The Upright Row – With Bands is an variant from the traditional upright row and an exercise to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder blades as well as traps.

The use of a resistance band can be beneficial in the sense that it creates continuous tensionon the muscle group you want to target when you move the weight across the entire range of movement.

It’s among the best exercises that you can perform at your home But it’s vital to follow the correct method. A wrong form could cause stress on your shoulders that isn’t needed.

It isn’t a bad idea to be cautious of incorporating the band upright row into your workout routine. There are a variety of ways to improve the method.

The exercise involves lifting a heavy resistance band from your hips to your chin, with your elbows pointed towards the outside. This workout is highly efficient as it engages various muscles simultaneously and assists to increase upper body strength in general.

The Upright Row – With Bands are a form of exercise that nearly everyone can complete by using a range of grip sizes.

Instructions for Upright Row – With Bands

  • For the first time, sit on an exercise ball such the tension starts at an arm’s length. Grab the handles with an open (palms in front of your legs) grip that is less than shoulder width. The handles should rest on your legs. The arms should be extended, with an incline at the elbows, and your rear should lie straight. This is your starting point.
  • Use your shoulders on the side to lift the handles when you exhale. Your handles must be in close proximity to your body when you move them upwards. Keep lifting the handles until they almost reach your face. Tips: Your elbows should be driving the movement. When you lift the handles, you should make sure that your elbows remain higher than your forearms. Keep your torso in a straight line and stop for a moment at the highest point of the exercise.
  • Lower the handles slowly back to the beginning position. Inhale during this section of the move.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.
  • Modifications: This exercise can also be done using an e-z or straight bar. Another alternative is to use dumbbells, but this exercise should only be performed by those with the highest level of expertise who have a good understanding of correct execution.

Additional Information

  • Resistance bands are less expensive and easier to transport than weights, which makes them perfect for workouts at home.
  • The use of resistance bands can provide varied resistance over the motion range that can assist to activate your muscles in a more effective way and result in greater exercise.
  • Through its targeted pull-up motions, a wide number of the major upper body muscles will be targeted. Regularly performing Upright Row – With Bands exercise will increase muscle size and strengthen your back, biceps, and shoulders.
  • Another advantage that comes with using resistance bands on the upright row is they lower the strain on your joints, which is more beneficial than traditional weights.
  • The range of options for resistance bands makes them a perfect choice for your exercise routine at home.
  • Upright Row – With Bands stimulates all important areas in the shoulders which makes it perfect for stability in the upper body and strength.
  • There are just a handful of exercises that focus on the traps. A band upright row targets your traps as much as it does your shoulders.
  • If done correctly, an Upright Row – With Bands can help you enhance your posture by strengthening your upper body stabilizer muscle groups. This allows you to stand up tall and keep your spine straight.

Alternates of Upright Row – With Bands

Upright Row - With Bands


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