The Narrow Stance Hack Squats is a variant of the machine hack squat and an exercise to build leg muscles. Particularly, the narrow stance machine hack squat targets the glutes, quads, and calves.

Squat variations are essential to incorporate into your exercise routine It is essential to select the most appropriate variation for your needs.

The slender stance employed during Narrow Stance Hack Squats creates more tension in the outside quads.

A variation on the traditional hack squat one of which is the Narrow Stance Hack Squats is a great lower-body exercise that helps build the muscles in your thighs. It requires the forward movement of your hips followed by bent knees in order to decrease the load then you have to return to an upright standing position.

Instruction for Narrow Stance Hack Squats

  • The upper back part of the torso on one of the pads on your back. Then place your shoulders on the shoulder pads that are provided.
  • Place your legs on the platform with a smaller than shoulder width, narrow stance, and with your toes slightly pointed. You should have your feet 3 inches or less. Tips: Keep your head always up and keep your back to the pad all the time.
  • Put your arms over the handles on the sides of the machine, and then disconnect from the bars of safety (which in the majority of designs is accomplished by shifting the handles of the side from a front-facing position to a diagonal).
  • Straighten your legs and avoid locking your knees. This is your starting point.
  • Begin slowly lowering the unit by bending your knees while maintaining a straight position with your head upwards (back to your pad all the time). Keep going down till the distance between your upper leg and the calves is barely less than 90 degrees (which is the moment at which the legs on top are not their parallels with the ground). Inhale while performing this part of the exercise.
  • Begin to lift the unit while exhaling by pushing it up mostly the heels of your feet. Once you have straightened your legs. Then, you can go back to the original position.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Additional Information for Narrow Stance Hack Squats

  • Keep your knees just shy of locking out to maintain tension on the quads.
  • To highlight the glutes, push into the heel.
  • To emphasize the quads by pushing through the soles of your feet to emphasize the quads.
  • Don’t let your hips laterally turn and roll off of the pad.
  • Maintain your lower spine flat to the pad throughout your move.
  • Make sure that the head isn’t simply moving forward.
  • Self-spotting can be achieved by applying pressure to the knees using the hands. Make use of only when it is necessary.
  • The angle of the toe is unique and will vary based on the hip anatomy of each person and ankle mobility. Try it out and modify based on the sensation you get.

Alternates for Narrow Stance Hack Squats

Narrow Stance Hack Squats
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