The Weighted Sissy Squat focuses on the quadriceps. In squats that are sissy, the knees move over the toes, putting the quads in a high stretch. They are generally used for moderate to heavy reps during an exercise for the lower body.

Instruction for Weighted Sissy Squat

  • Standing straight, the feet at shoulder width and toes lifted with one hand, grasp the beams of the Squat rack, and the other arm to secure a plate on the top of your chest. This is your starting point.
  • When you are using one hand to support your body, bend at the knees, and gradually lower your body towards the floor by moving your knees and pelvis to the side. Inhale as you descend and stop when your lower and upper legs have almost created a 90-degree angle. Maintain the stretch position for one second.
  • After one second of holding after that, you can utilize your thigh muscles to raise your torso to its starting point. Inhale while you work up.
  • Repeat the procedure for the recommended number of times.
  • Warning: This exercise is not recommended if you suffer from knee pain since it may strain the knee. Make sure there’s nothing in front of you, should you get off balance and fall and fall, nothing can be able to hit your head, causing injury.
  • variations: If you are a novice to this exercise it is possible to start with 2 arms (so you’ll need two squat rack beams in the front to help you hold your body). When you get more proficient, then use only one arm. Once you are comfortable to do, you can utilize the other arm to hold a table over your chest.

Additional Information

  • Strengthens and builds the quadriceps.
  • Supporting a person reduces the challenge of balance
  • A simple way to move up from squats with bodyweight weights to sissy squat
  • Make a straight line with the body (from the neck down to the knees) by leaning backward at the beginning of the exercise. By keeping this straight line throughout your exercise will help you isolate your quads efficiently.
  • Make use of a step or block that is between 2 and 4 inches high. This will allow you to put your heels and keep your toes firmly down on the flooring.
  • Also, dumbbells can be used to make this workout more challenging.

Alternates for Weighted Sissy Squat

Weighted Sissy Squat


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