Machine shoulder presses are an adaptation of the barbell seated shoulder press, which is used to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

A person can use a machine for shoulder press to execute the pressing pattern, with the concentration on isolating shoulders. You can isolate certain muscles with machines due to their rigid movements.

The shoulder press machine is best to be added toward the conclusion of your shoulder exercise when you’re training for hypertrophy. This is after you’ve tried other compound exercises to strengthen your muscles for pushing.

A Machine Shoulder Press is an upper-body workout that targets the deltoids.

Instructions for Machine Shoulder Press

  • Relax in the Shoulder Press Machine and select the weight.
  • Take the handles by your sides and keep the elbows bent parallel to your body. This is the starting point.
  • Lift the handles while you exhale, and then expand your arms completely. As you get to the top of the position, make sure you are able to hold the tension for a second.
  • Reduce the handles slowly to their original position when you exhale.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • variations: You can use weights for free (barbells or dumbbells) for this workout on a bench that is used for military purposes.

Additional Information

  • Increases strength and size in the medial and anterior deltoids
  • Machine permits controlled repetitions and a strict form
  • Other muscles to be worked include the traps and posterior deltoids and the upper chest
  • Don’t let the head be swaying forward in excess.
  • Bring the bicep towards the ear, exhaling when you press.
  • If you feel tension on your neck, or in your traps during the motion, you should fix a problem with the thoracic spinal spine and shoulder extension.
  • Keep your elbows bent towards the top, and not locking out completely helps to maintain tension off your shoulders.
  • If you are unable to lock the elbows from overhead, it could be a sign of the shoulder is not moving properly due to a poor upward scapular rotation.

Alternates for Machine Shoulder Press

Machine Shoulder Press