If there’s a word to be used to describe Fort Payne, it would be “breathtaking.” The unique nature, beauty, and unique locality of this tiny city located in northwestern Alabama make it an ideal destination for travelers. It was once the city was the source of more than half of the socks sold in the United States and was eventually designated”the “Sock Capital of the World.” Fort Payne has transformed from a major socks maker into a top place to enjoy nature, leisure, and culture. It is the home of scenic nature preserves and museums state parks and lakes. There are plenty of things that you can participate in as well as interesting things to explore in this city.

Fort Payne

1. Take advantage of a barbeque at Sally’s Smokin’ butt BBQ, Fort Payne

Sally’s Smokin’Butt BBQ is loved by tourists, locals, and everyone who enjoys barbeque cuisine. If you like succulent meat combinations of pork and brisket or chicken, ribs, or a tasty dessert, this place is sure to please. It is located in an old fuel station, Sally’s has a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and offers generous portions of food.

Sally's Smokin' butt BBQ

2. Have a delicious dinner at Jefferson’s Restaurant

The restaurant is situated near Taco Bell and just off the interstate, Jefferson’s Restaurant is famous for its oysters, chicken wings, and hamburgers. But they also offer diverse menus to meet diverse preferences and tastes. The well-known chain restaurant offers an inviting, cozy atmosphere and has several big televisions that allow you to watch live matches. Jefferson’s restaurant is a great hangout spot for dinner and lunch. If you are there with your kids on a Sunday you can enjoy a meal for no cost. Enjoy delicious chicken wings with delicious mild or spicy sauces for only 75 cents on Wednesdays.

Jefferson's Restaurant

3. Enjoy a peaceful drive through Little River Canyon Rim Parkway, Fort Payne

The road stretches for around eleven miles on Highway 176, the Little River Canyon Rim Parkway provides an ideal setting for those looking for a tranquil drive. You can open your windows to enjoy the tranquil views of rock walls, waterfalls, and lush greenery which transforms into a dazzling display of red and orange during the fall season. 

It is possible to make a stop at any point along the way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery provided by this road. If you’re in the market to experience a truly magical moment with nature, riding through the winding, long roads of the Little River Canyon Rim Parkway is a fantastic idea. The scenic route is between 45 minutes to an hour.

Little River Canyon Rim Parkway

4. Check out Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel

Have you heard of the church that has an old rock? A visit to this church, the Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel is one of the most memorable activities you can do while in Fort Payne, Alabama. The chapel, which is small, and located near the top of Lookout Mountain is a unique attraction in the region. It was constructed by Colonel Milford Howard in 1937 in memory of his wife who was his first, Sallie. 

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As per Alabama Travel, he wanted to construct an exact replica of the church they had visited while traveling to Europe. One of the things that make Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel stand out Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Church distinct is the fact that it was built around a massive rock. Howard along with the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps chose the exact location for construction and constructed the chapel, without disturbing the surrounding boulder. The small chapel is a very popular tourist attraction as well as a wedding venue. It also hosts worship services on Sundays.

Sallie Howard Memorial Baptist Chapel

5. Visit Wills Valley Recreation Center, Fort Payne

The Wills Valley Recreation Center is an indoor sports center of the highest quality that is renowned for hosting numerous community-based events as well as sports teams. There are many locals who play games like basketball and volleyball in the area. It has an indoor running track next to the massive gym where you can jog or walk. Additionally, Wills Valley Recreation Center is equipped with a fitness center. If you enjoy exercising or would like to strengthen your muscles when you visit Fort Payne, this is one of the most ideal places to visit.

Wills Valley Recreation Center

6. Have fun at True Adventure Sports

About a mile away from just a mile from the Little River Canyon National Preserve, True Adventure Sports is one of the top spots to go located in Fort Payne, AL. The company is a complete outfitter that offers guided tours, organized excursion classes, and various sports equipment and equipment. There is accommodation offered for groups as well as individuals. 

They provide a variety of adventures, including kayaking, canoeing and rappelling, and ziplining, rock climbing, the sky swing, and more. Additionally, True Adventure Sports has expert and knowledgeable guides, which include mountain guides who are certified, wilderness experts certified rappel masters and rescuers in confined spaces. They’ll make your adventure enjoyable, exciting, and secure.

True Adventure Sports

7. Shop at the Big Mill Antique Mall, Fort Payne

The Big Mill Antique Mall is the perfect place to shop for antiques, art or antiques, and collectibles. It is situated at the address 151 8th St NE, Fort Payne It is situated in the historic building which used to make socks. The mall offers a wide selection of Americana art and craft. Information about the historical background of the building is also accessible. Those not keen on antiquing can walk around and visit The Big Mill Antique Mill or enjoy a meal in the restaurant that is vintage-style.

