Clean shrug is an encapsulation movement which combines the clean with barbell shrug.

The exercise is mostly used to strengthen the traps’ muscles.

The traps react well to vigorous exercises, making the clean shrug an ideal alternative for those who want to construct traps that are thicker.

Instruction for Clean Shrug

  • Then, place the bar in the knot of your shoelaces, but do not touch your shins.
  • Start by placing your feet in an elongated shoulder standing position, toes set out slightly and your hands slightly larger than the shoulder width.
  • Take your hips off and push your chest upwards, with your eyes pointing forward.
  • Get tall by stretching your hips and knees.
  • Lean slightly by bent knees and bending the hips.
  • Jump up explosively and shake the bar vigorously.
  • Return to hang, and repeat your desired number of times.

Additional Information

  • Olympic lifting is about efficacy, not sheer strength.
  • Start with this exercise to discover how to create vertical movements during the cleaning. If you are struggling to initiate the pull using your arms too early in the cleaning This can aid.
  • Ideally, you would like the motion to be in place in the vertical direction. You shouldn’t be thinking about pushing the hips forward. Think of the.
  • The angle of the toe is extremely individual. You can experiment to determine what is most comfortable for you.
  • The foot should be driven through The goal is to have 3 points of contact the big toe, the little toe and the heel.

Alternates for Clean Shrug

Clean Shrug
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