Seated Head Harness Neck Resistance powerful exercise targets neck muscles, resulting in an intense workout that will aid in building endurance and stabilize.  A healthy and strong neck is crucial for the best fitness and overall health. It is not just a way to support the head however, it also plays an important part in maintaining a healthy posture and avoiding injuries. Many people neglect neck exercises during their exercise routines, making the neck muscles vulnerable and weak. This is where the Seated Head Harness Neck Resistance is a must.

Instructions for Seated Head Harness Neck Resistance:

  • Set a neck belt on the ground at the top of a bench. Once you’ve selected the weights, stand on the bench on flat surfaces with your feet more than shoulder width from one another. Your toes must be pointed towards the sky.
  • Begin to slowly move your torso towards the forward direction until it’s level to the floor. With both hands, place the neck strap over your head. Tips: Make sure the weights remain on the ground to prevent any strain on your neck. Take the weight in both hands and then raise your torso until it is nearly parallel with the ground. NOTE: Your head and your torso should be slightly tilted to the side in order to do this exercise.
  • Place your hands on the top of your knees. This is the position you will start from.
  • Begin to lower your neck slowly until your chin is at the top of your chest. Breathe into.
  • When you exhale, pull your neck back to its beginning position.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Additional Information for Seated Head Harness Neck Resistance:

  • Warning: This exercise puts an enormous amount of strain on neck muscles and should be performed with care. Any sudden jerk or movement can cause you to strain a neck muscle. It is recommended to practice the exercise beginning without weights until you are comfortable with the movements that are required in this workout.
  • Strategies: Place the desired weight on the chain that is attached to the harness for your head. Place yourself on a bench and place your feet placed on the ground. Lean forward a bit so that the plate can hang free. Set both hands upon your knees. Lift your head and then lower it back in a semi-circle to the extent that you are you are comfortable. It can be done standing too.

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Seated Head Harness Neck Resistance
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