Dumbbell Front Raise – Keep your feet approximately two inches apart. Keep your arms across your body and the dumbbells are in the front of your legs (palms in front of the lower thighs). The back of your body is in a straight line while your feet are in a straight line on the ground, while you’re abdominal muscles are working.

  1. Lift the weights to the side while exhaling. Your arms are stretched with palms facing downwards, and with just a little bend at the elbows in order to lessen the strain on joints.
  2. Take a moment to rest your arms until they are parallel to the floor.
  3. Lower the dumbbells back to their beginning posture (at your thighs) using a slow and controlled movement while exhaling.
Dumbbell Front Raise

Benefits of the Dumbbell Front Raise

The front raise helps strengthen those muscles in the shoulders (deltoids) however it also strengthens the upper chest (pectorals). It’s an isolation exercise to strengthen shoulder flexion. It helps you develop strength and define both on the sides and the front of your shoulders.

This type of exercise is often suggested for use in physical therapy after recovering from shoulder injuries or surgery for the shoulder. Incorporating it into your exercise routine could aid in reducing neck discomfort.

The front raise with dumbbells could be a vital part of your exercise routine to build larger shoulders But are you certain you’re performing the exercise right?

When performing this exercise it is imperative to not do anything else than the best form, especially since it’s an extremely effective exercise that targets a crucial muscle. 

Before you pull out some dumbbells and begin to lift them above your head, make sure you note that it’s vitally important to pay attention to the movements in this exercise. Using the proper form is essential to make sure you’re getting the most out of the exercise–particularly because of how easy it is to cheat and how common it is for guys to grab the wrong weights, putting their shoulder health at risk. Let’s go over the essential information you need to know.

3 Benefits of Doing Front Raises

Take note of the benefits of doing regular front raises regularly.

  1. Front raises strengthen the shoulders. The front raise is an isolation exercise that activates the muscle groups in your shoulders–specifically the anterior deltoid muscles, also called the front delts. By stimulating your anterior deltoids, the front lift increases the size and strength of your shoulders.
  2. Front raises can improve the shoulder’s flexion. The front raises will require your shoulder joint through the full movement range, thereby increasing mobility. In addition, front raises activate your shoulder flexors, which include the anterior deltoid, as well as the pectoralis major.
  3. Front raises are a great way to work many muscles in the upper part of your body. Although front raises are focused mostly on the shoulder muscles, however, they also activate different muscle groups throughout your upper body, too and include the trapezius muscles located in your back. They also activate the triceps and biceps muscle groups in your arms and the serratus anterior that runs along your ribs, and also the pectoral muscles that are located in your chest. They specifically target the clavicular component that is part of pectoralis Major.
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