Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press is also known as the Incline Dumbbell Press is an alternative to the standard barbell bench press that is incline. It focuses on the chest’s upper muscles, shoulders, and triceps.

Presses that are inclined require an incline bench set at a 30-45 degree angle.

In contrast to the dumbbell press that is flat on the bench, The inclined position alters the level of muscle tension to higher pectoral muscles as well as the front muscles of the deltoid. This will help increase the muscle mass on the chest’s upper part by using the correct posture.

The bench press with an incline is designed to increase chest muscle mass, so it’s an excellent addition to a healthy chest exercise routine.

Instructions for Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press

  • Place your feet on the table and lean in. Keep a dumbbell on both hands, with your hands positioned on your shoulders, elbows bent, and slightly slanted to your ribs. Relax your neck and rest it against the bench. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground.
  • Hold your core tight and press the dumbbells straight across your chest as you exhale. Maintain your wrists in a straight line (don’t allow them to “cock” to the side). As you finish the workout the dumbbells should meet and your arms should be parallel to the floor.
  • In reverse, gradually lower the dumbbells until they reach the upper part of your chest while you exhale. When you drop the dumbbells your elbows should be in 45 degrees from your body. The dumbbells shouldn’t extend to the sides, facing towards the other edge of your room. Instead, maintain your elbows pointing toward the floor.
  • Make sure you complete sets of between 8 and 12 repetitions. Begin with a single set and progress to two or three sets each time you gain strength. After you’ve completed your set, make sure you exit the workout by seated and putting the dumbbells on your knees prior to standing up. Be careful not to drop the dumbbells when you’re on the benches that are inclined.

Additional Information for Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press

  • Functionally, the dumbbell’s inclined press is naturally able to various pressing and pushing motions like opening heavy doors or placing food items away on elevated shelves.
  • The dumbbell variant of an incline press can be beneficial for correcting imbalances in strength between your body. It’s normally the case that a particular arm is more powerful in comparison to the opposite. When using dumbbells for this exercise, each arm is working independently, preventing the arm with the strongest strength from “taking over” for the lifting increasing strength and stability on both sides of the body.
  • Functionally, the dumbbell is incline-pressed and can be used to naturally perform an array of pressing and pushing motions like opening heavy doors or placing food items away on elevated shelves.

Alternates for Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Inclined Shoulder Press


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