Eufaula, Alabama, is one of the cities with more than 13,000 people in the southeast region of Alabama. It is small but powerful, and this historical city was once the home of three Creek tribes which included the Eufaula. Then, an early Jewish community emigrated to Eufaula and, during the 1960s, the town was used as a model in fair housing disputes. The town is situated in the Chattahoochee River, Eufaula, Alabama, is a plethora of activities to do. From outdoor activities to having a drink with locals, you’ll be able to be amazed by all these amazing town offers. Explore the following article to learn the activities available at Eufaula, Alabama, and prepare your journey to the town today.

Eufaula of Alabama

1. Take a stroll across The Shorter Mansion

The Shorter Mansion is a historical residence built in 1884 and is a gorgeous piece of Eufaula’s past. The mansion was used as a social center for the local community when it was first constructed in 1884, the Shorter Mansion has become a museum house, accessible to visitors to explore its beautiful grounds. A yearly Pilgrimage Tour is offered with special tours by candlelight as well as tea in the mansion as well as other local events that celebrate the rich history that has shaped The Shorter Mansion in the Eufaula neighborhood.

The Shorter Mansion

2. Visit The Tree That Owns Itself

Incredibly obscure, you must look it up, this famous oak tree truly has its own sovereignty in the city, boasting, “Only God can make a tree.” Admired by the local Eufaulans The tree was declared to be autonomous to safeguard it. After it was destroyed by lightning in the year 1961 (then two hundred years of age) an alternative oak was planted, and it was granted similar rights.

Tree That Owns Itself

3. Relax at Hatchechubbee Creek Park

Admired by fishermen of the region, Hatchechubbee Creek Park has the possibility of a boat landing, play areas, picnic spots, and the opportunity to observe the local fauna (alligators include!). It is a great picnic spot, Hatchechubbee Creek Park gives visitors a taste of wonderful outdoors Alabama fashion. The park is bordered by Alabama and Georgia It’s a great method to show that you’ve stepped across the state boundary.

Hatchechubbee Creek Park

4. Shop for gifts and souvenirs in Superior Pecan & Gifts.

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Pecans are a real Southern pleasure and a trip to Alabama without buying the nuts is a mistake. Superior Pecan & Gifts is the perfect spot to purchase gifts for your friends or delicious snacks to take on traveling. Delicious and tasty, this is a must-see early-bird spot with premium coffees available starting at 7 am. If you’re not satisfied while you’re there make an order on the internet and satisfy your craving for pecans.

Superior Pecan & Gifts

5. See the wildlife at Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge

More than 11,000 acres (4452 hectares) of land make this Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge home to alligators, migratory birds as well as raccoons, white-tailed elk, and fox as well as beavers (to just several!). It’s a natural beauty and place to play for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen alike. Trails for walking along with two observation decks are a fantastic opportunity to spend a day relaxing. A part of the Georgia Southern Rivers Birding Trail This is a must-see for bird enthusiasts who are keen.

6. Bicycle through Yoholo Micco, The Creek Indian Trail

It was named for the famous Creek Chief, Yoholo Micco. He was famous for his courage and his eloquence. He also was a representative of his fellow Creek population within Washington D.C. in 1825 concerning the issue of land rights. Today it is believed that the Yoholo Micco trail traverses through the same land where the Creek people once lived in. It doesn’t matter if you prefer biking or walking the trail is an excellent method to uncover hidden treasures like nesting bald eagles as well as a cemetery and the waterfall. Start with the 2.5-mile (4-km) hike in the town of Eufaula by the Eufaula Chamber of Commerce.

The Creek Indian Trail

7. Hike the trails of Lakepoint Resort State Park

Eufaula provides yet another chance to take a walk at the Lakepoint Resort State Park. It is located on the banks of 45,000 acres of Eufaula Lake, you will be awed by everything this state park offers. From a full-service restaurant, the trails for walking with a playground, as well as accommodation and camping on the premises there is at least an entire afternoon of time to discover. It’s known for being “The Bass Fishing Capital of the World,” it’s not a small claim for fishermen. Take your rod and reel as well as a swimsuit and snack to enjoy a fun-filled time in Lakepoint Resort State Park.

Lakepoint Resort State Park

8. Get ready for the night at the Hilltop Lounge. Hilltop Lounge

There is nothing more intimate than a visit to the local drinking hole. Go to Hilltop Lounge, a true Alabama bar that comes featuring Confederate flags (welcome to the south!) and live music. Friendly atmosphere with karaoke on Saturdays and Fridays It’s a bar where jeans are the norm attire, and relaxation is at the top of the list for everyone.

