Auburn is perhaps the biggest city in the eastern part of Alabama however, it is home to an authentic small-town feel to it. In reality, Auburn is often referred to as “the loveliest village on the plains” and it’s a statement we are fully behind.

The majority of activities within Auburn, AL, are about the gorgeous landscape that the region is blessed with. With so many beautiful parks and open spaces, you’ll desire to take advantage of the time outside when you’re in the area. In addition, the city’s very football-oriented and has plenty of excellent sports and museum experiences.

If you’re wondering what you can do in Auburn, AL, there’s no reason to fret! There are numerous landmarks and tourist attractions that draw all types of visitors. Find out the top things available in the lovely city.


Top Things to Do in Auburn, Alabama

Are you looking for the best things that you should do when visiting Auburn? Here are some essential must-do activities and must-see spots around the city.

1. Enjoy the Outdoors at Chewacla State Park

Chewacla State Park is over 696 acres, offering plenty of outdoor activities for those who visit Auburn, AL. The most popular attraction is the lake which measures 26 acres that is ideal for fishing, swimming, and canoeing. There are two other creeks for those looking to go fishing elsewhere.

Chewacla State Park Chewacla State Park is home to many camping areas including picnic areas, picnic spots, and playgrounds. No matter if you are visiting for a short time or for over the course of a weekend, this is one of the most enjoyable spots to enjoy the outdoors! If you’re a lover of fresh air, natural surroundings, and lots of exciting things to do, a visit to this beautiful park is one of the best things you can do in the Auburn forest!

Chewacla State Park

2. Get Outdoors at Tuskegee National Forest

The US national forest can be found right from Auburn. It is a perfect getaway for those who want to explore an unspoiled natural environment!

Tuskegee National Forest Tuskegee National Forest is the tiniest of its nature in the US however, there are plenty of activities to be found here!

The most notable attractions would be the four trails for hiking that meander through the gorgeous forest. There are also mountain biking trails, a well-known fishing pond, a shooting range, horse riding trails, and a wildlife observation area. If you want to stay longer at Tuskegee there is the option of staying overnight at the camping site.

This Forest offers a lot to its menu, and is among the most sought-after destinations to visit on an excursion to Auburn!

Tuskegee National Forest

3. Appreciate Fine Art at the Jule Collins Smith Museum

Going to The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art will always be one of the most enjoyable activities you can do while in Auburn, Alabama. The museum is among the most coveted attractions in the city, with a variety of fine art in the collection.

From the traditional to the contemporary Over 2000 art pieces are to be found in this gallery! It is possible to spend a good amount of time walking the halls while taking admiring the stunning art that is displayed on the walls.

The museum was created in 1948 and is a true treasure of the city. It is certainly one of the top artsy activities in Auburn.

4. Enjoy the Sunshine at Kiesel Park

Kiesel Park isn’t just one of the top activities to enjoy with your pet in Auburn It is also one of the city’s best outdoor areas! The huge dog enclosure lets your dog to roam around in a relaxed manner while you wander around the remaining part of the area.

Kiesel Park has a number of excellent walking trails, streams, and huge open fields. There’s even a nicely taken care of community garden. If the sun is shining and you’re seeking a getaway from the city Kiesel Park is one of the most popular Auburn tourist attractions.

Kiesel Park

5. Hang Out at Toomer’s Corner

Toomer’s Corner is the place at which the downtown area along with the Auburn University campus meets. The most famous thing about Toomer’s Corner would be the oak trees that rise over the street. The trees are loved and adored by residents of people in the Auburn community.

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Toomer’s Drugs Pharmacy is another iconic landmark on this corner. Although a pharmacy might not be the typical thing to do it is a recognizable local landmark and has been serving the community for over more than 130 years. The pharmacy also offers their famous lemonade which is a must-try.

Toomer’s Corner is a busy spot to go to on games – – something that Auburn is very serious about! If you’re in town while you are watching the Auburn Tigers playing, visiting Toomer’s Corner after the match will guarantee lots of fun.

Toomer Corner

6. Watch a Thrilling Auburn Tigers Match

One thing that Auburn is a city Auburn has the most pride in its football team! If you happen to be in Auburn on the day of a game, then you must absolutely go and see the Tigers playing!

The Jordan-Hare stadium is home to all the excitement. The stadium is filled with more than 80000 people during the game, making it one of the most sought-after activities to enjoy in Auburn! Be sure to reserve your tickets in advance, as tickets are sold out quickly.

A football match here is sure to inspire you to be a part of this amazing city.

Auburn Tigers Match

7. Witness Birds of Prey at the Southeastern Raptor Center

The Southeastern Raptor Center is a truly exciting spot to go to for anyone who is looking for wildlife and birds. The rehabilitation and education program helps to release hundreds of predatory birds to the wild. It is possible to visit the center to observe all sorts of majestic birds performing.

This is not only this place educative, but it also provides an engaging experience. It is possible to hold exotic birds, like Owls, and become a participant in feed time. You don’t need to be a bird lover to find an excursion to Southeastern Raptor Center. Southeastern Raptor Center is exciting and fascinating!

Southeastern Raptor Center

8. Celebrate Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest might bring you to an excursion to Germany however, it’s one of the top activities to experience in Auburn in the event that you’re visiting when it’s right for you! Each year, beer lovers from all over the state gather to attend this famous festival. From homebrewers to breweries that are well-loved locally There is plenty to taste during Auburn Oktoberfest. Auburn Oktoberfest.

