Nestled in the middle of Bering Sea Nome can be described as a remote Alaskan town that is frequently ignored by those seeking for adventure. For those who are willing to get off the beaten track, Nome offers a unique experience that’s not available anyplace else anywhere else in the world. 

With its beautiful landscape with a rich history, as well as lively culture, this elusive secret is a must-see destination for anyone who wants to escape the bustle and craziness of our modern lives. In this guide to travel we’ll take you for a an exploration through the very heart of Nome and show you the most beautiful sights as well as the sounds and tastes the amazing town offers. 

From dog sledding to the prospecting for gold to whales and Native crafts There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Nome. Pack your bags and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey on one of the most beautiful frontiers in the world!

Nome Alaska

Things to do in Nome

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Every year in March Nome hosts the conclusion on one of the most challenging race sled dogs in the world. It is known as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is 1,049-mile journey through some of the most rugged wilderness across the United States. It was the first time that an Iditarod race took place in 1973, and has been highly regarded ever since. 

After the completion of the race, the population of Nome increases by around 1,000 and transforms Nome into what all over the world love to call the “Mardi The Gras of North”. With a myriad of events to be part of and the opportunity to meet many of the world’s most well-known names in the world of dog mushing and the conclusion of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Nome is an event that should not to be overlooked.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Nome Alaska

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

The visitor center provides an overview of the region, including details about the local and historical wildlife from the region. There are fossil bones of mammoths and mastodons as well as short-faced bears, and saber-toothed the tigers.

The preserve itself is accessible via plane and is required to be part of a scheduled tour. If you’re interested in the bridge over the ocean that once linked Asia as well as North America it is interesting to visit the remains of it today.

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Nome Alaska

Anvil City Square

Anvil City Square is a large green space that is located situated in the middle of Nome and is regarded as the town’s “crown gem.” It’s the place to see locals gathered throughout the year, celebrating the July 4th with fun activities like throwing blankets and the Iditarod snow sculpture contest and looking for shades of color in the white snow at Easter, the year-long Easter Egg Hunt. Anvil City Square is also an essential stop for visitors who frequently take photographs with the world’s largest gold pan as well as with the statues that depict three lucky Swedes. Three Lucky Swedes.

Anvil City Square Nome Alaska

Drive Nome’s Roads to Nowhere

Three roads that are less than 300 miles in total run out of Nome like a spoke. They connect some communities in remote areas to Nome. The roads are made of gravel and maintained only between June and September. following that, winter comes in and the betting is off.

There aren’t any gas stations or other facilities along these roads, so be with a plan. Driving through the roads is an excellent opportunity to gain a sense of the Arctic tundra landscape, and the gold’s rich history. Take some photos and discover how the locals live in the cabins scattered throughout the landscape. Richard and I visited with reindeer herders on the way.

Drive Nome’s Roads to Nowhere Nome Alaska

Visit Cold War Remnants in Nome

In the Cold War, Nome was a pretty important location. Being the biggest town that was located near Russia means that there was plenty of opportunity for spying to be conducted. Richard took me up to the summit of Anvil Mountain, one of the highest peaks in Nome and not just to give me a view, but also to give me a glimpse of Cold War relics.

There are the abandoned White Alice Site remnants of a communications center that was used during the Korean War. It utilized tropospheric scatter to provide connections over the horizon and microwave relay for lines-of-sight links.

Cold War Remnants Nome Alaska

Best Places to Stay in Nome Alaska

Dredge No.7 Inn

The Dredge No. 7 Inn offers brand new high-tech hotel located in Nome, Alaska with Historical the turn of the Century atmosphere. The Inn is run and operated by a genuine mining family with ties with mining operations throughout Alaska through three generations. Its rooms are decorated with mining names and décor historical photos and mining items that date back to the early 1900s in Nome. The area also has many unique birdwatching opportunities including The Bristle-thigh Curlew. It’s only a short stroll to nearby birding areas.

Each suite has a private bath as well as kitchen facilities. They also refrigerators, unless otherwise noted. A majority of suites have kitchens that are shared, which include flat-screen cable TV as well as recliners, couches and a kitchen. Housekeeping is offered each day. Checkout is at 11AM and Check in is at 3pm.

Dredge No.7 Inn Nome Alaska

Aurora Inn and Executive Suites

Aurora Inn is situated on the beachfront, overlooking the Bering Sea and located in the quietest part of town. In winter, it is the perfect warm and comfortable refuge in the glistening, frozen landscape. In summer, it’s a stunning base from where you can explore a myriad of things. We provide 52 of the most luxurious accommodation options within Nome, Alaska.

