Barbell Military Press

Instruction for Barbell Military Press

Get those dumbbells (or barbell) Get ready to go for it. If you’re attentive to your posture, you’ll be setting your traps, shoulders, and back to gain big weights. Keep in mind that posture is crucial and you must be sure to tighten your core muscles to keep your shoulders safe.

Feet can be placed in a shoulder-width space or one foot ahead of the other, with the forwarding leg bent slightly (as illustrated). The upper chest aids (instead of from side delts) because the grip is smaller as well as the chest being raised with a low back that arches back slightly. Also called Overhead Press

Don’t Arch That Back

There are lots of people with backs that are arching when they’re pushing upwards, particularly when they’re using heavier weights. This is a risk in many locations. In the first place, it places an enormous amount of stress over your spine which is prone to causing injuries. Also, it’s putting shoulders in a less than ideal posture. Concentrate on keeping your pelvis in line with your body (squeeze your glutes in order to do this) and hold your abs in a tight position. Consider using your abdominal muscles to pull your ribcage back down. Keep this tension throughout your exercise.

Squeeze Your Shoulder Blades

Try to squeeze your shoulder blades while you’re pressing your military. This will assist you in finishing the movement correctly and aid in pushing your arms straight upwards. The tension that you create in your rhomboids as well as throughout your back will assist you to get your arms parallel to the floor (and help protect the shoulder joints while you do it).

Elbow Position Is Key

The elbow position is vital when doing the press for military purposes, but it’s frequently not understood. Do not start with your elbows to the sides, and in the same way that your shoulders. Your elbows should be rotated forward just a couple of degrees. This will ensure that you remain in the scapular axis, and let you begin the press upwards with an arc that is more natural. Then, finish the press by pushing your biceps in the direction of your ears. Think about looking through this “window” you create with your arms.

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