Dumbbell Arnold Press Place two dumbbells on shoulders in front of you with palms in front of the body, elbows below wrists.


Begin by lifting your elbows toward the sides. Continue to lift elbows upwards while pressing dumbbells upwards to ensure that arms remain straight. Lower the shoulders in the opposite direction and repeat.

How do you make an Dumbbell Arnold Press?

For the Arnold pressing, require the right dumbbells. If you’re heading for a workout, make certain to put your pride aside and start by using the lighter weight until you’ve perfected the technique. It’s also recommended to perform a proper shoulder warm-up prior to attempting the move.

Begin by standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart, and holding one dumbbell in each hand while your elbows are bent to the point that you’ve completed a dumbbell curl while your palms are facing your body. With one smooth movement, lift the dumbbells up above your head, and then rotate your palms towards your back. Stop at the top and your arms are stretched to the sky, before turning the motion around so that you’re back to the starting point.

If you have lower back issues It’s best to sit in a comfortable position, so that you can reduce the strain on your back when you lift. It will still be a great arm exercise.

It’s important to be patient during this workout. Rushing or being too aggressive actually decreases the effect from the Arnold press So take your time!

What are the advantages of using an Arnold press?

The Arnold press targets three parts of the deltoids. This will help you to lift more in other lifting exercises. The posterior and medial deltoids are often overlooked in other arm exercises like press-ups or bench presses, however, their range of motion of the Arnold press allows you to exercise all three deltoid muscle groups equally.

Standing Arnold press can also work the lower back muscles while your back helps keep your body in place as you move. A more robust back can improve your posture as well as your performance in exercises such as deadlifts and rows.

Arnold Press modifications

All shoulder exercises are not made equal, however, this is certainly among the more difficult. If you’re looking to alter the way you move Here are some alternatives:

Seated Arnold Press: As we’ve mentioned before it is possible to use the Arnold press may be a challenge for those who suffer from lower back problems. If that’s the case, do the same exercise as before and you should sit on a chair or bench to ease the pressure upon your lower back.

You could also perform the move from a tall kneeling position. This is because you’re required to work your abs and glutes to maintain the position. This will prevent the back from bending during the exercise and also aids in targeting the shoulder and arm muscles.

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