Big Mill Antique Mall

8. Enjoy a movie at 411 Drive-in Theater

411 Drive-in Theatre is a conventional theatre and grill that lets you view films traditional way. They screen the most recent Hollywood blockbusters and are open on Friday Saturday, Sunday, and Friday night, throughout the year. It’s the 411 Drive-in Theatre is a place where you can gather with your loved ones in the stunning outdoor setting and enjoy an upcoming film on a massive screen. As per DriveInMovie, the company does not permit outside food items. However, you are able to purchase chili cheese fries, burgers, and hot popcorn that has been fried from their snacks bar.

411 Drive-in Theater

9. Take a hike along Trails Azalea Cascade Falls Trails, Fort Payne

The Azalea Cascades could be shorter and narrower than the other waterfalls in DeSoto State Park, but they’re awe-inspiring. The falls are situated in Laurel Creek in DeKalb County the cascades can be accessed and the walk through the boardwalk is thrilling. The trails also offer stunning views of the wildlife and flora in the area. The cascades run along the creek, but they aren’t easy to photograph since rocks can hinder the view as you travel along.

Azalea Cascade Falls Trails

10. Dine at Vintage 1889

Vintage 1889, is a lovely restaurant that was built in 1889 in the historic Davis Hosiery Mill which was turned into an old antique mall. The restaurant was launched in 2013 and serves high-quality food in a welcoming and relaxing space. It has exposed brick walls and a gorgeous courtyard beneath the old water tower. 

The beautiful mill was utilized for the production of socks and hosiery and it is an unusual backdrop to dine in. The restaurant serves tasty sandwiches made of top-quality ingredients. In the warmer months, patrons can dine on the patio under the water tower that was once in use, or relax inside the mill building in colder weather. Vintage 1889 offers a large boardroom that can be used to organize special occasions. Additionally, they have a large beer selection that includes more than 100 brands. The menu is suitable for vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

Vintage 1889

11. Visit Cherokee Rock Village, Fort Payne

It is located in the Cherokee Rock Village approximately 24 miles to the south of Fort Payne and on top of Leesburg. It has huge boulders that are well-known among climbers. The fictional village is a haven for birds and nature observers, giving visitors the opportunity to see flying predators of birds. It is possible to follow the steps of Cherokees up to the ridge of boulders which is filled with Hickory Trees and Virginia Pines and enjoy a stunning perspective of the Alabama landscape from a higher location.

Cherokee Rock Village

12. Go for a ski trip on the slopes of Cloudmont Ski Resort

Cloudmont is a full-service ski resort situated near Lookout Mountain and offers two breathtaking skiing slopes. The temperature drops, causing the snow to fall on the spot and allowing skiers to experience the winter months on the slopes that are 1,000 feet high. 

Cloudmont offers amazing ski packages for novices and intermediate skiers too. Cloudmont Ski resort is a great place to start learning winter sports and have enjoyment. Furthermore, their machine-made snow is a fantastic way to try winter sports in the warmer months. As per their site, instructors will assist you through the whole process and the pony lifts at the resort will take you back to the top of the hill. Cloudmont also has an equestrian resort as well as lodging areas such as chalets, cabins, and cottages.

Cloudmont Ski Resort

13. Little River Canyon Center, Fort Payne

Little River Canyon Center Little River Canyon Center is an element of Jacksonville State University and is next to the Little River Canyon National Preserve. It has a cinema grand hall and gift shop as well as a natural history library deck, outdoor amphitheater, and classrooms, as well as exhibits and a variety of hiking trails. 

You can also rent a space for gatherings or corporate retreats or other events. The programs that are offered regularly offered at Little River Canyon Center include scheduled hikes, workshops concerts, and lectures, in addition to other events for both visitors and students. The structure incorporates various environmentally sustainable and ingenious design elements, such as extra insulation as well as recycled building materials, and geothermal cooling and heating.

Little River Canyon Center

14. Spend a day at the Alabama Walking Park

It is located in the Alabama Walking Park is only a few yards away from the Depot Museum and has several activities that are appropriate for the old and young. It is possible to spend a relaxing time strolling along the gorgeous pathways and exercising at the fitness center or battling the water jets of the splash pad. There are also grassy areas as well as pavilions, which allow visitors to take a break and enjoy an afternoon picnic. Additionally, playgrounds are accessible for children to play and have fun.

Alabama Walking Park

15. Explore local history at the Fort Payne Depot Museum

Fort Payne Depot Museum is an elegant white and pink Sandstone structure situated the downtown Fort Payne, next to the city park. It was the depot of a railroad station for around 85 years. The well-preserved landmark house permanent and rotating exhibits in two buildings that are both listed in the Historic Places and National Register. 

