Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug is a form of exercise that targets the traps. Bars behind you will keep your shoulders tucked up and back, as opposed to being rounding to the front. It is a popular exercise for exercises that focus on strength and muscle and is typically practiced during shoulder days. With the aid by straps could be pushed to the max, but it’s still performed for moderate-to-high reps, for example 8-10 reps for each set.

Shrugs, also referred to in the shoulder area, are a form of exercise that isolates muscles in your trapezius muscle. You can perform shrugs by holding the dumbbells with a cable, and barbell.

Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug are among the most effective workouts to build larger trapezius muscles that are stronger and bigger. This workout can be performed in a very heavy way to strengthen the traps that will aid you in back exercises.

The Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug can be an exercise which will target those traps. The bar in front of you assists in keeping your shoulders straight and back, rather than rounding forward.

Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug is very popular in exercises that focus on strength and muscle and is typically incorporated into shoulders days.

Instructions for Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug

  • Straighten your posture and keep your feet shoulder-width apart while holding the barbell with both hands behind you using pronated grip (palms are facing forward). The hands should be slightly larger than the shoulder width. Wraps for wrists are a good option for this exercise to improve your grip. This is the starting point.
  • Lift your shoulders as high as you are able to reach as you exhale and keep the contraction for a second. TIP: Do not attempt at lifting the barbell using your biceps. The arms must be extended at all times.
  • Slowly return to your beginning position while breathing into.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • Alternate: You can also move your shoulders around as you climb, moving in a semicircular direction from front to rear. But this is not ideal for people who have shoulder issues. Furthermore, this exercise can be done with a barbell behind your thighs, dumbbells on the side using a smith machine, or with a shrug device.

Additional Information

  • It strikes the traps in the upper and mid areas more frequently, but reduces the weight of the traps
  • Exercises the shoulders and upper back muscles, and then the upper-back
  • It is possible to increase difficulty by putting an pause at the top
  • The practice of the barbell shrug exercises is among the most efficient ways to boost hypertrophy in the shoulder and back.
  • Behind the barbell’s back, the the shoulder shrug stimulates all the major muscles of the shoulders, which makes it ideal for stability in the upper body and conditioning.
  • Traps are a challenge to create and there are only a few exercises that focus on the traps you are in, for example shrugging.
  • The trapezius muscles play an crucial role in maintaining a the correct posture.
  • When doing shrugs, it’s vital to hold a firm hold on the barbell.
  • The study revealed that the practice of strengthening such as shrugging significantly reduced the general level of neck pain.

Alternates for Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug

Barbell Behind-the-back Shrug
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