It is the city that Sylacauga is known by many names among them “The Marble City” and “Alabama’s Best-Kept Secret”. Sylacauga has been renowned for its industry of marble for the last couple of centuries, but in recent years and even more, interestingly, Sylacauga was the first location in which an object from outer space, Hodges Meteorite dropped from the sky and injured a local! If the fascinating history of Sylacauga isn’t enough to lure you to visit the town, Sylacauga is also surrounded by historic sites with beautiful vineyards, caves, forests, and lakes.

The ideal base for sports fans who are a bit adrenaline-driven since it’s located near the world-renowned Talladega Superspeedway where you can catch your favorite teams in action, or race around the track on your own.


1. Talladega National Forest, Sylacauga

With stunning hikes, beautiful forests, and cascading waterfalls Talladega National Forest is the ideal place to reconnect to nature.

It’s difficult to believe that it was once an extremely degraded area in Alabama since it was often logged by local businesses.

It is now an eco-system that is flourishing, which is home to many animals and plants as well as horseback riding trails, hiking trails, and mountains to climb.

If you’re lucky on your trip, you might be lucky enough to see the rare woodpecker with a red-cockaded face as well as the gopher tortoise, and the musk turtle with a flattened face.

Take a pair of suitable shoes for walking and picnics, or perhaps some camping equipment and cameras, and have an enjoyable time or two with this beautiful green forest.

Talladega National Forest

2. DeSoto Caverns

Just 13 miles to the northwest of Sylacauga in the outer reaches of Childersburg lies DeSoto Caverns.

The caves hidden beneath the rocks were the home of prehistoric Indians and the earliest Indian traders and Confederate soldiers that mined gunpowder from the site in The Civil War.

It is possible to explore this underground wonderland and visit its “Healing All Cathedral”, named in the eyes of Native Americans for its calming and healing properties.

The space is 120 feet high and 100 yards in length with thin passageways, and a stunning assortment of stalagmites, rocks, and stalactites.

Don’t miss out on the spectacular light, sound, and water display when you’re inside the caves.

Above ground, there are lots to see and do for the entire family.

There are more than 20 activities that include archery, water golf, crystal-finding gem panning, and mazes, you’ll be entertained for the entire day.

DeSoto Caverns

3. Blue Bell Creamery Tour

You can satisfy your sweet tooth by taking an excursion to the factory of Blue Bell Creamery. Blue Bell Creamery in Sylacauga.

Blue Bell Creamery opened its doors in 1996. The creamery is now offering plant tours on appointment for visitors who are interested in the city.

Every tour walks visitors through the making and production of their mouthwatering, delicious Ice creams. After the 45-minute tour ends you will be able to taste a variety of flavors too! General admission is affordable and is about the price of a portion of ice cream and is a great value for a relaxing afternoon with the family within the cities.

Blue Bell Creamery Tour

4. Kymulga Covered Bridge & Grist Mill

If you’d like to dive into the past of this area of Alabama Take a quick trip towards Kymulga Covered Bridge and Grist Mill.

It is located in a lovely forest park The Grist Mill was built around 1850 and was built from wood from the nearby forest.

Mills were used by the locals to grind wheat and corn in the past, and it is still possible to take an excursion to see its interior and the types of machinery that were that was used.

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If you’ve already visited the Grist Mill take a stroll towards Kymulga Covered Bridge.

The bridge, which is quaint, was once the main route of access for pioneers and settlers who were moving to the region from other areas in the U.S. Today you can take a walk along the bridge that spans the creek and then continues into the woods to walk along beautiful trails for walking.

The woods are dotted with unique Alabama Paw Paw trees which were once utilized by Native Americans for medicine and food. Its location is an ideal spot for artists, offering a wealth of sketching and photography opportunities.

Kymulga Covered Bridge & Grist Mill

5. Sylacauga Farmers Market

Sylacauga Farmer’s Market Sylacauga Farmer’s Market is an outdoor market that is seasonal and situated inside Blue Bell Park (also known as Central Park) across the street from the Blue Bell Creamery in Sylacauga.

It’s open on Fridays from June to September. Stalls are set up to sell fresh, organic produce from vendors who operate their own farms and businesses within 50 miles of Sylacauga.

If you’re in search of delicious picnic foods, homemade jams and jellies, fruit, vegetables, and more, visit your local Farmer’s Market and you’ll find everything you need.

Farmers Market

6. Comer Museum & Arts Centre

The purpose of the museum is to offer access to the humanities and arts through a range of collections and exhibits to visitors and locals alike.

The museum exhibits a vast collection of memorabilia, historic photos, and artifacts of the local region.

There are sculptures made from locally quarried marble, that make the city known, and there are several exhibits on the early settlers and Native Americans who lived in the region.

It’s an interesting location to spend an hour or two studying Sylacauga’s past and should not be missed if you’re traveling through or staying in Sylacauga.

Comer Museum & Arts Centre

7. Buttermilk Hill Restaurant

The restaurant is located in a charming Victorian frame house located in Downtown Sylacauga there is Buttermilk Hill Restaurant.

The restaurant is steeped in history which dates back to 1904 which enhances the charm of this elegant Southern-style restaurant.