Visitors can experience a truly German Oktoberfest experience in the middle of Alabama. It will feature German music as well as food and plenty of special beers This festival is always an enjoyable time!


9. Walk Around the University

Auburn University is an impressive campus. It is one of the most historic attractions in the city and has many significant points of interest to be seen as you stroll through the university. Auburn University is accessible Auburn University from downtown and then take your own self-guided tour.

From the stunning clock tower to the numerous stunning historical buildings, this college is a major attraction in the city. The grounds are serene and provide a perfect place to relax in the afternoon.

Walk Around the University

10. Enjoy American Classics at The Hound

If you’re looking to get the authentic experience of the taste of Auburn, The Hound would be the perfect spot! The Hound is a laid-back bar that serves traditional American food, a wide selection of high-quality bourbons, as well as 28 craft beers available that are available on tap!

On the weekend on weekends, The Hound is often packed. It is a popular local hangout spot for a night out in Auburn Be prepared to meet lots and new friends. If you’re looking for drinks, food, or just the vibe the experience at The Hound is among the top activities that you could do when in downtown Auburn!

The Hound

11. Soak Up Some Live Music Downtown

Downtown Auburn is alive in the evening Live entertainment is always an absolute delight! There are many excellent music venues easily accessible to each other. Whatever time or day of the week picks to enjoy a night out you’ll be able to dance in the midst of live performances!

Some of the most popular places in town include Fat Daddy’s, Bourbon Street Bar, and Piccolo. If you go to any of these venues for live music will be among the most enjoyable activities to enjoy in the Auburn downtown at night!

Live Music Downtown

12. Stroll Through a Farmers Market

Auburn is one of the cities that has an outdoor, rural character. It can be seen in the numerous farmer’s market events that take place across the region. The fun of exploring these markets, looking through local products, and sampling delicious home-cooked food is one of the most enjoyable activities in Auburn for couples.

Some of the most popular farmers’ markets are Grows Farmers Market (Tuesdays) as well as the Acre Farmers Market (Wednesdays) as well as the market in Ag Heritage Park every Thursday. These markets are great on a beautiful Alabama day. They are also excellent places to purchase some products to take a picnic in one of the many gorgeous parks that are located in the region.

Farmers Market

13. Take a Walk Through the Donald E. Davis Arboretum

The Donald E. Davis Arboretum is located at Auburn University. Auburn University campus. Although the Arboretum has been designed as a space for learning, it’s an equally tranquil, peaceful, and romantic place within the town. The arboretum is open to all visitors and is completely free!

When you visit there are many diverse native plants, trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. You can walk in the shade of the trees, or take an afternoon picnic in the beauty of nature. Going to the arboretum is one of the top activities that you could do while in Auburn during the summer.

Donald E. Davis Arboretum

14. Discover History at the Museum of East Alabama

Eastern Alabama is a truly intriguing part of the state. If you’re in Auburn and surrounding areas, make sure to take the time to learn how to better understand the extensive past of the region at the Museum of East Alabama. The museum is totally accessible for free, making it one of the top activities you can do while in Auburn with a tight budget.

The museum’s slogan can be described as “linking the past to our future” which is a good idea when you visit. The diverse exhibits and exhibits will help you understand the Auburn area and its past as well as help you realize how it has created the city we see it today.

Museum of East Alabama

15. Join the Summer Swing Concert Series

Through the summer in Auburn, the free outdoor concert is held every Tuesday night. It’s a great opportunity to go outdoors, take in the gorgeous summer evenings and enjoy live music. The concert takes place in the park in the city of Opelika at 7 pm.

The audience can relax along the banks of Rocky Brook Creek while enjoying the music in one of the most perfect places. You can bring chairs and picnic food to make your event more relaxing. It is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to take part in Auburn.

Summer Swing Concert Series

16. Visit the Louise Kreher Preserve & Nature Center

It is the Kreher Preserve & Nature Center is a stunning outdoor oasis located in Auburn. The visit here isn’t just one of the most enjoyable things to do within Auburn, AL for kids however, anyone can benefit from this beautiful preserve! There’s a nature park and amphitheater, a fire pit, and educational pavilions here.

Kids can experience the local wildlife up close and get to know more about the nature of the region. There are a variety of special events and programs taking place at the nature center. In addition, the nature center has several amazing hikes, allowing visitors to take in the most beautiful views of Auburn’s nature!

With the variety of local fauna and flora that is on display, visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy a day of exploration and discovery about the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center.

Louise Kreher Preserve & Nature Center

17. Spend Some Time at Hickory Dickory Park

The 12000 square feet park located on Hickory Lane is one of the most visited kid’s activities in Auburn. With two different play areas, The park is a hit with all ages and is a great outdoor spot to enjoy your time in the sun for a while.

A play area has been created for kids of the preschool age The other one is designed for children of a certain age. The play areas are distinctive, including a miniature Toomer’s Corner as well as the College streetstool. This park is a tiny illustration of the things Auburn has to offer and is among the most popular places for kids to have some outdoor play!

Hickory Dickory Park

There’s so much that you could do to do in Auburn, AL that absolutely everyone can enjoy in this town! It is a storied city that is a major university with a large football fanbase. There are still plenty of fantastic museums and places of interest in this area too.

Naturally, no trip to Auburn is not complete without experiencing the natural surroundings! In everything from the golf courses to national forests and parks, there is plenty of entertainment to be had in the breathtaking landscape of Auburn.

Whatever draws you to the city, there are plenty of activities to make the visit one that you will be remembered for!

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