Barbell Clean and jerk is a full-body exercise that is among two contestable lifts in Olympic weightlifting contests. It consists of two exercises including the clean where the bar is pulled off the floor and is then placed in forwarding rack positions over three phases or pulls, followed by the overhead jerk. The Barbell clean and jerk of the barbell will work every muscle from the head and feet and is often the core of an exercise program. It is also a popular part of CrossFit or athletic fitness programs. It is typically done at low reps that focus on strength and quality of movement.

Instructions for Barbell Clean and jerk

  1. Standing with your feet about hip-width apart. Begin to squat, then grab the barbell shoulder-width apart using an overhand grip. Maintain an upright spine, a proud chest, and a braced core.
  2. In one swift motion Lift your chest and push your hips forward. Use the momentum of the hips to push the barbell upwards towards the shoulders.
  3. Bend your elbows and shrug while you slide down under the bar and then lower to a front squat with your palms up, and the bar resting on your palms.
  4. Put your heels in and push the mid-foot to stand.
  5. Now, sit back into a one-quarter squat under the bar. Then, use the energy to get up (hopping from the ground about 1 inch) and lift the bar upwards with arms extended. Land on the floor with feet in the same stance or with a split stance like the one earlier.
  6. Reverse the motion to lower the bar to the front rack, and then lower it to the floor.

Other Information

  • Make sure not to reverse your motion when you lower the bar to the floor towards the finish of every repetition.
  • Maintain your core braced throughout the exercise to safeguard your back.
  • The Barbell clean and jerk is a complete body exercise that is a full-body. Barbell Clean and jerks can assist in strengthening muscles throughout your body, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes as well as triceps, biceps, and the core.
  • Barbell Clean and jerk are a great way to increase your weightlifting efficiency. If you are properly trained the Barbell clean and jerk could enhance your explosive power output and speed, as well as precision, the strength of the core, and in general strength.
  • Barbell Clean and jerk with the barbell will increase your cardiovascular fitness. Since the clean and jerk work the major muscle groups of the entire body and increases the blood pressure, it’s a fantastic method to incorporate cardio into your routine of weightlifting.
  • Training speed and power to improve athletic performance
  • It allows you to work with more weight than a traditional press or push-press
Barbell Clean and jerk
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