If you’re trying to strengthen muscles in your back and shoulders, Scapular pull-ups are the perfect bodyweight exercise to include in your strength-training routine. Learn to do correctly and add it to your training by incorporating other variations of pull-ups.

It, also referred to as scapula pull-ups are an upper-body exercise that utilizes a lesser amount of movement than a standard pull-up, which is designed to work your back and shoulders. When done properly the scapular pull-ups result in greater upper-body strength. The main muscle groups that are targeted by scapular pull-ups comprise the trapezius, lats the rhomboid, and the muscle groups of the serratus anterior. To do it start in the dead hang posture with your elbows bent slightly. Do a reverse shrug to press your shoulder blades in a squeezing motion and raise your body up. Make sure to hold the top position, then reduce back to the starting position.

Instructions for Scapular Pull-Up

  • Make sure your grip with a firm grip on the pull-up bar.
  • From a hanger in a hanger, you can raise yourself up a few inches without using your arms. Perform this by pressing the shoulder girdle in the reverse shrugging movement.
  • Stop at the end of the workout, and gradually return to the beginning position prior to performing further repetitions.

Additional Information

  • It focus on the upper part of your body such as muscle groups of shoulders, back, and arms. Particularly, this exercise stimulates the scapular muscles which are responsible for stabilizing shoulder blades and permitting proper movement of the joint of your shoulder.
  • It can aid in improving standing posture by building the muscle groups of your shoulders and upper back that are usually weak by long hours of sitting or slumping. Through strengthening these muscles the scapular pull-ups can assist people to maintain an upright and steady position throughout the day.
  • By focusing on the movements that the scapula makes, lifts can aid in improving shoulder mobility and stability and reduce the chance of injuries to the shoulder. This is especially important for people who participate in sports in which place high pressure on their shoulders, like throwing or weightlifting.

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Scapular Pull-Up
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