Barbell Incline Front Raise – How To Perform Barbell Incline Front Raise – Proper Technique

START Position (SETUP): Lay back on an incline bench using a light barbell in an overhand grip that is shoulder-width (palms in the downward direction). Start by extending your arms but not locked out, and the bar just over your hips.

MOVEMENT (ACTION): While your elbows are open, tighten your deltoids and lift the bar till your arms remain parallel with the ground (or up to the point that your arms extend not parallel to the ground). An excellent point of reference could be for you to end the exercise once it is directly in line with the line you’re looking at. Slowly lower the weight until it is at the beginning position but don’t let it rest upon your feet at the lowest point.

Barbell Incline Front Raise

Barbell Incline Front Raise Variations

You can perform this exercise with dumbbells. If you are using dumbbells, do the exercise while your palms are in front of each other (neutral place) to work the front deltoids at an angle that is slightly different.

You could also do the prone incline barbell front lift. For this exercise, you’ll have to lie in reverse position, sitting on an incline bench that is set at 45 degrees, while gripping a barbell using an above hand grip. Your feet must be as straight as is possible on the floor, with your chest placed into the bench, and your chin up above the edge on the bench. 

Utilizing an overhand grip, grasp the barbell using your hands spaced shoulder-width apart. The barbell should be hung straight downwards off your shoulder. The bar should be lifted towards your face till your arms are in line with the floor. Keep your arms straight all the way through. Keep it for a second, gradually lower it to its original position.

Exercise Tips

  • Do your best to maintain a good posture using an easy weight. At the beginning of this exercise, it is like you’re at the middle or end of the exercise , because lifting the barbell from this position requires lots of energy So, start off with a light weight.
  • Move slowly and carefully.
  • Keep your arms as straight as possible.
  • Concentrate on only moving to the shoulders. The other parts of your body must remain as still as is possible. Your arms should be in the same position throughout your exercise.

Muscles Involved in Barbell Incline Front Raise

The front raises of an inline barbell are designed to target to strengthen the front delts however the rear and medial delts, as well as the biceps, receive additional stimulation. More precisely:


  • Deltoid, Anterior


  • Pectoralis Major, Clavicular
  • Deltoid, Lateral
  • Trapezius, Middle
  • Trapezius, Lower
  • Serratus Anterior, Inferior Digitations


  • Serratus Anterior
  • Wrist Extensors

Barbell Incline Front Raise Substitutes

There are numerous different exercise options you could consider. Select from our exercise database or any of the exercises below to target muscles from various angles.

Every front deltoid workout is accompanied by a comprehensive description as well as photos to maintain proper form.

  • Dumbbell for front raising (standing)
  • Dumbbell Front rise (seated)
  • Barbell Front Raise
  • Prone incline barbell front lift
  • Front raise of the cable

Closing Thoughts

It is not advisable to try this exercise without the purpose for which you are doing it. If you’re lifting to improve your general fitness, this exercise is not essential or beneficial (as similar to any other front lift) because the front delts of your body tend to do lots of exercise.

Although many like it when they see a boulder to support their shoulders, overworking these muscles can cause issues. Be aware that both the rotator cuff muscles as well as the deltoids are worked throughout any upper body motion. They are the anterior (front) muscles of the deltoids that are used when you push, for example, the bench
presses. If you are doing shoulder presses as well as chest presses, adding front raises in your workout may be too much.

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