It is also known as the Barbell Clean and Press is a complete-body lift that consists of two phases The clean is where the bar is lifted from the floor and then lowered into forwarding rack positions after three pulls or phases then an overhead press. It was a decade ago that it was one of the sports at the Olympics. It is still an essential part of a strength and power training routine and provides full-body benefits when performed with low reps, in addition to low to moderate reps.

Instructions for Barbell Clean and Press

  1. Take a stance that is shoulder-width with knees inside your arms. While keeping your back straight, bend the hips and knees to allow you to grab the bar using arms fully extended. You should also have a grip slightly larger than shoulder width. Let your elbows extend toward the sides. The bar should be right next to the ankles. The shoulders should be placed over or slightly in front of the bar. Set up a back straight and flat. This is the starting point.
  2. Start by pulling the bar by extending your knees. Your hips should move forward. lift your shoulders at the same time and keep the back’s angle the same. Continue to raise the bar straight upwards and keep it in close proximity to your body.
  3. When the bar is close to the knee, stretch the knees, ankles, and hips with force as if you were in a jump motion. While doing this continue to control the bar using your hands, lowering your shoulders, and using the momentum of your movement to push up the bar as far as you can. The bar should move closer to your body and you must not let your elbows hang out.
  4. At the highest elevation at which your feet have cleared the floor, you will begin to pull yourself up beneath the bar. The way you do this may alter slightly, depending on the weight that you are using. It is recommended to lower yourself into a squatting posture as you push yourself back beneath the bar.
  5. As the bar approaches the terminal height, turn your elbows to the side and beneath the bar. The bar should be stacked across the shoulders’ front while keeping your torso upright and flexing your hips and knees to take on the bar’s weight.
  6. Reach your maximum height, securing the bar in a straight position.
  7. With your feet still move your feet when you exhale. Lower the bar until you are in control.

Other Information

  • Barbell Clean and Press exercises increase muscle strength across your lower and upper body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings (quads), and biceps. glutes, triceps muscles, Rhomboids, deltoids trapezius along with your lower back. The press and clean exercise the core muscles too.
  • Develops speed and strength for athletic performance.
  • Cleaning between each set with multiple pressings can be a challenge and conditioning exercise like no other.
  • A great move to build strength and strength.
  • The movement was originally developed in the form of an Olympic lift the barbell clean and press targets no less than eight muscles. The lower portion of the exercise is designed to strengthen your glutes, hips, and hamstrings. Meanwhile, the upper portion of the exercise is focused on your chest, shoulders back, arms, and shoulders. In addition, the whole exercise depends on your core.
  • Training for power is essential for athletes that require rapid, intense activity during their sports, like running or jumping. Even those who aren’t focusing on specific sports can benefit from exercise to increase the heart rate up to the anaerobic level and add more energy burn to their training.
  • In your daily routine, you’ll often have to grab objects off the floor and then place things on the shelves. The press and clean can help you master the correct shape.
  • Your weight should be on your heels all the time throughout the press and clean.
  • Your upper back must have a straight back and should not be rounded when you lift the weight.
  • Try to find the grip to be no more than 2 inches wide than your shoulder. If your grip is too broad, you could suffer from wrist pain, while when it’s too narrow it could cause strain on the shoulder joints.
Barbell Clean and press
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