A Single-arm Cable Front Raise can be described as a form of isolation focused on the anterior and medial shoulder muscles, or deltoids. This single-arm move allows you to focus on both sides separately. Because grip is the main issue, it’s generally done for moderate to high repetitions with a minimum of 8-12 reps for each set and is usually performed as part of an overall shoulder or upper body exercise.

If you’re searching for some of the best exercises for the shoulder cable to include in your exercise routine, the one-arm forward cable raise is a must-try exercise.

Single-arm Cable Front Raise is a great method to focus on the shoulder’s front as well as activate your core to increase stability.

But, like every new exercise, it may be difficult to master the one-arm cable for front lift particularly if you are new to the sport.

Instructions for Single-arm Cable Front Raise

  • Choose the weight of a low pulley and hold one hand which is attached to the pulley’s lower end using the left side of your hand.
  • Take a step back from the pulley, and then put your arms straight using the hand cable behind your thighs, arms’ length, with the palms of your hand in front of your thighs. This is the starting point.
  • With the torso firmly in place (no swinging) raise the left arm towards the front using just a slight bend of the elbow. The palms of the hand should always be facing downwards. Continue to lift until the arm is slightly above the floor. Breathe as you complete this part of the exercise and pause for a moment before reaching the highest point.
  • Inhale and take a deep breath, and lower your arm slowly until you are back in the same position.
  • After the recommended repetitions have been completed for this arm then switch arms and do the exercise using the correct one.
  • Modifications: This exercise can be done with dumbbells, or using an exercise ball.

Additional Information

  • Single-arm Cable Front Raise is an exercise that isolates the muscles Therefore, the emphasis should be on technique and muscular contraction, not weight.
  • Make sure that the reps are timed slowly and keep the weight in check throughout the set.
  • Don’t let the handle come into contact with your body. Also, do not let your body swing (or swing) through the motion.
  • Front raises are a great exercise to follow up with shoulder press exercises.
  • Develops and strengthens the anterior deltoid muscles
  • A cable can make it difficult to utilize momentum
  • The cable maintains constant tension on muscles.

Alternates for Single-arm Cable Front Raise

Single-arm Cable Front Raise
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