Clean pull is a squat exercise that involves three lifting steps to engage muscles throughout your body. Perform the clean pull by standing in front of a barbell that is weighted. The barbell should be held with the hook grasp (fingers between your thumbs) then perform your first pull lifting it until the mid-thigh height. The second pull should perform an extension of your hips and knees with the bar firmly in your body. In the third pull, forcefully press your feet to the floor, then shrug your shoulders, lifting the barbell with weight over your waist.

Instructions for Clean Pull

  • If you have a barbell lying placed on the ground close to your shins use an overhand or hook grip right outside of the legs. Lower your hips, keeping the weight placed on the heels, straight back and forward-facing head while keeping your chest elevated, with your shoulders directly behind the bar. This is your starting position.
  • Begin your first pull by driving your body through the heels and extending your knees. The back angle must remain the same, while your arms must remain straight and your elbows extended. Make sure you control the weight while you keep moving it up to over the knees.
  • The second pull follows which is the primary engine for acceleration during the smooth. When the bar is near the mid-thigh level, begin extending the hips. With a jump to accelerate, extend the knees, hips and ankles while by using speed to push the bar up. There shouldn’t be a need to forcefully pull your arms to increase the weight. At the completion after the 2nd pull your entire body must be extended and leaning slightly to the back, but while the arms remain extended. The full extension should be abrupt and abrupt. Ensure that you don’t extend the extension longer than you need to.

Additional Information

  • Clean pulls boost the power of your explosive. Clean pulls employ the triple extension technique while you extend explosively your knees, hips, and ankles. After a few sessions this is an excellent exercise to improve the power of your muscles and force production during sprinting and swimming.
  • Clean pulls permit users to lift heavier weights over standard cleans. With a frenzied movement pattern clean pulls provide you the power required to lift heavier weights that a standard clean.
  • Clean pulls improve your performance during Olympic weightlifting exercises. Clean pulls can help improve mobility and balance, which is essential to perform more complicated Olympic lifting exercises such as the power snatch, and the clean and jerk.

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Clean Pull
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