The Cable Rope Preacher Hammer Curl is an arm exercise with a single joint that increases strength and size in the biceps by using the cable stack and a bench for preacher exercises and rope grip. This neutral “hammer” grip amplifies activation of the grip as well as the brachialis muscles. This increases arm size. An angle on the bench effectively disengages the shoulders from the movements and isolates the Biceps. It is typically used for more reps, ideally 8-15 reps per set.

Instructions for Cable Rope Preacher Hammer Curl

  1. Set up a bench for preachers about 2 feet in the direction of a pulley machine.
  2. Attach straight bars to the low pulley.
  3. You can sit at the bench for preaching with your elbows and upper arms solidly on the bench pad. Have someone give you the bar using the pulley at the bottom.
  4. Get the bar in place and extend your arms over the top of the bench pad for the preacher. This is the starting point.
  5. Start to bring the weight upwards toward your shoulders. Squeeze your biceps to the top of your movement. Inhale while you do this movement. Hold for one second while at the highest point.
  6. Slowly lower the weight back to the position it was in at the beginning.
  7. Repeat until you reach the recommended number of repetitions.

Other Information

  • Contrary to normal cable curls that focus on only the muscles of the biceps. The rope cable curl effectively trains the brachialis and brachioradialis along with the biceps ‘ long head. This means that your arms appear more full at every angle since performing the rope hammer curl and not letting any muscles fall in the back.
  • Hammer curls exercise on the brachioradialis, biceps brachii as well as brachialis muscles. They are that control bent elbows.
  • Straighten your back while keeping your natural arched back of your back as well as your torso upright.
  • Only your forearms should be moving but not your upper arms.
  • Make sure to keep your elbows inside and the upper arms still.
  • Pick a weight that allows you to exercise in a full range of movement.
  • Make sure you do the exercise with care so that your energy doesn’t contribute to the exercise.

Alternates for Cable Rope Preacher Hammer Curl

Cable rope preacher hammer curl
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