Barbell Shoulder Press

The barbell should be placed on a power rack so that it is directly in front of you. The bar should be easy to lift off the rack, without bending too low or standing on tip-toes.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees straight and your hips open. The barbell should be held in front-rack, with your elbows pointed forward and your hands shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

  1. As you exhale, tighten your core and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  2. Press until your arms are fully extended. You should feel as if you are pushing your head through the window made by your arms.
  3. Engage your back muscles, and then, while exhaling, return the barbell to its original position.
  4. For more reps, you can repeat these steps or put the bar back on your power rack to finish this exercise.

The Barbell Shoulder Press has many benefits

You will target your trapezius and deltoid muscles as well as the smaller, deeper muscles in your shoulders. For greater body strength, you’ll engage your triceps and biceps as well as the smaller, deeper muscles that make up your shoulders.

It is easy to do the barbell shoulder presses, making it an ideal exercise for all levels. Research has shown that the exercise is beneficial for female athletes, as it can increase trunk and spine movement.

The barbell shoulder press strengthens the upper body and core and can help reduce aches and pains in the back and neck.

Barbell shoulder presses serve a purpose. They help to build strength for everyday tasks such as lifting heavy items overhead and placing them on top shelves.


This variation of the military press increases strength and density in the core complex and upper back regions and improves overall stability. This exercise requires less core strength than the military press. It is performed with your feet shoulder-width apart. For military press, your heels must be pressed together.

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