The Palms-up Wrist Curl Over Bench is a workout that targets the forearms. It is generally done for a high number of repetitions, like 10-15 reps per set or more to complete a grip arm-focused exercise.

If the proper technique is used If the correct technique is used, the following muscle groups perform: Forearm, and other muscles.

Instructions for Palms-up Wrist Curl Over Bench

  • Begin by placing the barbell on the other side of a bench with a flat surface.
  • You should kneel on both knees until your body is facing towards the flat bench.
  • Make use of your arms to hold the barbell using an Supinated grip (palms upwards) and raise them to ensure that your forearms rest against the bench’s surface. Your wrists should hang on the edges.
  • Start by curling your wrist upwards while exhaling.
  • As you slowly drop your wrists, gradually lower them towards the original position while exhaling.
  • Your forearms need to remain stationary since your wrists are the sole movement required to complete this exercise.
  • Repeat until you reach the recommended number of repetitions.


  • The exercise can also be done while sitting down using your thighs for the resting point on your hands. Your wrist can be placed over your knees, and the same exercises as described above are possible to perform.
  • It is also possible to use dumbbells instead of barbells.

Additional Information

  • Increases strength and size of the forearms
  • Strengthens and improves flexibility in wrists
  • Develops grip strength that can carry through to strength in other activities.
  • Training wrist to flex
  • Even with light weight

Alternates for Palms-up Wrist Curl Over Bench

Palms-up Wrist Curl Over Bench


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