Florence is a charming city that is located close to the Northwestern frontier to Tennessee within Alabama. With its location directly on the Tennessee River, this beautiful city has a charming charm that is appealing to the eye. Florence is the site of the state’s oldest college in Alabama in addition to numerous other historical tourist attractions and sites. Florence is also blessed with a number of parks-some in the inland region and others by the river.

You are able to find fantastic fishing spots, cycling trails, walking trails along with picnic areas as well as places to sit back and admire the stunning beauty of the landscape. Water sports that are outdoors like kayaking or fishing and canoeing are popular there also. If you’re an indoor kind there are a variety of art galleries, some music studios, and lots of wonderful restaurants to discover, relax and dine. The city’s size is small, making moving around a breeze. Enjoy the most memorable holiday of your life by taking advantage of these top activities during your stay in Florence, Alabama.


1. Explore the impressive house of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenbaum House, Florence

Perhaps the most well-known famous and influential architect Frank Lloyd Wright-designed several masterpieces, one of which is located in Florence. Rosenbaum House Rosenbaum House was built in 1940 and was Wright’s sole work in the entire state of Alabama. 

The unique structure offers an experience of unsurpassed elegance and authenticity. The tour around Rosenbaum House takes you through every room of the Usonian-styled residence as well as its highlights and, of course, the beautiful garden. While the garden was not included in the original plans the addition was made by Wright himself, ensuring there is nothing missing from this impressive piece of art known as The Rosenbaum House.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Rosenbaum House

2. Jog along McFarland Park, Florence

You can enjoy a day of relaxation in the wonderful McFarland Park. It is a beautiful park with the Tennessee River flowing gently by the park’s side McFarland Park provides you with a quiet and peaceful spot to have enjoyment doing your favorite outdoor pursuits. 

The well-maintained park features camping spots, a playground for children as well as fishing piers, boat ramps, and picnic areas that are covered with open fields to play baseball or soccer, and lots of beautiful high trees and hammocks between. There’s an on-water restaurant and bar where you can dine as well as the trails are lit for cycling and running in the Marina. It’s an amazing location to enjoy a day.

McFarland Park

3. Have a picnic in the River Heritage Park, Florence

The park is located at the foot of the Renaissance Tower, River Heritage Park is an amazing place to go. The park is a great spot to enjoy its visitor’s breathtaking panoramas of The Tennessee River and Wilson Dam in Florence. 

Apart from the stunning view, this park provides a variety of picnic shelters and places to relax. River Heritage Park boasts beautiful playgrounds with paved trails for walking as well as a huge and thrilling water feature, fountain and a light show that is stunning. If you’re on your own or with your family and friends visiting this park is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

River Heritage Park

4. Try your hand at fishing on Pickwick Lake

If you are a fan of fishing, then you should take a look at Pickwick Lake. It is located close to the Tennessee River and near the Wilson Dam, this lake is frequently referred to as the most prestigious smallmouth fishing trophy across the country. 

Pickwick Lake is famous among anglers for its large number of Largemouth bass. The lake is the site of several renowned fishing tournaments throughout the year. Bring out your fishing rod and head out on the lake. You never know if you could get the largest Largemouth bass you’ve ever seen.

Pickwick Lake

5. Explore the ancient artifacts on display at Florence Indian Mound and Museum

Prehistoric Indian Mound in Florence rises at a staggering thirteen meters (43 feet) high and is more than 2000 years ancient according to archaeologists. Explore a unique glimpse back into the past as you wander through the museum that is brimming with treasures and artifacts located near the amazing mound. 

The museum houses an enormous collection of tools as well as weapons, jewelry, and relics of those of Native American Indians – some that date back to 11,000 years. Alongside other authentic items that reflect their lives back then as well as detailed explanations of the artifacts, visitors will be able to explore this museum.

Indian Mound and Museum

6. Visit the University of North Alabama for an informative tour. The University of North Alabama

The oldest state university in Alabama and the University of North Alabama is the only college located in Florence. Recognized and respected, this state institution is located on a vast 52.6-hectares (130-acre) campus that is located in the residential area of Florence. 

The university has degree programs in a variety of colleges, including sciences arts, business administration as well as nursing, education as well as humanities. It is possible to take a comprehensive tour of the campus as well as all of its facilities. The school tour is an eye-opening experience that you must take note of.

The University of North Alabama
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7. Visit Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller

Florence is an Italian city that has produced a number of historical figures that are iconic. Helen Keller is one of the most famous. She showed the entire world the strength of her spirit of the city, overcoming her handicaps to become one of the most admired women of the time. 