Hilltop Lounge

9. Learn about Eufaula historiography at Fendall Hall

One of the most renowned places for Italianate architecture throughout Alabama, Fendall Hall is one step back in time to the days that were long gone. It was among the very first houses that had inside plumbing. This impressive home is also practical. Its Alabama Historical Commission has done an excellent job of protecting this historic gem and also has opening times and special events that you can visit.

Fendall Hall

10. Admire Walter F. George Lake (Lake Eufaula)

Walter F. George Lake also known as Lake Eufaula (or Eufaula Lake) is located on the Chattahoochee River, located across from Alabama to Georgia. With approximately 600 miles of coastline, water-lovers from all walks of life come to the lake during the summer months. Unfortunately, the majority of the land owned by the indigenous people was destroyed when the man-made lake was created in the late 1960s. Relax on the shores of the lake and think about the history and the future of the inhabitants of Eufaula in this huge waterway.

Admire Walter F. George Lake

11. Practice shooting targets at the Barbour Creek Shooting Academy

If you’re trying to improve your long-range shooting skills make sure to stop by Barbour Creek Shooting Academy. It’s actually an ongoing training facility that allows hunters to stay there and learn during a weekend. A class of 32 with knowledgeable instructors creates a challenging setting for serious hunters. Experience luxurious accommodation and delicious home-cooked Southern food while staying at Barbour Creek.

Barbour Creek Shooting Academy

12. Explore the flora of Fairview Cemetery and Arboretum

Created by city planners who were the Olmsted Brothers, in 1868 The Fairview Cemetery and Arboretum is not your typical burial spot. With over 100 kinds of trees on the ground and in the air, it’s a stunning place to explore. It is a part of the American Public Garden Association, following the discovery of Dr. Tom Ombrello cataloged a variety of species of trees in the area, it is the highlight of Eufaula. The graves are an assortment of historical figures including Confederate soldiers, citizens of the formative years as well as the Jewish population.

Fairview Cemetery and Arboretum

13. Snap a picture with Manny 12 feet tall, the fish that is

What’s more enjoyable than a snazzy roadside attraction? Eufaula recognizes their status as”the “Bass Capital of the World” with a 12-foot fish statue Manny. He’s huge, he’s hungry (you are probably not going to wish to swim with him! ) He’s the dream fish that dreams consist of. A photo of this massive fish is on your list whenever you visit Eufaula.

Manny 12 feet tall

14. Enjoy a stroll down The Seth Lore Irwinton Historic District

The most significant historic district located in eastern Alabama, The Seth Lore and Irwinton Historic District is an area Eufaula of old buildings and churches. Although many of the houses are private and can’t usually be visited the annual pilgrimage held in April gives visitors the opportunity to enter the stunning architectural structures. The city is renowned for its unique Italianate style walking along the streets of this area will leave you giddy about the glitz of times gone by. Go to the Chamber of Commerce to pick up the walking map.

The Seth Lore Irwinton Historic District

15. Have a bite to eat at Barb’s Country Kitchen

Barb’s Country Kitchen is legit Southern-style home cooking! From Fried chicken and butter beans to freshly baked tarts, Barb’s has all you require. The welcoming staff enhances the pleasant experience of eating the comfort foods. The lunch buffet that is served regularly is the most popular option for residents, so make certain to take your time loosening the belt prior to going in.

Barb's Country Kitchen

16. Relax in the open air under the starry skies on the Lake Eufaula Campground

If you’re looking to enjoy nature, Eufaula is the place to be. Set up camp on Lake Eufaula Campground, a blend of rustic and modern facilities. If you like the rustic feel of a log cabin the family-owned company has it! Glamp with one of the cabins that are equipped with AC. Tent-camping specials in the fall are “Free Friday” where if you stay on Friday and Saturday at night, Friday night is completely free.

Lake Eufaula Campground

17. Spend a day at Old Creek Town Recreation Area

It is part of the department of parks and recreation of Eufaula and the Old Creek Town Recreation Area is an ideal spot to go outside and play. The park is located near the bottom of Lake Drive, this scenic park has a view of Lake Eufaula, and it has a beach as well as picnic areas and a nature trail, and a playground. There are local teams playing on the field, so playing games in summer is an enjoyable way to be part of the local community.

Old Creek Town Recreation Area

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