Aurora Inn and Suites is located at Front Street, Nome, Alaska. The luxurious hotel overlooks the stunning Bering Sea and is at the quietest part of town.

Aurora Inn and Executive Suites Nome Alaska

AkAu Gold Resort

The Krutzsch Family explored their claims close to Nome, Alaska for many years under the name Krutzsch Mining. With such a solid foundation and tradition of gold, and a love of Alaska, Augie Krutzsch followed his dream to continue his family’s legacy and provide an opportunity for tourists to enjoy not just the stunning beauty of the tundra and landscape and tundra, but also to provide visitors with an authentic insight to the past and culture that is Nome, Alaska.

Augie chose that name AKAU to reflect the exact legacy his family is all about: Alaska Gold.

AkAu Gold Resort Nome Alaska

Noxapaga Suites

There are two brand new studio apartments located on the western side and a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house located on the east end of town.

All our suites come with fully-stocked kitchens, laundry facilities in the unit and unlimited high-speed internet access Smart TVs, premium linens.

The cleanliness of our rooms is impeccable because of our partnership together with Tundra Tinkerer. We’re tolerant and ready to requests to help make the stay you have in Nome the perfect experience. We’ll let you know what you’re looking for!

Nome has so many occasions and events throughout the year! The events range from the Iditarod and Nome’s Midnight Sun Festival, to the more than 250 miles of pure wilderness that can be explored on the road network there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Nome.

Noxapaga Suites

Sweet Dreams B&B

Sweet Dreams B&B is a bed and breakfast establishment located within the Nome area. If you are interested in seeing other inns similar to Sweet Dreams B&B near Nome, AK, see the cities below that are nearby, comprising Willow, Kotzebue and Nikiski.

Sweet Dreams B&B Nome Alaska

Best Restaurants in Nome Alaska

Pingo Bakery – Seafood House

At Pingo Bakery-Seafood Restaurant, we serve a variety of dishes made from scratch that taste exquisite and are served simple yet elegantly. The restaurant is situated on the intersection of Bering Street as well as West 3rd Avenue, across from the park’s maroon sign as well as the historic ancient St. Joseph’s Church.

All of our food items are freshly prepared each day by hand to ensure freshness and flavor. Our seafood menus are prepared with the help of ingredients we purchase from local fisheries frequently as we can. For our special dishes, we purchase the best local seafood.

Pingo Bakery - Seafood House Nome Alaska

Bering Tea Co.

Kristine McRae has owned and operated Bering Tea and Coffee since the year 2016. As an ardent Nome residents, Kristine has worked to develop her business to be in tune with the community who supports it. If you’re a resident of Nome thanks for your support. If you’re coming back for a short time, please welcome to your new home. If you’re passing through for a while, take your time.

The food items we have available are very limited at the moment. We offer breakfast sandwiches in the morning, but make your orders early because they usually sell out prior to 9:00 am. We sell a variety of baked goods on the menu, all made at home and regularly changing. Keep us updated through Instagram or Facebook for the most up-to-date baked goods menu.

Bering Tea Co. Nome Alaska

Milano’s Pizzeria

Milano’s located in Nome is well-known in the area for their pizza! There are a variety of pizza choices on the menu along with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, Milano’s is a great restaurant for meal or lunch. It’s situated at Front Street, Nome, AK 99762.

Milano's Pizzeria Nome Alaska

Polar Cafe

The restaurant is located at Front Street with a view of the ocean. Polar restaurant is a wonderful spot to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, and listen to the events happening around Nome.

Polar Cafe Nome Alaska.jpg

Safety Roadhouse

Located at Nome, AK 99762, United States. This is a one-of-kind place for sure.

Safety Roadhouse Nome Alaska

Tips for Travel to Nome

  1. Pack for the weather:** Nome is a place that experiences extreme weather It’s therefore vital to have warm clothing and equipment, even in the summer months.
  2. *Plan ahead: Nome is a small town that is not accessible It’s therefore important that you plan in advance and reserve hotels and tours well in advance.
  3. Respect the culture of the natives It is believed that the Inupiaq people have been living in Nome for thousands of years. Their tradition and culture are a vital element of the living in Nome. Visitors must respect the traditions and culture of the indigenous peoples and get to know their ways of living.


Nome can be described as a last-minute treasure just waiting for you to discover. With its rich past with a vibrant culture, as well as breathtaking nature, Nome is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to get away from the bustle and hustle of modern day life. From dog sledding to the prospecting of gold to whales and indigenous crafts, there’s something to suit everyone to enjoy in Nome. Bring your luggage and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey on one of the most beautiful frontiers of the globe!

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