Dumbbell Alternating Incline Front Raise – Grab dumbbells and lay in a supine position on the upper part of the 45-degree bench, keeping your legs straight. Place dumbbells down beneath each shoulder.


With elbows, bent or straight with elbows bent slightly, lift one dumbbell up to the side, then up and over the shoulder until the upper arm is horizontal. Lower the dumbbell back to its start position. Repeat the raise with the other arm, rotating between sides.

Dumbbell Alternating Incline Front Raise

The front raise of the incline dumbbell is an upper body exercise that targets the shoulders. Since it is performed face-down on a bench that is angled this exercise has a wider movement range than upright-seated or standing raises and targets the shoulders at an angle that is different. Raise variations are typically done in moderate or high reps like 8-12 reps per set or more in conjunction with exercises for the shoulder or upper body.


  1. Strengthens and increases size of the medial and anterior deltoids.
  2. The bench workout ensures that you follow a strict form and prevents the chance of gaining momentum
  3. Great burning movement during shoulder day

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