Dumbbell Alternating Full Can Seated Front Raise

Start position

  1. In each hand, lie on the bench’s edge.
  2. Place the dumbbells on your sides.


  1. Keep your elbow bent, and straight back. Exhale while you move one dumbbell up and up in a semicircle move until the arm becomes bit more than horizontal.
  2. Hold the position for two.
  3. Inhale while you reverse your motion and lower your arm back to the beginning position, while raising your arm opposite forward and up.
  4. Repeat the process, switching the arm you raise.

Tips and comments

  • Keep your body still. Only your arms need to be moving. If you need to move your arms between your arms to raise the dumbbells they’re too heavy.
  • It is possible to use the Hammer (neutral) grip like shown in the image or an incline (overhand) grip. A neutral grip is less strain on the shoulder joints. It is also possible to begin the exercise with a neutral grip . And as your arm moves towards your leg, you may turn it around so that it’s pronated towards the top of your movement. Watch the video.
  • Instead of switching between your hands, you could naturally lift both arms at the same time.
  • The seated, alternating dumbbell front rise is fantastic for strengthening the anterior and the lateral portion that make up your deltoids.

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