Concentration Curl – Even if you don’t have any intention of doing it It’s not difficult to cheat in the training room. After an intense workout, it’s common to find you are able to recruit muscles that aren’t exhausted to move the weight, which can be detrimental to your technique or you may benefit from momentum to finish those last few repetitions.

This is certainly relevant to the biceps cur and biceps curl, where a small swing can go a great way to gaining momentum. However, if you’re doing Concentration Curl, you’ll naturally think that you’re aiming for larger biceps. Stop making yourself look foolish and add the curl for concentration to your routine.

The location of the Concentration Curl basically removes the possibility of cheating by bending your curls. Additionally, because you’ll be working every arm separately, it will stop the weaker part (if it exists) to let your more powerful side take on more than it should while curling barbells, or the EZ-bar.

Instructions for Concentration Curl

  1. You should sit on a level bench and place one dumbbell on the floor between the legs. Legs should spread out with your knees bent with feet flat on the floor.
  2. Utilize your right arm to grab the dumbbell. Put the rear of your right upper arm over your right thigh. Then, rotate your palm until your palm is looking forward from your thigh. Tips: Your arm should be extended, and the dumbbell should be in the middle of the floor. This is your starting point.
  3. While keeping your upper arm in a stationary position, move the weights inward while contracting the biceps while you exhale. Only the forearms must be moving. Keep moving until your biceps have fully contracted and your dumbbells are in the shoulder. Tips: At the top of the exercise, make sure your little finger on the arm you are lifting is greater than that of your thumb. This ensures a solid contraction. You should hold the contracted position for a few seconds when you press the biceps.
  4. Slowly start to slowly return the dumbbells to the beginning position while breathing into your lungs. Warning: Avoid swinging motions at any point.
  5. Repeat until you have completed the recommended number of repetitions. Repeat the exercise with one arm.

Additional Information

  • Focuses on strict form and Tempo
  • A great way to experience the connection between the mind and muscle
  • Effective arm training, even at the smallest amount of weight
  • Maintain a slight bend to the elbow towards the end of the movement to ensure that tension is maintained throughout the biceps.
  • Utilizing the slow eccentric (lowering part) during the workout may aid in reducing tension and connecting the mind and muscles.
  • One of the main issues people face with the Concentration Curl (and any curl really) is the tendency to pursue an undefined ending point. You might think that you have to bring the dumbbell in contact with your shoulder, for an instance. Avoid doing that.
  • You should only go to the highest level you can before you begin to feel your triceps lose contact with your thighs. If your forearm is more than the floor it will be working your biceps. If you push further than this and your elbow begins to shift towards the side, all you’re doing is taking strain and the focus away from your biceps.

Alternates for Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl