Information about Dumbbell Shoulder Press


  1. When you hold a dumbbell in both hands, lie down on a bench press for military or a bench with back support. Put the dumbbells in a straight position over your legs.
  2.  Then raise the dumbbells up to shoulder level each one at a moment using your thighs to propel them into the desired position.
  3.  Be sure to turn your wrists around so that your hand’s palms are in the forward direction. This is your starting point.
  4.  Then exhale and move the dumbbells up until they reach the top.
  5.  After a brief rest at the highest of the contracted position, gradually lower the weights to their starting position while exhaling.
  6. Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

The benefits Of Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

The shoulder pressing exercise with dumbbells is an effective method to increase hypertrophy and increase muscle activation using dumbbells, which are used to build new muscle fibers as well as improve the coordination of movement, just like other benefits of training that are unilateral.


  • Begin to lift the dumbbells over your head to the point that your arms completely extend. The weight should be held above your head for a few seconds and then reduce the weights to shoulder level. Do the desired amount of reps. If you’re new to the sport Start with one series of 8-10 repetitions.
  • When you push the weights up, stop an inch just short of locking your elbows to keep your lateral deltoids active throughout the exercise.
  • Do not use the 90-degree L-bench and opt for the 75 to 80-degree benches angle. If you don’t have great mobility and a strict posture the chances are you will get arched up aggressively, with shoulder blades positioned on the top of the bench.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
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