This Dumbbell One Arm Shoulder Press is an exercise popular among athletes to strengthen and build the shoulders and triceps muscles. Many lifters notice they are able to go heavier (per arm) with this move as opposed to pressing two dumbbells at the same time this makes it a great exercise for strength and a muscle-building move for more reps.

Instruction for Dumbbell One Arm Shoulder Press

  1. Pick up a dumbbell in one hand, then bring it to shoulder height, with your palm facing towards your chest. Keep your arms bent. Sit tall and keep your core strong and put your feet approximately the width of your shoulders.
  2. As hard as you can, push it on your head until the arm is completely locked. Stop, then gently lower your weight to its original position.

Other Information

  • In the one-arm press, the antagonists include the deltoids, also known as the shoulder muscles. Three deltoids are involved, anterior medial, posterior and anterior. The anterior deltoid located on the front of your shoulder is the one that is most active during the single-arm press. Other shoulder muscles serve as helpers instead of prime moving muscles.
  • Single-arm dumbbell shoulder presses are an exercise for the single-arm which increases strength in the shoulder and stability as well as symmetry. Doing the exercise using one arm at a stretch will help to engage the core throughout the range of movement.
  • Do not let your body move to one side or other while you press the weight upwards.
  • Make sure you keep tension on your shoulder while you push the weight upwards.
  • Do a squeeze on your glutes and abdominals to ensure your body is stable when you push the weight.
  • The practice of working just one shoulder at a stretch helps focus the muscle being worked.
  • It allows for a natural movement of the elbow and wrist as you press.
  • Standing can permit greater weight and more muscle stimulation.
Dumbbell One Arm Shoulder Press
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