

  • Don’t extend too far through your back, and keep your ribcage tense by ensuring tension in the glutes and abs.
  • Utilizing an eccentric exercise that is slow (lowering the portion) in the training may aid in reducing tension and connecting the mind muscles.
  • Maintain the head in a neutral position. Do not let the neck sway inwards as this could strain the spine of your neck.

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Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension


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