Smith Machine Shrug can be described as an upper body exercise that targets your traps (trapezius muscles). It is typically done in moderate-to-high reps like 8-12 reps per set, or more, as an element of shoulder or trap-focused training.

Smith machines are an excellent method to target the muscles better than you would find with the standard free weights. Additionally, Smith machines are among of my most favorite exercises to hit the traps.But even when using this Smith machines, one need be careful to use the proper form.

Instructions for Smith Machine Shrug

  • To begin, adjust the bar’s height using the smith machine to about the center of your legs. When the right height is determined and the bar has been loaded, grasp the bar with an open grip (palms in front of you) about shoulder widths apart from one another.
  • Lift the barbell and extend your arms fully while keeping the back in a straight position. This is the beginning position.
  • After exhaling, lift the bar by lifting the shoulders to are close to touching your ears.
  • Keep the contraction for a second, then lower the bar to its starting point with an inhalation.
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.


  • Smith Machine Shrug workout can be done by using a squat rack and the aid of a barbell. Be careful not to choose the weight that is heavy that it forces the body to fall off its form since you do not get the benefit of a smith device to perform this type of exercise. A heavy weight could cause injury to your back.
  • Additionally, you can make use of dumbbells for this exercise.

Additional Information

  • It adds height and size to the traps.
  • Easy to rack, overload and unrack than barbells.
  • The bar moves along tracks, making it easier to enter position and manage
  • Make sure you lift the weight using your traps, not with your biceps.
  • Stopping near the end of each shrug makes the workout more difficult and you’ll be more successful. Try to stop for a period of 1-3 seconds at the end of each repetition.
  • There’s no reason to roll your shoulders inwards or outwards when you shrug. It’s an old-fashioned notion! Lift the barbell straight upwards and straight down.
  • Keep your back straight and your remain still. Your shoulders should be moving.
  • Maintain your elbows bent.
  • Don’t turn your shoulders around as this could result in injuries to your shoulders.
  • If you need to, put on wrist straps to get a better grip, or you can use a dual grip in which one hand are supinated (facing towards your body) and the other in supination (facing off from you).
  • Many gym users find it difficult to over load their trapezius with dumbbells or barbells because they require a significant amount of weight. Getting extremely heavy dumbbells or barbells with a heavy weight in the proper position is difficult. The Smith shrug from the machine eases the procedure and lets you increase the weight on your trapezius by large amounts of weight without risk.
  • Make sure to use safety pins during Smith Machine Shrug.

Alternate for Smith Machine Shrug

Smith Machine Shrug


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