Cable shrug a form of exercise focused on traps as well as targeting the upper back and shoulders. Cables permit lighter load that is ideal for higher rep sets.

A cable shrug can be described as an alternative on the shrug and is an exercise to strengthen the muscles in the traps.

The use of the cable pulley device is advantageous as it keeps continuous tension to the targeted muscles when it moves the load throughout the motion range.

Instructions for Cable Shrug

  • Pick up a cable bar which is connected to a low pulley using a an arm width or a slightly larger overhand (palms with the palms facing downwards) grip.
  • Get up straight and in front of the pulley and your arms out towards the side while and holding the bar. This is the starting point.
  • Lift the bar up by elevating the shoulder as far while exhaling. Keep the contraction to the highest point for one second. Tips: The arms should remain fully extended throughout. Do not use the biceps in order to raise the bar. Only your shoulders should move up and down.
  • Lower the bar to its original location.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • Modifications: You can perform this exercise using dumbbells, barbells, or bands. You could also utilize one handle and do on one side at a.

Additional Information

  • Creates traps to enhance the appearance and strengthen the traps
  • The shoulders are able to move throughout the full range of motion, with proper posture
  • Cables permit continuous tension on muscles
  • Shrugging slightly while looking up can increase the force of contraction. traps assist in controlling movements of the skull. This movement should be easy and controlled as an uncontrolled ballistic motion could result in neck injuries.
  • The traps respond well to intense reps and high rep movements (e.g. high pulls with snatch grips) therefore, you should program your equipment to and work in line with that.
  • Don’t let your head move forward too much when you tighten the traps. this could place the neck in a vulnerable posture and lead to injuries.
  • A pause at the end of the exercise can aid in strengthening the connection between mind and muscle.

Alternates for Cable Shrug

Cable Shrug
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