When you visit the city, be sure to visit her birthplace and childhood home. The family’s old furniture, Ivy Green offers you the opportunity to view a variety of things, books, gifts as well as personal memorabilia owned by the iconic icon.

8. Enjoy mouthwatering pizzas at The Pie Factory

Pie Factory Pie Factory is a restaurant that specializes in creating delicious, hand-made pizzas using traditional, authentic methods as well as baking in a traditional classic pizza oven. Select from the tempting menu of options available. 

Try your favorite pizza, the double-layered Pepperoni, and the chicken grilled. Don’t forget the cheese pizza peppers pizza, meatballs, and the traditional veggie pizza, there’s something for every person. Pizza Factory Pie Factory also serves tasty desserts, and you can customize your pizza using any of the toppings that are available.

The Pie Factory

9. Take a look at the tranquil ponds in Deibert Park

Beautiful, green beautiful, Deibert Park is an ideal spot to relax and unwind away in Florence. The park is stunning and has the children’s Museum of Shoals at its entrance, and has a myriad of additional features. 

You can relax in the covered picnic area, stroll the paths that are well-paved and take a stroll around the beautiful lake with fish and geese. There are restrooms as well as benches for you to relax in the park, and areas for dog walking that are open to the public. The peaceful view of the Pond here will allow you to relax and take in beautiful nature’s bounty.

Deibert Park

10. Relish delicious food at Odette

An excellent restaurant with a gorgeous ambiance, Odette is an excellent restaurant and shop to explore. It is located in the heart of downtown Florence The restaurant serves deliciously cooked American food that has a southern and international flavor. 

The menu at Odette is extensive and provides a broad variety of choices to pick from. The exquisite meals served at this restaurant are made with the highest quality locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. With a highly-skilled chef and friendly staff, it is a must to be the delicious food at this restaurant.


11. Discover and discover Civil War artifacts at Pope’s Tavern Museum

Enjoy a trip through the past while you visit Pope’s Tavern Museum. The structure itself is among the oldest in the area, and it has a long and rich background. It was previously employed as a tavern hospital and command center used by the armies of the Civil War, Pope’s Tavern is now a museum that is dedicated to displaying important artifacts from the time before and during the civil war time. 

There are a variety of items that you can see in this museum, such as the piano strung vertically and a unique Kennedy Long Rifle, military stagecoaches, as well as a variety of others. Civil War antiques and relics.

Pope's Tavern Museum

12. Golf at the Blackberry Trail Golf Course

Improve your golf skills at the well-maintained Blackberry Trail Golf Course in Florence. The course is situated to the north of the Tennessee River and is an 18-hole course that is situated in a vast landscape of greenery. 

You can enjoy birdies while playing the American links-style course, with the greenside bunkers and rolling fairways. The course has bunkers for practice, a driving green, putting green as well as a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The course also has a fully-stocked restaurant and snack bar to ensure your enjoyment.

13. Discover W. C. Handy’s Birthplace

Many have sung along with his iconic blues tunes however, only a handful know where his birthplace was. W. C. Handy known as the father of Blues was born in 1873, in this town. 

The cabin-style home which was his home can now be seen as a Museum with objects, music sheets, and other memorabilia from the time and life of the legendary musician. Explore the house in which the legendary blues singer lived as a young man and also discover the piano that played the legendary St. Louis Blues.

W. C. Handy's Birthplace

14. Take a look at the Georgian-style homes in Walnut Street Historic District

Walnut Street started as a simple residential neighborhood between the years 1880 and the 1890s. It was populated by houses built with a distinctive Victorian-styled architectural style. 

The street is still lined with original homes and beautiful sidewalks lined with trees and stunning architectural styles. Enjoy a stroll down the street and take in breathtaking views of the stunning homes that are beautifully restored to preserve their stunning Georgian and Victorian-style designs. Walnut Street Historic District is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Georgian-style homes

15. Take a look at the works of art at the Kennedy-Douglass Foundation for the Arts

The Kennedy-Douglas Center for Arts is an arts and culture center situated in downtown Florence. The center is located in three old houses and is a specialist in displaying exhibitions of art on a variety of themes for people of all age groups. 

The entire complex is also home to the gift store as well as mini-museums that have ever-changing exhibitions. Take in the beauty and the excellence of art, culture, and history at this amazing art center. It is the Kennedy-Douglas Center for Arts also has a local festival of the arts every year, which draws a variety of artists and art lovers to the city each May.

Kennedy-Douglass Foundation for the Arts

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