High Cable Curls – Do you need a thorough tutorial on how to perform a bicep cable curl? If so, you’ll be delighted to be here, since OriGym has collected everything you should learn about this exercise in one spot.

With clear and precise demonstration images, this article will make the ideal guide to help you decide when you’re going to perform this exercise at the gym, particularly because you don’t need to be concerned about the correct High Cable Curls.

The standing bicep curl is an exercise that works the biceps by itself and puts the muscles in constant tension during both concentric and eccentric phases. This is among the most significant advantages of a High Cable Curls over other ways of curling.

It is popular among novices in strength training due to the ease of the exercise and the fact that the cable aids the user to lift the weight.

The exact method to complete the High Cable Curls is in the following paragraphs, however, the basic idea is being in front of the machine and pulling the bar that is attached or handles up by curling them, as you would do during the normal free weight Bicep Curl.

Instruction for High Cable Curls

  1. Sit on top of two high pulleys and grip the handles with both hands. Your upper arms must be placed in a way that they are in line with the floor, with your palms facing towards you. This is the ideal starting point to perform the workout.
  2. Turn the handles towards you until they’re close to your ears. You must exhale when you extend your biceps. Do this for a second before you squeeze.
  3. Slowly return your arms to their original position.
  4. Repeat the exercise until you’ve completed all the reps you have in your set.

Other Tips for High Cable Curls

  • Builds stronger and bigger Biceps
  • It is simple to maintain constant tension throughout the movement
  • Ideal for striking on the shorter (inner) head of the bicep
  • Letting the weights fall. This is one of the most frequently made errors in bicep curls using a cable but it’s also the easiest one to fix. Instead of letting the weights drop from the pile at beginning of each repetition, make sure that they stay suspended throughout the workout to keep your biceps in tension. Because this is a straight cable bicep, it’s more manageable.
  • Locking the elbows. You should keep an incline in your elbows at the top and lower part of the standing bicep curl using cable machines to ensure an appropriate level of resistance. If you take your elbows out of lock position and put pressure on your elbows and shoulder joints, and you could risk injury to yourself.
  • Rapidly completing repeated. When performing the cable Bicep Curl, make sure that you squeeze your biceps towards the top of your movement and remain in the position for a minimum of two seconds before you return to the beginning position. If you complete the exercise too fast it will take the pressure off your biceps and transfer it to the muscles that stabilize instead, thereby reducing the benefits you’re trying to attain by completing the exercise.
High Cable Curls
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