If you’re dreaming of feasting in Shrimp and Grits with roasted asparagus, or char-crusted Angus New York Strip steak served with buttermilk mashed potatoes take a look at this.

This is a great restaurant for a romantic meal for two, or for a special occasion, but be sure not to skip their desserts.

They include delicious dishes like fresh strawberries and sweet cornbread coated in Sorghum Syrup and bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and chef’s topping.

Buttermilk Hill Restaurant

8. FarmLinks Golf Course

The course was designed from farmland that lies beneath the rolling hills of the stunning FarmLinks Golf Course.

Designed by Hurdzan-Fry Environmental Golf Design Inc.

The course is characterized by well-groomed fairways, beautiful greens, and difficult elevation changes.

Every hole has an individual story behind it and there are historical signs scattered throughout the course, meaning you will learn interesting facts when you play.

The course hosts a variety of golf events throughout the year make sure to check prior to playing for any contests, and you might be allowed to play too.

FarmLinks Golf Course

9. Lake Howard

The border of Talladega National Forest, around 5 miles to the north of Sylacauga is beautiful Lake Howard.

The lake is spread across 180 acres and is home to some of the finest hiking, fishing, and mountain biking trails in the state.

Anglers who are keen will find the lake full of numerous bass as well as crappie and bream mountain bikers can ride the 14-mile dirt track through woodlands along the Sylaward Trail.

If you’re looking to enjoy an afternoon of rest in the midst of nature, pack a picnic and walk the trails as well.

Whatever you choose or what you do Lake Howard is a perfect spot to relax and relax while being enthralled by the stunning Alabama landscape.

Lake Howard

10. Morgan Creek Vineyards

If you’re looking to try different wines during your travels, be sure to make the time to visit Morgan Creek Vineyards.

The vineyard specializes in Muscadine along with fruit wines, which are sweet and ideal for pairing with game, and red meat as well as spicy jambalaya and desserts.

It is possible to purchase the bottle of NV Blush which is a semi-sweet blend of muscadines, with an intense nose and pear nectar. Or take a taste of the wonderful NV Red Mountain Red, an intense semi-sweet wine that has flavors of mocha and cherries ideal to accompany an indulgence in chocolate! If you’re unsure what wine to buy try some in the tasting room, or seek assistance from an expert winemaker in the wineries.

Morgan Creek Vineyards

11. Talladega Superspeedway

Talladega Superspeedway is based in the tiny city of Lincoln, Alabama, around 40 minutes drive away from Sylacauga.

The track for motorsports was constructed in 1969 on the site that was once Anniston Air Force Base, and every year, the 2.66-mile-long track draws millions of motor racing enthusiasts who visit to watch their favorite teams race in races like the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series as well as the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

The events are scheduled all through each year. So make sure to check prior to your visit and don’t forget to attend an adrenaline-filled race day.

There is a possibility to camp at the race track prior to the race, and perhaps make new acquaintances in the process.

Talladega Superspeedway

12. International Motorsports Hall of Fame

Next to Talladega Superspeedway is the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

The center pays tribute to the many greats who have been involved in the world of motorsports starting with the drivers to race car engineers, designers as well as team leaders.

There are dedications to great racers like Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda, and Nigel Mansell and to car designers, team owners, and developers like Enzo Ferrari, and Henry Ford.

It’s a must if you visit the race track, or are interested in everything motorsports-related.

International Motorsports Hall of Fame

13. August’s Barbeque

For those who are craving sweet barbecue ribs or a juicy cooked steak served with salad and jacket potato look no further than August’s Barbeque Restaurant on Highway 280 close to Sylacauga.

The restaurant serves delicious comfort food that is suitable for the entire family. It also has live music on Thursdays Fridays, Saturdays, and Thursdays.

If you’re looking for a platter filled with baby back ribs that are tender, chicken smoked, steak, or sausage You’ll find it all here.

They have their Roadside Platter and Family Combos that can serve two or more people in addition to making a meal for your guests You can even take your smoked meats with you to take away! It’s the ideal spot for dinner after a day of exploring where you can enjoy delicious food and live music.

August's Barbeque

14. Bryant Vineyard

Another wonderful vineyard in the region is Bryant Vineyard which is Alabama’s oldest winery operating continuously.

The vineyards were planted on land that was transferred through the families in the late 1800s and present day, with a view of a gorgeous lake in Alabama They produce fragrant tasty, wine that has been awarded a distinction. Muscadine wines.

You can try for yourself the Dixie Gold – a blend of Magnolia, Carlos, and Muscadine grapes. Or, perhaps try the glass of Festive Red, a fruity semi-dry, small-sized bottle that can be a fantastic dinner wine.

15. Noble Park

If the wine-tasting or ice cream-tasting fishing, hiking, and mountain biking have worn you out, take an enjoyable day at Noble Park in Downtown Sylacauga.

The tranquil city park has playgrounds for children, a play area for little children and a quarter-mile walking path, and an area for skateboarding.

You can pack your picnic and enjoy an outdoor gathering with loved ones, or relax on the lawn, and soak in all the Alabama sunshine.

Noble Park

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