The museum’s collections, artifacts along with exhibits, share the tale that shaped Fort Payne and the entire DeKalb County through the ages. Fort Payne Depot Museum has an array of interactive exhibits as well as memorabilia, Native American pottery, basketry dioramas, and more which makes it a great spot to explore the history of the area.

Depot Museum

16. Appreciate Glass Art at Orbix Hot Glass

Orbix Hot Glass is a glass art studio and gallery located in Fort Payne, selling distinct glassware with a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes. It was founded in 2002 by Cal as well as Christy Breed 2002 an undiscovered area in the Appalachian foothills of Alabama. 

Orbix Hot Glass is the ideal spot for those looking for an original keepsake of their Alabama vacation. Are you looking for a beautiful Reactor Carafe, Pixie Vase, or other decorative centerpieces and decorations to decorate your home? This workshop features expert glassblowers that handcraft each item with a keen eye for the smallest of details. Anyone keen to master the art of glass-making is invited to attend Orbix’s studio workshops every Saturday.

Orbix Hot Glass

17. Alabama Fan Club and Museum

Have you heard of the well-known Alabama Band? If not yet, it is time to learn about the Alabama Band. Alabama Fan Club and Museum located in Fort Payne is an excellent location to study. “Alabama” was a rock music group that was founded by three cousins of Fort Payne and is famed for its popularity in the field of country music. The band revolutionized the appearance of the genre which was then followed with unmatched success. 

Their album includes 21 singles with the highest ratings that have never been matched. In addition, the band’s journey has allowed the band to sell more than 73 million albums, earning the status of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Based on Visit Lookout Mountain, you can follow the remarkable journey of this group through video, photos, and even conversations in the Alabama Fan Club and Museum. The museum also features the group’s memorabilia and awards. Visitors can also choose a range of items from the gift shop.

Alabama Fan Club and Museum

18. Swim at Martha’s Falls

Often referred to as the Hippie Hole or Little Falls, Martha’s Falls is the most ideal place to swim in the Little River Canyon Preserve. It’s located along with Alabama as well as Georgia’s state lines and is a favorite destination in the summer months. 

There’s a short trail that connects the parking area at Lookout Mountain and the waterfalls. Martha’s Falls boasts a cool and lush setting with natural rock formations and benches that allow you to take a seat and relax during your picnic. Bring your swimsuit and camera to enjoy the pool under the waterfall. There are plenty of rock-climbing places and driving spots for those who like to go on a wild adventure.

Martha's Falls

19. Take in the beauty of the beauty of nature in the park DeSoto State Park

DeSoto State Park is an ideal spot for those who love nature. It is located on the top of Lookout Mountain and is just a few miles away from Fort Payne, which is one of the top spots to go to in Alabama. The park is awash with waterfalls, stunning trails for nature, and fields of fragrant wildflowers. It is a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation. 

It is possible to spend the day with a dip in the Olympic-sized pool, or cycling or hiking along 25 miles of trails. DeSoto State Park also features playgrounds, Civilian Conservation Corps Museum as well as a picnic area. an area in which you can unwind and unwind. The park has a variety of fun activities for everyone to enjoy throughout the year. If you are a fan of fishing, kayaking, rock climbing or rappelling, or just exploring the natural world, DeSoto State Park is the perfect spot. Visitors can stay in modern campsites or log and rustic chalets, luxurious mountain lodges as well as in rustic campsites. There’s an eatery with meeting rooms, pavilions, and camping spots in the park.

DeSoto State Park

20. Visit Little River Canyon Preserve

Visit Little River Canyon Preserve is the most enjoyable activity to do within Fort Payne. It is a 15288-acre nature preserve located at the foot of Lookout Mountain and close to Fort Payne. Little River Canyon National Preserve offers a variety of scenic views and offers a variety of activities for residents as well as visitors. The preserve is home to the longest mountain stream in Alabama and is named the Little River, which comprises three major waterfalls. 

Additionally, the beautiful preserve is unique in that it includes a wide variety of endangered and rare species of plants and animals. Visitors can take part in hiking and whitewater rafting on whitewater and picnicking, driving, and fishing. Hunting and trapping are permitted within the preserve. You can also camp along the river’s edge and experience the enchanting feeling of sleeping beneath the stars. It is impossible to pass up the amazing experience of visiting iconic waterfalls, forested hills, and sandstone cliffs. There are also wooden trails and thrilling adventures provided through The Little River Canyon National Preserve when you next visit Fort Payne!

River Canyon Preserve

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